Mystery Quilt (2014 – 2015)

June 29, 2015

Joyce, from our Westside Quilters Guild presented a mystery clue each month starting last September.  I used a Kona white as my background and then scraps from my stash for the rest.  The quilt finishes at 60″ square and I was able to use a favorite fabric for the border and back.

The flowers are from Farmhouse Flowers here in Hillsboro.  I get two baskets for Mother’s Day from the guys.  They always look amazing!

2015 WQG Monthly Mystery

2015 WQG Monthly Mystery front

2015 WQG Monthly Mystery back

2015 WQG Monthly Mystery (2)

Thursday, Charles (USMC son) and I backpacked to Yocum Ridge in the Mt. Hood Wilderness.  We are planning on hiking the Timberline Loop (circles around Mt. Hood) next week, so this was a good opportunity to see if we could work together.  It went perfect!  I think the last time we shared a tent was when he was in fifth grade and he’s now 6’4″.
Charles Bear Grass The bridge over the Sandy River washed out last year killing a man.  It has not been replaced so now there is a log jam that can be used to cross.  I am not fond of river crossings, but this one wasn’t too bad.

Charles Crossing Sandy River

McNeil Shelter Hike on Father’s Day

June 23, 2015

For Father’s Day, Kevin chose McNeil Shelter on Mt. Hood as our destination.  Sarah and Charles joined us and Andrew had to work.  I brought a bag of tootsie rolls to pass out to the dads and on the drive up, asked how to approach men about their fatherhood status.  Our daughter said, “Just say, here toots”.  It was a fun day on the trails and all the men got tootsie rolls regardless!

Swag McNeil Point

Bald Mountain Bear Grass View

Family Bald Mountain view

We wanted to take the climber’s trail, but missed it and ended up going up the rocks.Climb up rock scree

Seldom do we see wildlife in the forest, but sure enough, here is a deer.Deer

This rainbow was interesting.  Another hiker called it a cloudbow.rainbow

There was a part of the trail that had washed out.  Sarah, who was told by her husband to keep his pack clean, didn’t…Sarah Ann Scramble down

Hard cider.  What can I say?

Sarah Chug

Forest Bear grass

Sarah Charles Bald Mountian view

“A Stellar Quilt”

June 16, 2015

Last night, our guild had the “2015 Challenge” reveal.  24 of us accepted the challenge to create a quilt using N + 1C + Z or neutrals + one color + one zinger.  I was inspired by Pie Lady Quilts.  She has a great tutorial on her birds that I tweeked to be a Stellar’s Jay.  It is matchstick quilted and finishes at 36″ square.

“I’m Talking About the Birds” is the real name of my quilt.  I was finishing it on our trip to the mountain this weekend, so here it is in front of the command center (heard there was a broken leg at the summit of Mt. Hood) as we ended our backpack.Stellar Quilt

Stellar Quilt Back

WQG Challenge 2015 w Clyde

WQG Challenge 2015 back

WQG Challenge 2015 front and back

WQG Challenge 2015 jay

Except for one large quilt, the others are all lined up on this wall.  Thanks to Clara for organizing another challenge for us.
WQG Challenge Quilts 2015

Mississippi Head with our Son and Another Mini Quilt

June 15, 2015

We backpacked from Timberline Lodge to Paradise Park then up to Mississippi Head, over to Palmer and back down to the Lodge.  It was a little grueling for our son from Yuma, AZ, but he totally loved the route finding this morning.  This is looking to be a great bear grass year!Bear Grass FieldCharles’ tent last night.Charles Tent Paradise Park

There were about ten climbers heading out at around 1am.

Paradise Park at night

The Milky Way.Paradise Park Milkyway

Some of the areas were a bit steep and we were glad to have micro-spikes even though the guys split a pair and each only had one.

Long  Climb

Ann Climb snow field Mississippi HeadKevin and Charles on Palmer heading back down to the Lodge.

Kevin Charles Palmer

My quilt for this month’s PMQG mini:  “Accentuate the Negative”.  Maybe I didn’t actually do it correct, but all the problems with it were certainly accentuating the negative in my book!  It finishes up at 18″ x 20″.

Accentuate the Negative

PA Trip and Quilt Gifts

June 9, 2015

I’m back from a great trip to my family home in PA.  Here is my nephew’s quilt in front of my brother’s work building.Stanley Michael quilt - blog

Stanley Michael made a rocking chair in woodworking class.  Needless to say, he got an “A”.SMS with Chair and Muscles

He climbed this rope three times in a row without the use of his feet.SMS on rope

My niece climbed it also, but used her feet and added some circus tricks on the way down.Grace 1

Grace 5 No Hands

My dad and I did a little hike on the Appalachian Trail.  The white blazes keep a hiker going in the right direction.AT Blaze

Dumbo Chevron Quilt

June 8, 2015

I finished the hand stitching on the plane and did a photo shoot here at my brother’s in Pennsylvania.  My sister asked me to make it for her niece who is expecting a baby girl.



