EZ Quilting Chalange and Franklin Ridge Hike

February 1, 2016

This mini quilt uses the remains of my EZ Triangle Quilting Challenge for Quiltcon.  I finished hand stitching the binding on our way to Multnomah Falls yesterday.  The original idea for this quilt (plan c) was from something Joyce did and had at a mystery class.

quilt in snow

Kevin and I hiked from Multnomah Falls up to Franklin Ridge, to Oneota, then down the Larch Mountain Trail for a total of 14 miles and 3,400′ in elevation gain yesterday.

ann snow trail

There were so many branches in our face on this trail.

Ann crossing snowy creek

Snow Log

We carry a troll that we won at a Portland Hikers Meet ‘n Greet.

Swag in snow

Swag deep snow

This is probably one of the best things we’ve done in a while.  Since we were at 3,000′ and there was a lot of snow, we made snow balls to give out once we got to the mass of humanity down by the falls where there was no snow.  Little boys got the first ones, then the University of Wisconsin Synchronized Skating Team got the remaining ones in Kevin’s hood.  Yes, Keep Portland Wierd.





Vicki’s Birthday Quilt

January 31, 2016

My sister-in-law, Vicki, sent me fabric a while back and I made a quilt for her birthday with it and some others.  The pattern is Urban Cabins ~~ a pretty fast quilt to put together.  It’s 65″ x 88″.

We took the photo after a hike on Kings Mountain in the coast range last week.

DSC00230 Vicki Quilt front

DSC00231 Vicki Quilt Back

Vicki 2016 bd close

Two weeks ago, we hiked in Forest Park here in the Portland area.

IR Forest Park

Last week, we hiked Kings Mountain ~~ a five mile round trip with 2500′ elevation gain.  Probably it’s the best bang for your buck in terms of toughness close to home.

Kings Mountain Pano

DSC00168 Tall Trees

Milky Way the Modern Way (Quiltcon Charity Quilt)

January 15, 2016

The Hillsboro carpool gals (eight of us from Portland MQG and one deserter now with San Antonio MQG) worked together to create this 71″ x 94″ charity quilt that will hang at Quiltcon in Pasadena next month and then return to Portland to be donated to or raffled off for a charity that has yet to be decided.

It was easy for all of us to agree to this challenge and once we decided that we’d make improv stars, off we went.  One of us purchased Kona solids per the predetermined color palette.  Each of us could add any solid or print that matched the chosen colors and made three stars each finishing at 3.5″, 6.5″ and 9.5″.  PMQG has Sew Days at Fabric Depot, so we met two consecutive months with a plan in mind, then one last time at a member’s home.  One member made the back from scraps, another quilted it and then another bound and applied the sleeve.

Probably the thing we learned in this challenge was about each other.  Our carpool ride is usually 1.75 getting to the meetings and an hour back, but we spent a lot more time together on this quilt.  It was great having one member not sewing and moving the blocks around and giving direction.  Occasionally, we would all break and get a consensus.

For me, I love the name of the quilt and that we met the deadline and will get to show it off at PMQG next Thursday.  Important to all of us was to use fabric from fellow PMQG members:  Elizabeth Hartman, Mo Bedel and Violet Craft and Monica Solorio-Snow.

Quilt Front

Quilt Close Up

Quilt Back


Here’s a photo of our girl cat, Clyde, that my husband took today.


56th Birthday

January 12, 2016

I flew to Sacramento for a sewing weekend with my friend, Joanne.  My birthday was yesterday and hers is tomorrow, so this time of year is a great time to visit.  Alaska serves free microbrew on short flights.

Alaska beer

At the airport.

Ann Joanne 2016

Andrew made me a from-scratch chocolate cake.  I’m impressed he found the recipe I always use.  Regular sugar instead of confectioners created a little problem with the icing, but even making it corect, it’s difficult to ice.  Thanks, son!

Birthday 2016 Ann

Quiltcon Charity Quilt: Improv with Intent

January 7, 2016

Nine of us have carpooled together to PMQG meetings for several years and decided to make a charity quilt for Quiltcon.  It has been a pretty intense undertaking.  Back in September, we decided to each make wonky stars with the colors dictated by Quiltcon and turn them in at the October meeting.  We carpooled to two PMQG Sew Days and one additional day at Annie’s home to create the top.

Now it’s at Geri’s home for the quilting.

Annie floor

Here is the front hanging sideways on our shed.


and the back…


Last weekend, Kevin and I spent a very cold night at Trillium Lake.  It was 5 degrees with a windchill of -7 and probably one of the coldest nights we’ve spent in our tent.

