Selvage Quilt Tutorial


I posted an image of my newly painted rooms with my selvage quilt on Instagram and received several requests for a tutorial.  Here it is.  This time, I’ll make the quilt in greens.

(Note:  All my selvage quilts, and there have been eight so far, were inspired by Karen.  She has a great book, blog and patterns.)

1 Fabric choice

Cut a 13″ square then cut diagonally.

2 fabric cut

Here is the salvage template.  Mine is cut out of a cereal box.  Mark the center lines.

3 mark

Put the selvage over the line a little bit.  The points will not match perfect, but it’s not noticeable on the final quilt.  Overlap the edges a bit.

4 pin

Sew close to the edge and keep adding pieces all the way to the end.  Towards the tip, be careful that not all the selvages are the same distance from the tip.  I leave many of the final piece longer otherwise, it’s way too bulky.

5 sew

This is the back of a completed block.  Notice the pointy ends and how much fabric I used.

6 flip

I trim with a large triangle.

7 Trim

Here are the four pieces to one block.  Notice the tips.

8 block

Cartwheels Directions

This will be my fourth quilt with this design.  Here are the others.

This was made for my friend, Joanne, who I visit each January in Sacramento.  It’s lighter turquoise than mine.

Cartwheels Two

This quilt is in blues and was for a friend’s mom in Italy.

Antonia Selvage 8

22 Responses to “Selvage Quilt Tutorial”

  1. Beth Wells Says:

    Thanks for the tutorial! I love love love this quilt!

  2. Karen Says:

    Such an interesting quilt. Thanks for this tutorial.

  3. Cindy Tidwell Says:

    Love Love Love This Tutorial….on my List to make….soon as I get enough selvages!!!!

  4. baumcat Says:

    Beautiful quilts! Thanks for the well written tutorial, I’ll have to gather my selvages!

  5. Bev Hardie Says:

    Thank you for this great tutorial I think I have found my next project!

  6. Cindy Beal Says:

    just love your technique! Thanks for the pictures – it makes it so clear. I have been collecting selvages for a while now….someday!
    Your quilts are GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Mary Caro Says:

    Beautiful! love your color choices and arrangement. Where do you get all the selvages?

  8. Link Love: Returning to Earth & My Pattern Purchases - GnomeAngel Says:

    […] I have been collecting selvedges for ages and looking for a project to use them in, then I found this tutorial by Run and Sew Quilts. Click here for the tutorial. […]

  9. Joanne Says:

    Thank you so much for sharing!! I love strip quilts so I will me making this with scrap strips!

  10. Marie Cheesman Says:

    Wow, you must be the queen of selvages. Just gorgeous on your wall. Thanks for the tutorial.

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