Quiltcon 2016 Charity Quilt

November 22, 2015

Nine of us carpool to PMQG monthly and it’s a minimum of 1.5 hours together in a car or two.  We decided to make a charity quilt for Quiltcon West in Pasadena this February.  It will be shown there, then we get it back to donate to a charity we choose.

Each of us made nine (more or less) wonky stars and today five of us gathered to begin putting it together.  There was progress, but still a lot of work remains.


Jeri and Annie

Jeri Annie Sylvia

Start of day

After sewing and taking a step back, this is the layout we think will work.

Final idea

Deb and I swung by the Pendleton store in Milwaukie in hopes of great deals on scrap fabric.  All I found was the stripe on the side for 40 cents.  Deb spotted some quarter yard cuts for $15 and after texting my daughter, we chose the following two.  It was a better scenerio than the $85/yard.  We’ll be making a few zipper pouches for Christmas gifts when I’m back east in December.


I’m working on this “Deer in the Headlights” quilt by Boo Davis’ book, “Dare to be Square” for our family gift Exchange early December.

Deer in the Headlights

Halloween Cats Mini Quilt

November 9, 2015

While handing out candy on Halloween, I made the cats following this pattern.  It finishes at 18″ x 28″ and fulfills the PMQG “critter” mini from last month’s challenge.

Quilt 6 by 4

Quilt back

Yesterday, I strong armed my husband into a seven mile out and back hike in Forest Park.  We avoided any rain!  I totally LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this mushroom photo he took.

Mushrooms Tree

Anns Trail Marker

Trail 06

Anns Yellow Leaf

Anns trail moss

And today, my youngest brother turns 50.  He was born in rural Vermont on the night that the entire East Coast lost power.


Dia de los Muertos Birthday

November 2, 2015

Happy Birthday to our daughter, Sarah!

Today is All Souls Day, a day when we remember those who have gone before us.

Last week, Kevin and I went to the pioneer cemetery in town for a photo shoot of Sarah’s birthday quilt with Dia de los Muertos fabric.  The quilt pattern can be found here.

Quilt by tree

I was super lucky to find a back that I was pretty sure would match at Joann’s for $3/yard.  It’s a Denyse Schmidt fabric and yes, it did match.Back of Quilt

Quilt close up

I’m pretty sure this is where the quit took on a really nasty stain on the back.  It did come out with scrubbing and a washing.

Quilt folded tree

Quilt side view

Here’s a “behind the scenes” look.

Ann Cemetary

Happy Halloween

October 31, 2015

Kevin had a bit of fun creating these photographs in time for Halloween.Kevin Halloween words

Andrew the friendly Ghost

Obviously, I never got to a Halloween project.  I may try to start something tonight.Halloween fabric pull

Silver Falls, New Job and Weiner Dog Quilt

October 27, 2015

Every year, Kevin begs me to go to Silver Falls for a photo session.  This year, he suggested we car camp.  It’s not my favorite as I’d rather backpack.  We brought two items hiking.  One was the weiner dog quilt from this book.  The other was a sheep from Hillsboro’s Public Art Program.  We checked it out and filled my Instagram with photos of our adventures at #sheeponthego 

Dog Quilt

Pets Prohibited

Sheep looking at color square

Upper North Falls

Parking Lot

Spooky Treat… and then this happened …

sheep red crossOur friend, Mike, suggested we go to the Emergency Room since the hospital is two blocks from our home.  We found two very compliant EMTworkers.  Aren’t they great?!!??Sheep Ambulance

My friend, Jean, put in a good word for me at The Artfull Garden and I started a part time job today.  There is SO much to learn and I am looking forward to the future when I have a better grasp on the duties.  They have fresh coffee (what seems like 7,000 choices to me now), lots of candy and items from both local and around the globe artists.  The shop is in downtown Hillsboro and just a few blocks from my home.

Artfull Garden

Our church’s Fall Festival has come and gone.  We raffled off this quilt that Carole and I made and Diane bound.  It was in the 75″ x 90″ range.2015 Fall Festival Raffle Quilt 5 by 7

Oregon Trail with Sarah

October 17, 2015

Our daughter moved to Pennsylvania for a new start.  I travelled with her from Oregon to St. Louis and caught a flight back to Portland.  We had lots and lots of time together over the six days.  First we headed to Idaho and stayed at Three Island Crossing State Park.  Not exactly how we usually camp, but it worked ok being the only tent among RV’s.  Then we headed to Yellowstone ~~ a first for both of us.


Geiser in Yellowstone from viewpoint.

We were going to hike until there was a grizzly sighting within a mile of us.  We just hung around and enjoyed sunset at one of the viewpoints.

bear warning

Yellowstone walk sunset

Yellowstone viewpoint at sunset

The following day, we headed to Theodore Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota.  It marked my last continential US state.

Bison crossing Yellowstone

Bison clogged the road in a lot of areas early in the morning.

North Dakota

Final continential US state for me.

The next day, we headed south to Mt. Rushmore and then onto the Badlands.


Mt. Rushmore

Big Horn Sheep Bandlands National Park 4 by 6

Bighorn Sheep on side of road. We were in our car.

badlands camp

Tent site in the Badlands. It was super windy.

The following morning, we hiked the Notch Trail.

