Sawtooth Backpack

August 31, 2015

Kevin and I backpacked in the Sawtooth Wilderness.  We hiked 74.18 miles with 13,393′ of elevation.  Here are a few photos.

Inside Sawtooth Lodge

Sawtooth Lodge

Burn area sign swag

Swag Supermodel

Swag on Green Moss

Ann by the privie

Super excited to find this.

Morning Breakfast Trail Creek Lake

When unpacking our bear bag, we found that one beer had a puncture. We had it for breakfast with oatmeal

Kevin Crossing SF Payette

Kevin Crawling Under Tree

Kevin Bridge Baron Creek

Trail Creek Lake Bear Bag

Trail Creek Lake Pano

Trail Creek Lake Tent

Kevin hiking down switchbacks

Looking back after trail creek

Ann Crossing Flat Rock

Sawtooth lake Pano

Water fill time

Upper Cramer Lake Pano

Kevin Hidden Lake

Cramer Divide Trail

Ardeth Lake

Ardeth Lake Mule Deer

Ann on Cramer Divide

Waterfalls SF Payette

Healthy Squirrel

Ann petting horse

Finished Grand Sawtooth Loop

We had an extra day to drive through Stanley and the Redfish Lodge.

Welcome to Stanley Idaho

Redfish Lodge

Redfish Lodge

Redfish Lake View

Redfish Lake

That evening, we backpacked 1.25 miles up to the Fourth of July Lake in the White Cloud area and spent the night at 9,400′.

Outlaw Fourth Of July Lake

Cold crisp Outlaw beer to quench two thirsty desperadoes.

Moonrise Fourth Of July Lake

Moon rising over the Fourth of July lake

And then the long, long drive home.

Oregon Smoke

Heading home.

11 mile fire viewed from Fourth of July road

11 Mile Fire (not thunderheads like we thought)

Oregon State Fair

August 30, 2015

Kevin and I headed to the Oregon State Fair in Salem yesterday afternoon.  Six miles from home, the car just stopped. After getting it home and switching cars with our son at work, we were on our way.

My mystery from fellow WQG’s member, Joyce’s class, took a first place.

Ann Mystery at Or State Fair

My “Hedgehog 20/20” quilt is just a fun one.  The pattern is by fellow PMQG member, Elizabeth.20 20

I entered my PDX quilt simply because it’s so timely ~~ nothing technical about it.PDX

My “Rainbow” mini quilt took a third.rainbow quilt

My “Tula Pink” purse took a first.  Her fabric is SO popular.Tula Purse with ribbon

There is a display of quilts by Tom Korn of Salem which were inspired by military medals. Military bands 1

Military bands 2

Military bands 3

Military bands

Quilt Rows

Kevin was pleased that all three photos he entered were on display.  Apparently, there is a selection process for getting your photo shown.Kevin

Here are some things we found intreesting and Kevin photographed.Stalls

Fair Rides


Clown Balloon Game

Portland: The Pearl

August 27, 2015

Another challenge was issued via Northwest Quilt Expo. This year, the Pearl District was chosen as our inspiration.  As an avid outdoors gal, I chose the REI building in Portland.  I focused on two of the front vertical window pannels of the building.

It was important to me to include the GPS coordinates.  Using the plastic directions that were sewn onto two of our REI tent bags, I paper pieced the coordinates below the building.   An upclose inspection shows lots of REI text.  My oritinal intent was for the coordinates to blend in and they sort of do.

“7733” is the title of my quilt because it’s my dad’s REI membership number.  On a trip after college to Seattle in 1958, he got his membership.

We swung by the Portland REI to do a photo shoot after a hike last week.  Lucky for us, the store manager came out to see what we were up to and I got a great photo with her.  (OK, she was told someone was taking photographs and holding a banner, so she had to investigate ~~ you can ride bikes in Portland naked, but taking a photograph of a quilt initiates concern.)

REI 7733 Busted Pearl District

REI Portland Manager

REI 7733 REI Building Pearl District

Inspirational panels that I used for my quilt

REI Square

In front of REI in Portland

REI bldg

From the REI website, this was my inspiration photo

REI Close Up

Close up of GPS coordinates of the Portland REI storefront

REI 7733 Cairn Eagle Creek

Quilt by cairn at Punchbowl Falls in the Columbia River Gorge

REI 7733 Quilt Punchbowl Falls

Quilt with Punchbowl Falls in background

This photo cracks me up.  The girl just had to see first hand what was going on outside the door.

REI quilt Girl at door


Twin Quilts

August 21, 2015

My sister-in-law’s daughter had twins (boy and girl) a week ago and these quilts are headed their way.  The pink quilt is a smaller version of Susan’s Modern Crosses.  The blue/green quilt is a tweeked, “A Star in the Making” by Stephanie Prescott.  Both finish at approximately 37″ x 40″ and are quilted with straight lines.  I purposely used fabrics designed by fellow PMQG members.

