60th Birthday

January 12, 2020

On my 60th birthday (1/11), I woke up to friends in my kitchen and a “snow” party at 6am.


Heather painted this super cute rock for me.

The ever talented metal smith, Coleen, made this amazing piece of jewelry for me.  She painted Mt. Hood on glass.

There were really fuzzy warm slippers, quiche, pastries, sea salt peanut butter and more.  I have an amazing house mate and friends.

Bringing in 2020

January 3, 2020

Happy New Year!November and December were crazy busy months for me. I got way behind on my quilting, but am caught up

I went on a New Year’s Day hike in Forest Park with my sons.

Got exactly 700 miles of biking in last year (not including the tandem with my blind rider)

19th backpack of the years with our sons.

Tenth season at the homeless shelter.  73 people Christmas Eve.  These are the women’s mats.

Made a bunch oflined drawstring pouches.

Made a topper for my niece who designed my label.

Finished a commission quilt.



I finished a commission quilt for a customer in PA.

… and made my daughter’s boyfriend a quilt.




Lots Going on Since October

December 12, 2019

Our housemate’s birthday was a bee theme. I made her a little pouch using Violet Craft’s new line of fabric and our co-worker made her the beautiful hair piece.

Commission pouches for my niece to give to friends.

Hopworks Urban Brewery has contests and I’ve wanted to make this image into a pillow for eons. I would do things different a second time, but that may never come.

A foggy hike in the Columbia Gorge.

For my daughter’s birthday, I used Sam Hunter’s Love pattern and created the front using colors from the Dia de los Muertos fabric on the back.

A commission quilt I made from the parents of a local coach using player’s favorite shirts.

Our housemate glassed one of the original windows from our home with a scene Kevin took last year.

Kevin and I heard Lynn Hill speak at the Alpine Summit. She is an amazing rock climber and athlete.

A little (34″ square) quilt I made was a hit at Quilt Market in Houston.

Fall Festival

October 26, 2019

For 23 years I’ve held a chair position at our Church’s Fall Festival. For more than half of that time it’s been the quilt booth.

Thus is the stack of items I brought to sell.

We ended up using my Meadowland for the raffle quilt and it was won by a fan, Becky. Becky and her family send me photos from the State Fair in front of my quilts.

Potato peeling went well. Our crew peeled 600+ pounds.

Andrew, our son worked in the kitchen.

It turned out to be another successful year all around.

A while back, Maywood Studio asked me to make a PDX carpet quilt for Market in Houston.

Yesterday really was a great day. For the first time while running, I spotted two witches.

The good witch on the right taught my children.

Since it was Friday, I stopped at Insomnia because it’s Pie Day Friday. Well, the witches picked up another and were causing a stir at the coffee shop.

Happy Weekend!

Quilts and Backpacking and More

October 8, 2019

This past Saturday, Joyce taught her annual mystery quilt workshop to our guild members.  A little fun took place.

Right after the class, we headed to Mt. Hood for some stars.

But before leaving, my issue of Curated Quilts arrived with my little mini in it.

Last weekend, we made our annual church dinner applesauce.  We made 52 gallons this year.

I upped my game by getting new colored clips for my ditty bags.

And I started riding with a blind man.  I can’t even begin to tell you how much of a responsibility it is.

Last week on the way home from work, I took a few photos as a storm approached.

And Jen sent me a replacement set of templates in blue when I asked for one part to the 2.5 template that I lost.  What a great treat!

And we went backpacking two weekends ago and Kevin caught the Milky Way.

And I caught a beautiful early morning photo.

I finally finished my Meadowland quilt using fabric I was given at QuiltCon two years ago with a 3rd place win.

And I made a pillow for a friend with a new home and new librarian job.


State Fair, Base Camp Photos and Another Backpack

September 11, 2019

I put two quilts in The Oregon State Fair and they both were awarded a ribbon.

And one I quilted for a friend and fellow guild member took a division award.

A week ago, our son was free so he joined us on what turned out to be a very windy backpack.

The stars were out in full force, so we took photos around 10:30.

Base Camp Brewing had a contest and there were not a lot of entries.  Kevin has two photos on the wall and I have two also.  Ours are in the middle row.  From left, 1 & 3 are mine, 4 & 7 are Kevins.

Timberline Trail for the Fifth Time

September 1, 2019

Kevin didn’t get vacation this year, so we took a quick trek around Mt. Hood on the Timberline Trail. 46 miles and about 9 major, terrifying river crossings and 11,500′ of elevation gain. It was my fifth time and his third time all the way around in one swoop.

Night one near Paradise Park.


Morning view with wispy clouds.


Day two from Paradise Park to McNeil cutoff.



Crossing the Sandy.




Crossing the Muddy Fork.




Crossing the Ladd.



Crossing the Coe. This was the second scariest river.


Kevin wanted this photo so bad.



THE SINGLE MOST SCARY CROSSING: The Elliott. We crossed on that log above the waterfall. It was difficult getting down to the water and then getting back out of the ravine.




I loved this evening hike with the colors in the sunset.




The fastest changing river: The White. Once you spotted a way across, you had to move fast because the riverbed was changing within seconds.


Ta Da!


Black & White Mini and a Lot of Elevation

August 20, 2019

Blur is my submission to Curated Quilts’ Black & White mini challenge. It’s 15.5″ square.

This weekend, we backpacked to a spot on the Pacific Crest Trail, then hiked 3,200′ the following day to above the Palmer Ski Lift on Mt. Hood.

Here’s Kevin on top of Palmer.

Quilt for Paradise and Local Migrant Camp

August 5, 2019

My friend from Paradise, Ca., was given blocks that were received from all over the world.  She put them together, I quilted them, attached the binding and mailed it to her to hand stitch.


And, I found one of the block makers who seemed happy to know where her block went.

Last Wednesday, we visited a local migrant camp for fellowship and Mass.



Yesterday, several of them received sacraments at our church.  Here are some photos of the party that followed.  I believe everyone from camp was there and, man, is the music FAST!  Fast as in you can only shuffle because it’s impossible to lift your feet much.



Kevin refinished our porch this weekend.


I got all the blocks of  my Meadowland put together.


Close to 5,000′ in elevation gain this weekend.

July 30, 2019

At mid point in 2019, I have 11 nights under the stars, 20 trips, 36,000′ climbed and 110 miles hiked.

This past weekend, Kevin and I went with a change in plans and hiked from Timberline Lodge up to 7,500′ for the night.

A meteor.

There were lots of wildflowers.

In the morning we headed down and continued along the PCT to the Zig Zag Canyon.

Yesterday, my son and I hiked Saddle Mountain in the clouds.

I had finished binding my challenge quilt so we got a photo at the summit.  It’s a Portland Modern Quilt Guild challenge with Paintbrush Studios’ Painter’s Palette Solids.  It’s 20″ square and I used my seer-sucker quilting in a grid.