Quilt Market

May 23, 2018

This year Quilt Market was in Portland, so I submitted my credentials and was able to go. Lucky for me, I had a person coach, Joyce, who steered me through the ins and outs.

First up was School House where I heard several big names in the quilt industry give talks.

This was the line of fabric that I wanted most and I did get a fat quarter bundle.

Above photo taken by Susan.

Look at Violet Craft’s new quilt. I absolutely love it.

Friday, the show opened and it was everything I hoped for.

I picked up a line titled, “Night Hike” by Heather Givens.

I spoke with both Mr. and Mrs. Kingswell from Australia about something I’m working on and got their blessing that it certainly doesn’t infringe on Jen’s work. Happy Day.

A quilt I made using Violet’s new line hung in the Brewer’s booth.

Fabric Depot went all out hosting designers and several of us took the opportunity to hear Tula Pink and Heather Givens.

So many photos are online that I tried to soak in everything and I did loose my phone for a few hours, so not many photos from me…

Lots of Quilt Finishes

May 17, 2018

I used The Baby Herringbone pattern by Violet Craft for two fast finishes. Both baby quilt are in Philadelphia now. Using the backing for color inspiration, I was able to pull all but two pieces of fabric from my stash.

My sister will hand stitch the binding down on this one for her friend.

The backing was purchased at a PMQG meeting from Teresa.

The fourth of four sloth quilts was finished on the way to skiing Tuesday.

The pattern is by Elizabeth Hartman.

The guy holding the quilt didn’t speak a lick of English and didn’t understand what I wanted him to do. The guy in the yellow sweat shirt didn’t seem to get it either.

Kevin has another photo hanging on the wall at Base Camp Brewing in Portland.

This quilt is in Italy by now. It was one of my designs that was in Modern Patchwork a few months back.

This is from a hike in Forest Park a few weeks ago.

And this was last weekend on Mt. Hood.

Here’s one of Kevin’s star trails.

I just finished two of these pillows and one goes to my boss who has a birthday today. The pattern is by Elizabeth Hartman.

Pantone Ultra Violet Quilt Challenge: “U V Rays”

May 2, 2018

Bryan House Quilts and No Hats in the House have a quilt challenge with the Pantone Color of the Year as inspiration.

Once again, my son with the biology degree came to the rescue. He suggested Ultra Violet Ray’s as inspiration. His initial preference for the quilt was what ended up as the back. It finishes at 25.5″ square.

I struggle with math. So much so that my sister pulled off the road on her commute in Washington DC, 3000 miles away to look at my text and help.

The pieces were not going together. She took one look and directed me to cut each block square on two sides.

That did the trick.

Spring in Pennsylvania Continued

May 1, 2018

I’m back home, but here are a few sights from Pennsylvania.

The Drag Queen with her broken shoe.  Remember that she stuffed her size 11 foot into my size 9.5 heels.

IMG_0956 Broken Heel

Apparently, the shoe was going to get fixed one way or another.

Queen fixes heel

My niece is working on her school flag.  I was able to complete the tongue for her.

IMG_1042 Grace

Bonnie, our cat’s sister, spends a lot of time on this quilt stand at my daughter’s that my brother made.

IMG_20180414_095813200 Bonnie on Quilt Stand

At my sister’s, I went for a run up to Swarthmore.  It was gorgeous.


We attended Philadelphia Modern Quilt Guild where Meg Cox gave a great lecture.

IMG_20180417_190958553 Phl Modern

The exchange point where I left my daughter and continued with my dad was a diner in Lancaster.

IMG_20180418_152201 Sarah and Pop Pop exch

My dad dropped me off at Rt. 16 and I did a eight mile hike on the Appalachian Trail.

IMG_20180419_103028513 AT bridge

IMG_20180419_104501992 AT Mason Dixon

Tracks on the AT up by Pen Mar.

IMG_20180419_104632041_HDR AT Pen Mar

I helped my brother-in-laws at a middle school track concession stand.  It was windy.

IMG_20180420_154911 Concession Stand

Several of us went to a local nursery.

IMG_1054 Dad at NurseryIMG_1051 Nursery

A quilt made a while back duplicates the barn quilt at my family home.

IMG_20180420_102922631 VW with barn quilts

We ran into Civil War reenactors practicing on our hike.

IMG_20180421_151102134_HDR Civil War

This is the field behind my family home.

IMG_20180421_153029367 Dad and Fran

Pennsylvania in the Spring

April 17, 2018

Saturday was an incredibly gorgeous day. We used a combination of a borrowed helmet, rental bike and Sarah’s stuff to get in a ten mile bike ride on the Schuylkill River Trail.

Then we met up with three of my four sisters and a few nieces in New Hope.

Sunday morning, we caught a drag show in Philadelphia. Even got extreme shoes at the Goodwill in Lancaster for a photo shoot.

The queen in the center broke her heel during a split. She squeezed her size 11 feet into my 9.5 shoes for the rest of the show.

Came back for Donna’s weekend signature drinks.

The weekend was to celebrate my niece’s 30th birthday. Ten of us spent the it together at this quaint lodge. The piano bar is the red building.

Monday, we woke to pouring rain, thunder and lightning.

The quilt I made for Lauren.

Yesterday, we shopped then everyone headed home.

Took a short walk on the tow path across the river in New Jersey.

Riley Blake Challenge: “Quarter Dome”

April 11, 2018

Predictible as it is, my little 28″ square quilt is entered in The Modern Quilt Guild Challenge. We were given a pack of fat eighth’s and could use only Riley Blake Designs fabrics for the entire quilt. I love the feel of the solids and chose the red soley on the name they gave it, “Yosemite”. After a lot of back and forth with several siblings, one of which kept suggesting hunting titles, my own hubby came up with, “Quarter Dome”.

I’m a disgrace to the quilting community. On my way out the door to a funeral, I grabbed this ancient washrag I must have made years ago. Yes, I did need to use it. I only felt better when a friend handed me half a paper towel. She must have grabbed a few on her way out of her door too.

Gnome Quilt

April 9, 2018

Using extras from Tale of 2 Gnomes by Abbey Lane Quilts, I finished a baby shower gift.

Easter on the Mountain

April 6, 2018

We hiked up to our favorite winter spot for Easter.

Played with flashlights a bit.

Not your usual Easter clothes?

The Drama Behind the Challenge

March 30, 2018

Curated Quilts has a mini quilt challenge featuring triangles. I printed out the rules and got started in two colorways.

The problem is that there was a color palette suggested. Oops!

So, stop and submit the mini that sort of matches? Or make another? Of course, choice B.

Since I had a huge quilt on my Gammill, I spray basted, pinned and got started. Eeekkk! It was way off kilter so I pulled the quilting out and used tape and pins for try two.

Took time out to donate blood.

So, no better.

I was pretty convinced blocking would not make a dent, so…

I made another and finished up the quilt on my long arm.

Behind the scenes look at the photo shoot. 😉

That is the saga and here are my six minis in various stages.

Busy, Busy, Busy

March 21, 2018

This morning, I made my first ever half square rectangle. The plan is to follow along with Meghan’s Sienna Burst Quilt Along.

Last week, I skied Timberline with my ex-son-in-law on his birthday.

My rental skies had my son’s name on masking tape.

A great find on the slopes.

The weekend prior, Kevin and I got out for a backpack.

And this week a zipper pouch was made.