IMG_20150605_105011696This is my first time trying to post from my phone and I’ve tried several times to no avail.

Graduation Quilt for Stanley Michael

June 4, 2015

I finished a graduation quilt for my nephew in the nick of time.  Tomorrow, I leave for PA to deliver it in person and attend his graduation.

The quilt finishes at 84″ x 96″ and the pattern can be found here.  Stanley  Michael’s favorite colors are blue and green, so I was able to score fabric at Craft Warehouse for $4 and $4.44/yard.

quilt square


quilt back

quilt fountainA close up of Mo Bedel‘s Mechanical Genius fabric as our nephew will study engineering at Drexel.  The green actually has automotive stuff on it.

Michael close engineer

A close up of the “wood-working” fabric.  Our nephew makes beautiful objects with wood.Michael close wood

Tonight started our weekly visits to a local migrant camp.  The blueberry fields are spectacular!Blueberries

Another Doll Quilt and Paradise Park Backpack

June 1, 2015

I finished another doll quilt.  This time it is for the little girl who has serious health issues that the tea benefitted a few weeks back.  The back is fabric that was left from her great-grandfather’s pj’s made years ago.

Molly doll quilt w back

Molly doll quilt

This weekend Kevin and I headed up to the west side of Mt. Hood, Paradise Park.  We finished with a 16.4 mile backpack.  The last part of the trail, had a lot of blow downs.  This is one that could be moved, so we did.

Kevin moving log off of trail

Here it is after our little bit of trail work.

Cleared trail

Lost Creek

Lost Creek

Ann almost to Paradise ParkHopworks Urban Brewery has a contest going on Instagram (#anywhereable).  We won in April, but love taking photos of their beer outside (and drinking it, too).  This time, we duplicated the Hef Hop’s front of the can.

Its Play Time Paradise Park

If you look close at the right side of the mountain, there is a lone climber around 1am.

Climber Paradise Park

Avalanche Lily

Memorial Day, 33 Years of Running, A Mini Quilt and 7,000′ Hike in May

May 25, 2015

Today marks my 33rd year of consecutive running.  Kevin did a photo shoot with HUB’s Hef Hop with the runner on the can.Fade in Running Running HubThese are my Nike Waffle Racers that I used for running some of my fastest times in the 80’s.

Running Red White and BlueKevin and I hiked up to Gnarl Ridge (7,000′) Saturday/Sunday.  We had drizzle all the way past Government Camp, and thought we may have glimpses of the mountain, but it totally cleared up turning onto Hwy 35 and we had a blue bird time! Yay!

We hit snow that made following the trail tricky.  Kevin has a great sense of direction and with the GPS, we were fine. (This is actually on the return, but it’s the same hill side.)Ann Crossing Snow field Mt. Jefferson was above the clouds.

Jefferson above cloudsI love how Kevin captures the Milky Way.

Night Sky Gnarl RidgeThis is the crossing over Newton and I detest river crossings.  Kevin actually has my pack here because it is all I can do to get myself across let alone haul my pack too.

Kevin Newton CreekMorning light on Hood and our campsite.

Morning Light Gnarl RidgePhloxPhlox Gnarl Ridge I carried this mini up to the mountain for a photo shoot.

QuiltHere it is at home.

AG Mini

18.5 Miles with a Rainbow Quilt

May 18, 2015

This month, PMQG has us making rainbow mini quilts.  I’m not a fan of rainbow quilts at all, but participated with this 19″ x 25″ doll quilt.  The back uses Sam’s paper piecing letters.  Yesterday, Kevin and I hiked from Multnomah Lodge up to Larch Mountain and back via the Franklin Ridge Trail with the mini quilt.  Our total mileage was 18.5.

Rainbow Mini

Rainbow Mini back close

Rainbow Mini back

Rainbow Wahkeena Falls

Rainbow back Wahkeena Falls

Multnomah Falls

Multnomah Falls

I totally love these trees close to Larch Mountain.

trees that Ann loves

This log fell right in line with the trail and the easiest way to navigate it was on top.

Kevin LogHere is a view looking over Multnomah Falls close to the end of our hike.  The parking lot was packed and there were tons of people.  When we got to the lot in the morning, there were two other vehicles.

Multnomah Falls Top Viewpoint


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