Notch Trail Danger

Notch Trail Climb

Notch trail overview

Notch Trail View

Leaving the Badlands, we headed to Artesian SD.  This is where my great-grandparents settled in 1910. While on the phone with my dad, we drove dirt roads until we could go no further, squeezed under barbed wire, trespassed, tripped over stuff and got prickly hitchhiker things all over us in immense winds.


Then onto Stone State Park where I hiked alone and got all mixed up.  Sarah came to my rescue.

Stone State park sign

Just when we were feeling safe from bison, grizzlies and cows…. this…

Stone State park bridge

Bridge from campsite to restroom. We were the only ones in this park.

stone state park

View over river on my hike.

Our last night was at Mark Twain State Park.

Mark Twain

Our last day was spent in St. Louis finishing off at the Morgan Street Brewery.

Morgan Street BrewSarah is now in Pennsylvania where she will stay with my dad, get a job and move on.  XO

Quilt Show 2015

October 7, 2015

Westside Quilters Guild held it’s bi-annual quilt show this past weekend.  Here are some photos from beginning to end.

Pipe and Drape

The work begins.

Ironing Stations

Pressing the drape.

Measure Out

Marking out the rows.

Cathy pinning

Cathi, our computer gal makes sure each quilt had the correct paper.

Sheep w Julie and Jeri

#sheeponthego on Instagram (It’s a community arts thing running now in Hillsboro.)


PMQG gals skipped monthly sew day to come out to our show. Thank you all SO MUCH!!!

Sheep on the go


Ann gets Elizabeth choice

Elizabeth Hartman, one of the featured quilters, chose my quilt for a ribbon.

Theresa wins

Linda in front of her quilt.  Joyce, our featured quilter, chose Linda’s quilt for a ribbon.


Stephanie won two ribbons. One was the President’s award and the other from Tuality.

Susan power ribbon

Susan won most “Pow”erful quilt.

Tuality ribbon

The representative from Tualith chooses Ellen’s quilt for best use of color. Ellen wasn’t at the show.

Upper View from back Wide Angle

View one way.

Upper view from front wide angle

View the other.

Upper view from front

View with lovely direction stand made by our Show Chairman.

Paulas Sewing Collection

Paula’s antique sewing machine display.


Joyce, our featured quilter.


Charity sign.


Entry with quilt made by Jean ~~ my favorite!

County Commissioner award

County Commissioner awarding Mona a ribbon.


Mona with her quilt.


Kate with her winning quilt.

Community Art

Community Art projct on stage with Mystery Quilts (Joyce’s class) in the back.


Directions made by Jean.


Various challenges.

Quilts from right

Inside the auditorium.

Quilts from left

Another view.

Raffle Baskets

Raffle baskets.


My contribution was volunteer coordinator.


Jami won 1st in Viewer’s Choice.


Flo won 2nd in Viewer’s Choice.

Toni and Jean

Toni won 3rd in Viewer’s Choice. This quilt took 1st in Viewer’s choice last year at the State Fair.

Clean up room

Tear Down.

Quilts to go home

Time to send the quilts back home.

Tear Down

Tear down.

Quilt Show this Weekend

October 2, 2015

Color POWer! Coupon 400 p

Today we took in the last of the quilts and this stack is only a tiny part of what will hang.Quilt Intake with Big Wigs

Quilts at intake

Last weekend, three families got together and made apple cider.  We’ve done this in the past and it was a nice afternoon.

Cider 03

Cider 04

Cider 18

Sunday, Kevin and I skipped church again and hiked from Multnomah Falls to the Basin.  There is a lovely lodge there owned by Trail Keepers of America and the infamous “Christmas Ornament Trail” which always has something creepy.Chicken hanging ornament trail

Columbia Gorge View

Multnomah Basin Road

Nesika Lodge view

Kevin thought it would be funny to post a photo of Swag as if he was a tourist and looking at the falls.Swag Multnomah Falls

We also peeked inside Multnomah Lodge.  Supposedly, the food is pretty good and not terribly expensive.

Multnomah Lodge

Yocum Ridge Backpack

September 21, 2015

Kevin and I backpacked to Yocum Ridge for Saturday night.  The trip covered 18+ miles and 4,000’+ elevation gain.  Our son, Charles, calls it an “arduous” hike.

Ann Crossing Sandy

The Sandy River crossing. Last year, the river took out the bridge during a flash flood killing a man.

Swag Yocum Ridge Trail

Swag just looking as sweet as usual

No Camping Meadow

This looks to have been here for a very long time.

Sandy Glacier

Sandy Glacier

Yocum Ridge Night Sky

Star lit sky

Yocum Ridge Tent Night

For Eleanor! “Yes, I’ll take 5 million stars”

Milkyway looking up

Looking up at Milky Way

Ramona Falls Bridge

Ramona Falls behind bridge

Ramona Falls trail Green

Beautiful lush green of forest

Lucky Stars Baby Quilt

September 19, 2015

Today is a shower in Kentucky for my niece who is having a baby girl.  She loves the Bob Marley song about three birds, so instead of making three little birds on the quilt, I used a pretty fabric with birds for the back and the ever popular, Lucky Stars, pattern for the front.  It finishes at 38″ x 48″ and I used straight lines for the quilting.

It arrived in the mail yesterday and I was told she opened it immediately.

Mary Beth front

Mary Beth IG

Mary Beth back

We picked up our items from the Oregon State Fair.  Along with the judge’s comments, we recieve all the  Viewer’s Choice comments for our quilts.  Apparently, my hedgehog quilt was well loved by four year olds.

Hedgehog at State Fair


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