Snow Covered Trail

This is where I peeled some of my lip off when it froze to a part on the stove that requires a bit of moisture.

Ann Cooking Dinner Trillium Lake

Light polution from Mt. Hood Meadows.

Trillium Lake Dusk

We went for a walk to warm our fingers and toes.

Trillium Lake Trail at night

White River Backpack

December 28, 2015

Yesterday, Kevin and I braved the stop and go traffic all the way from Gresham and backpacked out of White River Snow Park.  We went with Plan B since it was getting late.

Kevin Climb

Boy Scout Ridge Night

I snapped this photo this morning as I was packing up.  My toes were cold last night, so I took my Hopworks knee highs and tripple layered them.


There was a tree I was able to teeter on to cook.

Breakfast time

… a little running fun in the fresh powder.

Ann Racing snowshoe

The trail back down was pretty slick even in snowshoes.  We estimate we spent about 10% of the time down on our bottoms.

Kevin Fall.jpg

Trail Curves Down

Merry Christmas

December 25, 2015

Christmas Card idea more white

Andrew and I spent Wednesday loading Sarah’s belongings into this truck.  She was to arrive via plane at midnight, but was delayed and finally got here yesterday afternoon.  Both Sarah and Andrew left mid afternoon and made it to Boise last night and are continuing east.  I have every state road condition site opened on my computer as well as weather data.


Sarah just posted this on Facebook.  Andrew decorated it while she drove.


I finished this pillow last night.  The pattern can be found here.


Sewing Nonstop

December 22, 2015

I’ve been a crazy woman sewing nonstop trying to get lots of small things sewn.  There was a break last night for our Westside Quilters Guild Christmas Party.  I finished a piece that a co-guild member, Bella, gave me last year.  She colored and embroidered the center and I finished it into a pillow that was awarded to the best outfitted gal.

Bella pillow

WQG 2015 Christmas Elf and more

Each of us received a “love rock“.  Read the story because it is so touching.

Love Rock

The food was great ~~ just couldn’t resist this photo opportunity.

WQG 2015 Christmas

The Tualatin Valley Harmony Masters entertained us.

WQG 2015 Christmas Tualatin Harmony Masters

The gift exchange was a fun “right”/ “left” story and I received a lovely ornament from Toni.


Thanks to Donna and her crew!

Quilt Heading to California

December 21, 2015

My sister-in-law asked me to make a quilt for her friends using this pattern and fabric she sent.  I added fabric and it came out to 54″ x 64″.  I hand stitched down the corners, but she’ll have to finish it as I simply ran out of time and had to get some of my own stuff started for Christmas.

We took these photos on a trail in town where locals can hike or party (by the looks of things).

Tree QuiltTree Quilt Back

This morning, my friend and former running partner was in town for her grandson’s baptism.  It isn’t often a bishop comes to baptise, but Bishop Stiner baptised and married Stacy, the mom and today, her son.  Pretty cool!

Baptism Blessing 4 by 6

I often joke that Janie and I should stand side by side and look straignt ahead to talk ~~ that’s how we spent so many early mornings on our runs with her sister, Jackie.  I sure miss those times!

Ann Janie Lucas 4 by 6


45+ Years of Celebrating St. Nicholas

December 11, 2015

My dad and I were trying to figure out exactly when our family began celebrating St. Nicholas Day.  We don’t remember it in Vermont, so that puts it after I was in second grade and we moved to Pennsylvania ~~ so after 1967.  In the early days, Dad would dress as St. Nicholas; my mom as Black Pete and we’d each receive one gift and a stocking filled with nuts and fruit.  It’s continued every year without fail to last Saturday.  My brother Bill and his wife hosted a ton of us.  I loved the day!!

Family Photo

This is a tributary of the Chesapeake Bay.

Family photo by water

My brother Bill in his backyard snuggling with our baby sister, Frances.

Frances and Bill

The adult gift exchange was to be homemade or purchased locally this year.  Ivy opened canned goods and a lot of deer meat.

Gift opening

Each child received one game as a gift.  They played games all afternoon.

Kids Gifts

Three of the oldest nieces.

Sarah Lauren Nicole

Two of my sisters organized a serivce project for the children and each of us chipped in items (5 toothbrushes, or 5 washcloths, ziplock bags etc.)

Service project

Service work

Sunday, my dad and I went on a hike to his favorite rock climbing area, Shaffer Rocks and then did a little more on the Appalachian Trail.

Pop Pop by the rocks

Last night was our PMQG Christmas Party and we had a “mini” exchange.  Here I am with what I received along with the maker.

PMQG Mini.jpg



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