Second Snow Backpack for this Winter

October 16, 2017

No joke.  There is snow in the mountains!  Here is a sugar skull quilt from the book, “Quilt with Tula and Angela” that I finished binding on the drive up.


The roadside snow on the way up to White River.


The groomers took a break just as the moon came out for Kevin’s night shot.


The Milky Way.


… until next time.


When I got to work Saturday, I found this surprise from one of my bosses.  Isn’t she just the best?!?!  They are magnets.




Westside Quilters Guild 2017 Show

October 10, 2017

I think our quilt guild had a lovely show this weekend.

IMG_6455 upper deck view

IMG_6381 Quilt Display

IMG_6371 quilt display

Stephanie won Best Machine Quilting.  Her mother, who is looking at my quilt, won for best hand quilting.

IMG_6358 Stephanie

DSC02503 quilt display

Gifts for each person who came to our show.

IMG_0448 small bags

I was humbled to be a featured quilter, and as one, was able to choose a quilt for an award.  I have loved the quilting on Chase’s quilt since I saw it a few months ago.  She quilts with her domestic.

IMG_6397 Chase

Here is an closer view.

DSC02428 featured quilter award anns

Jeri, in our PMQG carpool group, took the People’s Choice award.


Nancy, in our PMQG carpool group, took third place in People’s Choice.

DSC02510 Nancy

Set up.

IMG_0430 set up

Violet was at the show the entire weekend with her quilts, patterns and just her fantastic self.

DSC02491 Violet Ann

I talked about my challenge quilts both days.

DSC02458 Anns Talk

On a side note, my daughter will be representing the brewery she works for in an arm wrestling competition.  Here she is decked out as Schuylkill Puncher.  If you are in Philadelphia on Oct. 22nd, you can see her in person at Liberty Vintage Motorcycles.

Sarah Arm Wrestling Champ


Quilt Finish for Annual Fall Festival

October 3, 2017

Our 2017 St. Matthew Raffle Quilt is completed.  Between Joyce Dean Giezler, who had it nearly finished and Helen Van Dyke and myself, we did it.

The pattern is by Border Creek Station Pattern Co. and it’s 80″ square.

DSC02367 quilt by tree

The giant Sequoia is across the street from our home.

DSC02386 close up

And if you’re a member of The Modern Quilt Guild, sign up for the swap.  This swap will be person to person, so you’ll each be making something for each other.


NW Quilting Expo

September 29, 2017

I’m super happy with my third place win at NW Quilting Expo in the Modern Category with my “Waynesboro Cherry Wreath Quilt Gone Modern“.

Photo credit for this photo goes to the show photographer.

Thanks to the Westside Modern Club for allowing me to crash their party and enter a challenge quilt for the past four years.  My friend, Janet, relays the information and transport my quilt to the potluck each summer.  Thanks, Janet!

My dad and a few sisters were able to watch the award ceremony live on the East Coast.  Thanks NW Quilting Expo!

“Waynesboro Cherry Wreath” Gone Modern

August 30, 2017

This year, Northwest Quilting Expo’s challenge is “Transitions”  We were to take an old family quilt and remake it modern ~~ any size.

My father purchased a “Waynesboro Cherry Wreath”  quilt right after Rhoda Snowberger finished it in 1968.  It was used for years in our family home in Waynesboro, PA and is now in my possession here in Oregon.

My quilt uses the Pantone color of the year:  Greenery in the leaves and the Kona color of the year:  Flamingo in the background.  The back has a snail fabric since my mother had a sizable collection of snails.

DSC00397 New Quilt


Close up of both quilts.



As you can figure from the article in the following book, my quilt is a copy of a very traditional quilt native to Waynesboro.  My mother learned to quilt with the Church of the Brethren women.



This is the poster that will hang with my quilt at Expo.






State Fair

August 29, 2017

A last minute decision to drive to Salem with my friend, Carol, made for a nice time.  We both received ribbons.

My “Wildwood Blazes” took a first and was a division winner.

My Pickle Dish Variation (pattern from Red Pepper Quilts) using all Alison Glass fabrics took a first.

Carol’s table runner took a second place. This was a Christmas gift to me and made using her Brother embroidery module.

Her star quilt took a third.

Sunday afternoon, Kevin and I headed to Mt. Hood for a quick overnight backpack.  The stars were out until the clouds and smoke took over.


August 27, 2017

We skipped town for the Total Eclipse (not my husband’s choice) and headed to Alaska to visit our son who had some time free between college term.  Seeing the Northern Lights made up for missing the eclipse in my husband’s eyes.

