Hardy Ridge Trail

March 2, 2015

In an attempt to maximize our Washington State Discovery Pass that expires soon, we chose a destination that we hadn’t hiked that required this pass.  In addition to the view of the Columbia River, we saw Mt. Rainier, Mt. Adams and Mt. Hood.  We finished with over nine miles.
Discovery Pass Required

Mossy Trees

Fairy Frost:  This is the first time we have ever seen this type of frost.Frost 07

Looking back the trail we just hiked towards Mt. Hood.  The man climbing up behind us was the only person we saw until the junction a mile back.  Then it was later in the morning and there were lots of hikers out.
Looking back on mossy trailThat is me in the distance hiking up the ridge.

Ridge Moss

30 Shades of Grey Table Runner

February 27, 2015

My niece turned 30 yesterday.  Since her room is shades of grey, my sister suggested that I make a runner for a dresser.  Getting the measurements from her sister and roommate proved to be a bit of a challenge. After hanging up from a conversation where she was heading into the house to measure, I waited quite a while.  Trying to jar her memory, I text, “Are you still looing for a ruler?”  She responded, “I had to download an app!  How sad is that?  It’s roughly 44 x 18.”

30 shades of gray angle

30 shades of gray top

30 Shades of gray


My process for making this was to cut 30 pieces of grey fabric at different lengths by 1.75″  I cut several strips of white WOF at 1.75″.  For each piece of grey, I cut whatever length would equal 20″ of the white and then split it unevenly.  I arranged them, added one extra 3″ x 20″ length at each side, sewed them together, then trimmed to 18″ x 43″.  I used my “go to” straight line quilting with grey thread.

Back from Quiltcon

February 25, 2015

Once again, Quiltcon was a lot of great energy in Austin!  I have been lucky to go twice for a day each time.  There are so many photos of the quilts on the Internet and Instagram, check here.

A highlight was meeting Alison Glass and getting a photo with her.  I sat in on one of her demos and enjoyed listening and practicing stitches.

Alison GlassAdam from Andover snagged me for a photo of my backpack for Instagram.  I was pretty happy!

Andover BackpackHere is the Best of Show winner, Kathy York.  I didn’t take the photo, but think it’s fabulous!

YorkjumpingforJoyHer attention to detail is impressive.  Check out the quilt back and the sleeve.  She added fabric so the sleeve didn’t take away from the back.  Wow!

Quiltcon Best of Show BackHere is the Hillsboro carpool group (well, Jessica moved away) that made it to Austin.

PMQG with JessicaAfter the number of gals that got tattoos in 2013, a booth was added this year.

TatooMy friend’s daughter was in a dance competition, so Jackie and I fooled around in between dances.

Ann and JackieSince the competition was on the San Antonio River Walk, we did a little bridge hopping.

Riverwalk has “farm to tray” with handmade buns.

BurgerFiBack at home in Portland, I noticed this large piece of art showcasing the famous PDX carpet.

PDX CarpetToday, I began cutting and sewing my Pantone quilt.  Look how good that old, old Ginny Beyer fabric looks with the Marcala color.  Yuck!

Pantone 2015 Marcelle fabric with paint chipAnd the maps Kevin ordered while I was gone came in ~~ with a free pen.  We have until March 15th to figure out a plan because that’s the first day we can request a permit.

Rainier Wonderland Trail





“Flying Falcons Quilt” is off to Quiltcon

February 20, 2015

At NW Quilt Expo back in September, I purchased a kit from Violet Craft for her Flying Falcons quilt.  What a deal because there was enough to make two quilts other than about four fabrics that were duplicated and the background.  I wanted to use something other than white, so Violet suggested using Michael Miller’s Cotton Couture “Toffee” for the background and I did and like it.  They finish at 60″ square and the white one is a gift to my friend and former running partner who I’ll be staying with in Austin this weekend.

Flying Falcons Toffee

Flying Falcons White

Flying Falcons Both

Flying Falcons Both back

Flying Falcons Close


I also squeeked out nine potholders to give as gifts to my aunt and cousins who I’ll be visiting.Potholders

Valentine’s Day on Mt. Hood with “LOVE” Quilts

February 16, 2015

Hopworks Urban Brewery has a contest on Instagram (#Anywhereable) where they’ll choose a photo monthly for a prize.   We took this before reaching our camp spot because daylight was running out.  Kevin didn’t want a snowman, but I made one while he was setting the photo up and I think it totally made the photo!
Heart Beer snowman

This is my PMQG 2015 mini for February.  I finished binding it on the way to Mt. Hood and took it along in my backpack for a photoshoot in the snow.  It is 24″ square.