Anna twins

Anna twins with backMy brother is holding the twins in this photo.

John and twins

We leave today on an extended backpacking trip in the Sawtooth Mountain Range.  There is smoke east of us.


Twister Falls Again

August 17, 2015

I hiked this on Thursday with my son, but yesterday, Kevin and I hiked the same exact trail to Twister Falls.  It’s 14.5 miles with a side trip to Punchbowl Falls.

Punchbowl Falls Rocks

Punchbowl Falls


“Exposure” ~~ that’s me ahead.

Kevin Entering Tunnel Falls

Kevin entering tunnel behind Tunnel Falls

Pigwars Eagle Creek

Creating a “beer photo” scene.

Twister Falls

Twister Falls

Ninja Jpeg Twist PCT Thru Hikers

PCT thru hikers. Jpeg from Michigan, Ninja from Switzerland, Twist from Scotland and Pounder (not in photo) from Berlin enjoyed fresh cherry tomatoes from my garden, string cheese and shared one beer.

Tree Graffiti

Tree graffiti

Eagle Creek to Twister Falls

August 14, 2015

Charles and I did our last hike before he heads out.  We hiked 14.5 miles from Eagle Creek to Twister Falls in the Columbia River Gorge.  Since we knew we’d be seeing Pacific Crest Trail thru hikers, we brought 12 cheese sticks and handed them all out along with a sandwich and candy.

Cairn Eagle Creek

Rockbed at Punchbowl Falls

Punchbowl Falls

Punchbowl Falls

Charles Falls Eagle Creek

Tunnel Falls with Charles

Swag Eagle Creek

Swag at Tunnel Falls

I met Donaleene of a blog I follow.  She and her husband, John, were hiking the same trail today.Portland Hikers Eagle Creek

Two Quilts Finished and Ready to Mail

August 11, 2015

This quilt is for a college student on the east coast.  It finishes at 64″ x 97″.


Maxwell back

The inside back of the tee shirts had rather great labels, so my intent was to put them on the back of the quilt.  In my haste, they are not directional, but still a pretty cool idea!

Maxwell back close

The second quilt is for my friend, Joanne, near Sacramento.  I purchased a jelly roll of “Bliss” fabric back in 2010 when Craft Warehouse closed along with a book as a Christmas gift for her.  We visit yearly and have worked on this most every time.  Last January, we got most of the top together and I brought it back to Oregon.  Well, here it is finishing at 64″ x 97″.  Off to Paradise it goes!  (Thanks, Cathie, for the great pantograph!)

Joanne Summer

Joanne Summer back

Joanne loves pieced backs, so I hope this fits the bill.

Joanne Summer close

Goat Rocks Wilderness

August 7, 2015

We met the most amazing woman in Goat Rocks on Tuesday. Bronka Sundstrom is 92 and was moving at a brisk pace with her friend. At age 77, Bronka was the oldest woman to summit Mt. Rainier ~~ and she did it in one day.  She is a Holacost survivor, and everything she said and I’ve read about her is so positive. In our five minutes with her, she is the type of person I want to be.

Bronka and Ann

Trail day one

Hawkeye Point

Hawkeye Point at 6,214′

Charles taking a photo

It warms my heart to see my adult children enjoying the outdoors.

Goat Lake

Goat Lake

Flinstones Charles w beer

Charles LOVED this site because of the “Flinstone” furniture.

Flinstone living room

Flinstone furniture

Campsite with sheep on hill

In the grassy circle patch at the top center, there is a goat. Several move moved around through the evening.

Campsite stream

Creek waterfall near camp site.

Ann on PCT

Heading up to Old Snowy on the PCT.

Snowy and the clouds

The clouds rolled in and out as we climbed to Old Snowy at 7,900′.

Snowy and Charles

Old Snowy in the background.

Our backpack finished at 22.6 miles and it puts Charles at 170 miles since he’s been home nearly two months.

A Few Wins at the Washington County Fair

July 31, 2015

At 103 degrees today, I was a lucky gal to volunteer in the quilt area which is air conditioned.  There were several guinnea pigs that arrived due to heat stress.  One looked bad enough that a vet took a look and it did not seem very promising.

Kevin took a third and an Honorable Mention in Photography.

PDX Carpet

PDX Carpet quilt

Heart Pillow

Valentine pillow

Mystery 2015

2015 WQG Mystery quilt

Rainbow mini

PMQG Mini Rainbow quilt Judge’s Choice Thanks!

Tula Purse

Tula Pink purse

Beef Dinner

Every year, this makes me laugh. It’s on the beef barn.

Selling Some Quilts

July 29, 2015

I’ve decided it’s time to sell a few of my quilts.  They are listed here.



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