Wonderland Trail

September 15, 2021
Anne and her daughter at the start with me.
Since day one was so short, we hiked to the Buroughs for dinner and returned to camp at sunset.
Anne’s birthday banner.
Heading to Spray Park.
Typical potty.
Typical bridge.   Water is generally unfilterable on glacial streams.
Bear poles at every camp.
One of two suspension bridges.
Ran into a guy with great pants.  He had us guess the fabric name.  Turns out it’s “Wonderland”.
Mowich Lake. Anne’s son brought us fresh food and took Claire to the airport.
Frozen oat milk in the morning.
Queen Anne’s Lace with Anne & Ann.
We ate dinner on an empty pond bed at Kilpatche Park.
Lunch spot.
Ranger cabin.
Second suspension bridge.
Typical campsite. There are 18 backcountry sites around the Wonderland with about 4 sites each and a group site.
Fun on a hill.
There was a better bridge upstream, but we didn’t see it so went across this.
…and then did this until we got back on track.
…but, looking back we got this view.
Anne’s friend surprised us with a feast and hiked with us by Longmire.

Another potty.
Kevin met us at Reflection Lake, hiked with us and spent the night at Nickle Creek.
We were lucky to have a ranger hike with us through the washout.
Plumbs Kevin picked from my neighbor’s tree.
Sandwich Andrew sent with Kevin.
Fruit saved for the next few days.
Indian Bar was gorgeous.
The water was torrential through this canyon and I sure didn’t like walking above it up the trail.
To not have a surprise visit while on the potty, we put a signal on the trail.
Just a little fun.
Gathering water to filter.
We ran onto Tom and Anna several times.  Three Ann’s swam here.
Sunset at Summerland.
Eating chips with a spoon.
97+ miles with 23,000′ elevation.

Long Time Away

August 28, 2021
Visited The Cotton Cure on opening day.
My friend from Paradise visited. We hit a huge sale where we found ready made blocks and finished this quilt while she was here.
The color is off on my sixth Piece & Love quilt. It’s really eggplant.
Another selvage skirt.
“BOLD Seasons” took a third in an online challenge through The Modern Quilt Guild.
Backpackerd with a friend. It’s been a goal of mine to get out with women.
Various trips with Kevin to catch the Milky Way.
Got a mini challenge quilt in Curated Quilts.
Used True Kisses by Heather Bailey for a Nightengale quilt.
Patched up my backpack.

Giving Platelets

July 4, 2021

Sarah signed me up to give platelets with her in Portland. It’s a two arm, few hour long situation. Plus, I drove there and I rarely drive anywhere.

A Sand Filled Night Away from Sweltering Heat

July 4, 2021

During our heat wave last weekend, we headed to Mt. Hood where it was much cooler, but windy which stirs up the sand.

The Milky Way was beautiful and we were out taking photos at 2:30 in the morning.

Sunday, we headed up the Climbers Trail and found a marmot shading its self.

Back in June, we headed up to Cooper Spur.

Happy hour.

While we were at Cooper Spur, Sarah and Andrew were on the south side of Hood with her foster dog, Archie for the night.

The first time in a very long time I was in church was for a funeral of a fellow quilter.

We hiked to Multnomah Basin in the Columbia River Gorge.

Andrew joined us on a hike from Timberline and tried out my new Gossamer Gear The One tent. I’ll be using it on the Wonderland late next month.

Nightingale quilt pattern using True Kisses by Heather Bailey.

The back.

39 Years of Running

May 29, 2021

May 25th marks the day I started running in Orlando in 1982 and every year I’m amazed and proud that I have kept at it consistently. I’m pretty slow now and bike every other day.

Quiltcon had a wedge challenge. We’ll things didn’t go as planned so I ripped most of it out gave it a second shot. That didn’t work out so now I have a table runner, pillow and pot holder.

First plan.
Second plan.

Last weekend, we hiked Saddle Mountain on a drizzly day.

The Milky Way, Two Falling Stars and the Elon Musk Satellites

May 17, 2021

Our site on the Climbers Trail. At 2:30 in the morning, we got up for Milky Way shots.

The Elon Musk satellites above Mt. Hood. They were moving rather fast across the sky.

Looking down towards Timberline Lodge.

so many climbers coming back down in the morning.

I created this quilt in response to Portland Modern’s special exhibit, “Renewal” at The Sisters Outdoor Show. It was accepted.

This pillow is “The Puppies” pattern by Elizabeth Hartman. It was for a co-worker.

It’s a great backdrop for my quilt using “Squeeze” by Dana Willard for Figo Fabrics. I saw a small version of this quilt online and winged it. Mural by Marcella Kriebel. Fun fact: I met her mom on a plane heading to DC. The quilt will be gifted soon.

Yay for our Downtown

April 22, 2021
The pharmacy across the street from the shop where I work made getting my first shot easy the day after becoming eligible. I think that is my perk for having to wait till the very last group ~~ 16 year olds and up.

1002 Masks

April 15, 2021

Mid- March my daughter was donating blood again and it reminded me that my grandmother used to make bandages for the Red Cross. The honor for birthday, I finished the last several I needed to get to 1,000.

The Great Easter Move

April 9, 2021

Our daughter purchased a home so we spent Easter weekend helping her move. It went like this.

She got her keys.
Third floor fun with an elevator.
Game changer. We could load this up instead of taking multiple trips.
Oops. Returned to the apartment to find we forgot some items.
Caught the Easter Vigil as we traveled back and forth. And Sunday Mass, also.
Mission Accomplished!
Easter dinner was take out on the floor. There wasn’t silverware included, so remembering the dirty dishes in Sarah’s car, we scraped together these. Her boyfriend took the knife.
And in other news, our son became a fourth generation blood donor.

A Ribbon in the Mail and Stars at Night

March 16, 2021
My ribbon from Quiltcon arrived in the mail.
I was hand piecing this at least ten years ago if not more. I started the quilting but was so unimpressed with how it was going, I unpicked it over the past two years and re-quilted it with a simple grid.
We backpacked at Mt. Hood Saturday night expecting clouds and got a nice surprise. Stars.