PMQG 2015 February Mini

This is the Timberline Loop that circles Mt. Hood.  It is not the best time to follow it, but we’ve done it enough that Kevin navigates without a problem.  ~~ well one whack in the face for him with a branch.  The trail is really as steep as it appears.Timberline LoopHere I am cooking dinner.  It is pretty nice with low snow levels to find a tree to sit on rather than shoveling out a kitchen.

Cooking in the darkAnother of Kevin’s pantos.

panograph w watermarkThe groomer at Timberline had his light on for a very long time, but you can see climbers ascending the mountain early Sunday morning.

Cimbers w watermark

Heading out yesterday morning, the snow was so frozen, and we were walking on top of it.Ann walking

Purse Tutorial

February 14, 2015

I was asked to do a tutorial on my purses.Purse front

The pieces:  zipper, “O” ring, 3/4″ “D” ring, clam clip, craft weight fusible interfacing 1.25″ x 25″ for strap, 1″ X 4″ for each side of zipper tag, 2.5″ x 25″ fabric for strap.  The purse front and back are already pieced just like a quilt with front, batting and back. I offset my ptchwork towards the top because the corners on the bottom will create a bottom.1 partsFold the interfaced fabric (1″ x 4″) in half and sew to zipper.  I fold the strap in half to find a seam line and sew along that line the entire 25″.

2 Parts SewnTurn strap inside out and top stitch both sides.  I fold it and sew it closed around the “O” ring.  Cut a 4″ section for the strap part that is attached to the purse, adding the “D” ring.

Sew the zipper onto the front and back quilted pieces, zig zag the back seam and top stitch on both sides of the zipper.3 Zipper and Handle

Close up of straps.4 Tab

When you sew the sides and bottom, leave the zipper open.  I miter the corners.  This is what the inside of my purse looks like.5 Inside

This is the back.

Purse backAnd, this, my friends, is why I am NOT a pattern writer.


Big Love by Dear Stella and Flash Gordon

February 12, 2015

Tomorrow is Elizabeth’s birthday and I typically make her Valentine quilted items.  This year is no different.  We took this photo back in January on one of our backpacking trips.

Elizabeth 2015 Heart quilt

Details:  54″ x 62″

Fabric:  Reds/Pinks that I had on hand including our own PMQG member’s line, Hothouse Flowers.

Pattern:  “Big Love” by Dear Stella

Quilting:  Straight lines with two close together, space, two close together, repeat over and over

Elizabeth Heart 2015 closeWhile I was at Elizabeth’s today, she gave me this great comfy quilt she rescued from a thrift store.  I’ll be borrowing it for a while, then return it to her.  The same Flash Gordon fabric sold, but information can be found here and is dated to the 1950’s.

Flash Gordon

Some details of the fabric, back and binding.

Flash Gordon w back

Flash Gordon close

Tula Pink Quilt Finished

February 10, 2015

This is the second quilt I’ve made using patterns from John Q. Adams book, “Beyond Neutral“.  And, Cathie, please note that there is NO straight line quilting involved!Tula Pink

Details:  62″ x 72″

Fabric:  Tula Pink “Bumble” that my sister gave me augmented by a bit more I picked up.

Pattern:  “Glimmerglass” from Beyond Neutral

Backing:  Flannel from Joann’s that I got a few years back on a Black Friday mega sale.

Tula Pink up close outside

Tula Pink back

Tula Pink close

Quiltcon Backpack is Finished

February 7, 2015

Late last night, I finished my backpack and am super happy with it.

Backpack square

Details:  10.5″ wide, 5″ deep, 20.5″ tall   (1076 cu. in.)  (17.5 liters)  Almost exactly like the REI Flash that I used at Quiltcon 2013 and would use again this year.

Fabrics:  Studio e Peppered Cotton (char-gold I think) and a lot of Alison Glass’ various lines.

The Green Pepper Inc. “Pioneer Rucksack” pattern (straps duplicated from North Face backpack rather than pattern)

Top four inches uses Jeni’s “Lined Drawstring Bag

Front patchwork uses Susan’s crosses in a miniature version

Double Bar Buckle repurposed from old North Face backpack

Inside zipper on pouch repurposed from old North Face Backpack (three left for future projects)

Backpack top

I had my son wipe the street grime off my jacket after a bike ride so I could get this photo between rain today.Backpack on me

I added a small zippered pouch inside the front.Backpack inside

Backpack back

Backpack detail

Quiltcon Project

February 6, 2015

I’ve been working on something I can bring to Quiltcon.  Last night I finished quilting most of it and today I’m working on other parts.

Quiltcon crosses


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