DSC00954 Charles Tent

Here are some of the trip highlights.  We brought Charles a bunch of stuff in an old piece of luggage held together by safety pins and guarded by the Virgin.  My friend said, “Holy Hillbilly”.


I loved seeing all the quilts in our son’s apartment.


Day One:  Kenai Fjords National Park  We hiked about ten miles stopping short of the steep scramble down to the ice field.  It was wet, cold and windy.

Exit Glacier end

You can see people on the glacier below.

Exit Glacier people on ice

Day Two:  Eclipse Day was too cloudy in Anchorage to see anything in the sky so we hiked to Eagle & Symphony Lakes.  12 miles


Symphony rock field hiking

Symphony mountain sighting

At the summit, you can see both Eagle and Symphony Lakes.


I finished binding his Sleepy Sloth quilt in the car.


Day Three, Four and Five:  Kesugi Ridge Hike  28 miles

Denali sighting first off.

DSC00771 Denali

The first day was incredible for weather.

IMG_20170822_153455972 start view

DSC00786 Kelly Charles Ann

cookies and shoes

Beer photo taking

I got up around 1:30 and saw stars in the sky so woke Kevin up.  After realizing what we were seeing, everyone was awake gazing at the Northern Lights.  WOW!!!

DSC00965 tent vertical

We started off in the morning and didn’t see anyone for two entire days.  Here are the first set of prints we saw.

IMG_20170823_100356590 bear print

DSC00813 I Love You

Then the rain started for the entire day and night.

IMG_20170823_140946518 foggy

IMG_20170823_135928129 winding trail

Oh, Alaska, I love you.


IMG_20170822_162613085 rock fall climb

We estimate there was probably 1/2 mile of wood planks throughout the hike which improved the situation.

Kevin balancing

DSC01186 Mud

wet trails


Skinny Lake in the wet, wet, wet…

DSC01066 Skinny Lake Camp

wetter trail

DSC01056 Charles and Kelly

DSC00976 trail marker cairin

About five miles from the end, Kelly spotted a black bear below us.  There were many fresh prints as we continued the switchbacks so we talked loud.

bear print from Charles

Once we were back to Anchorage, I recovered some chairs Charles purchased used.





Bountiful Mini Challenge

July 31, 2017

I finished binding this mini on the drive to the mountain after work on Saturday, backpacked it up 2500′ and five miles and forgot to take a photo when the light was good.  More information is here about the Bountiful Mini Challenge using Sharon Holland’s fabric for Art Gallery Fabrics.

DSC00199 ann quilt

Since we started hiking at 6:10pm and the spot we wanted was taken, we went in search for a good spot and found one on a ridge in a canyon that was safe from rock fall.

IMG_0030 anns camera night shot desktop

Breakfast from The Great British Bakery at the Hillsboro Farmer’s Market.

IMG_0041 Breakfast

This shows our little perch.

DSC00118 tent morning light

and our view the other way.


IMG_0035 Ann Hillside

We love a good display of mopheads.

DSC00164 moptops


When we got home, I showered and headed over to a friend’s home.  She fell on her walk to work requiring a plate and many pins in her wrist.  They have a large garden with fantastic cabbage.  She wanted to put up sauerkraut, so another friend and I worked up 13 batches for her.











Another Night Under the Stars

July 24, 2017

Our thirteenth night out in 2017 was moonless, but star filled.  Here’s a shot Kevin took with a 24 minute exposure.


We headed out from Timberline Lodge at 8pm due to work.


Our camping spot was nestled near a large rock on a flat spot.  Here’s the Milky Way.


Yesterday, we hiked up to 8200′ along the climbers’ trail.  Glaciers are so amazing.


This is as far as I cared to go.  There was exposure right past us, then snow.


Looking back down at Timberline Lodge, Trillium Lake and Mt. Jefferson.


Palmer was a scene of business.  So many people out enjoying a glorious day.


Groomer ~~ lights from these are seen in so many of Kevin’s night photos.



My Dogs are Barking on Mt. Hood

July 17, 2017

I finished binding this Row by Row from Modern Domestics on the way to Cooper Spur on Saturday.  It made the 3,000′ climb in my backpack to the Timberline Trail at 6,800′.  The pattern is designed by Michelle from our guild and the border is one of Atkinson Designs that I frequently use.

DSC09871 Quilt

I filled out our permit way away from this and tried to drop it in as fast as I could.


There was a ton of lupine on the trail.


The Milky Way.


Hood River with Mt. Adams at night.


We hiked over to check out the newly built Elliot crossing on the Timberline Loop.  It was finished last year, but looks well worn.


You can see where the crossing is to the bottom right of the photo and the trail leading back up out of the ravine.


This is the inside of the Tilly Jane A-Frame.