Timberline Trail Around Mt. Hood

July 26, 2016

Charles and I again hiked the Timberline Trail counter clockwise around Mt. Hood ending with 46 miles and 11,000′ of elevation gain.  The night before we left, I was at a PMQG meeting and Violet shared her “Elevated Abstraction” quilt.  I asked if I could take it with me and she agreed.

Friday at noon leaving Timberline Lodge.


Charles fooling around like he’s looking for a Pokemon.


Hiking through Mt. Hood Meadows.


This is looking over past the Clark.  There is a very faint trail just above the bottom trees on the scree that we would follow.


And here is the trail.



Our last river crossing of the day was the Newton and it was the roughest I’ve ever seen it.


Gnarl Ridge, our spot for the night.


Saturday morning, we made our way across several snow fields.


Charles is fooling around again.


We swung over to Cloud Cap just because it’s a great place.


This is the area that causes the most angst.  There is loose scree to climb down, then the Eliott is a rough crossing, then there is a rope to get up the other side followed by some scrambling.


Here is Charles on the rope.


A burn area.


This is a fellow we crossed both the Eliott and The Mighty Coe with.  He is from Pittsburg Pa.


Bear Grass is my absoute favorite!


Dollar Lake fire area.


The Ladd was our last crossing for Saturday.


Party with Violet’s quilt.


Carin Basin shelter.  The stone work is just beautiful.


A nicer “party” shot.



There were fields of flowers in this area all sorted like, Bear Grass here, Indian Paintbrush over here, Lilies over there.


We swung by Ramona Falls.


Leaving the falls, I ran into Carie who is a fellow quilter.  Right there, we had a quilt show.  After, she told me about hiking the entire Oregon section of the PCT two years ago.  You can read about it here.


After a long slug out of the Sandy, we arrived at Paradise Park along with the bugs.  Kevin and Andrew met us for the night and then hiked out this morning with us.


Here is one of Kevin’s Milky Way shots.


His Lost Creek shot.


This is just before hitting the Lodge and end of our hike.


Timberline Lodge.


Thank you, Violet, for trusting me with your quilt.  It weighs 15 oz. and it was definately a great addition to the trail!


Lavender Quilt Heading to Germany

July 19, 2016

My sister and her children are heading to Germany and asked me to make a quilt for a relative.  Last PMQG Sew Day at Fabric Depot I spotted a quilt on their wall with a pattern nearby titled, Block Party, by Stacey Day that looked fast and would be perfect.

Frannie sent purples so I added more similar fabrics and chose a Cotton & Steel off white for the background.  Thank you, Teresa, for your help.

The quilt finishes at 50″ x 62″ and is quilted with a pantograph, “Wave on Wave” by Urban Elementz.

Purple quilt for Denise

Purple quilt for Denise back

Purple quilt for Denise close up

Loowit Trail around Mt. St. Helens

July 18, 2016

Charles and I hiked 36 miles around Mt. St. Helens with 8,000′ of elevation gain.  Here are some highlights.

Swag at June Lake with a waterfall in the background.



This was our first sketchy part.  A trail runner described it as “off kilter”.  I’ll agree.


Good morning Saturday.



Close up of Indian Paintbrush


Abraham Trail


This is in the blast zone.  It’s a restricted area and camping isn’t allowed.




Here’s one spot where we both took off our packs and I lowered them to Charles.  And a shout out to Nike and their dri-fit pants that I have spent countless seconds on countless occasions sliding down or across stuff on my bottom.  They are the best pants!


We headed over to Loowit Falls (obscured by clouds) and saw many mountain goats.  Here are two.


Towards the top of this wash, I had Charles throw a rope down to me.




Yes, that is the Toutle River down there and we have to cross it.


You can see the faint trail leading down.


The final drop into the Toutle was on a rope.


Good morning Sunday.


We spent an hour trying to figure out how to get across the Butte wash.  Turned out we would head up on the opposite side by climbing up what is seen there.


I used a rope to get down this section.


Heading up.  Once again, Charles threw a rope down for me.


Our only patch of snow to cross


It seemed like most of Sunday was going from post to post over lava beds.


That’s our 36 mile loop around Mt. St. Helens…

Italian Girls

July 12, 2016

Friday, three gals came over to quilt a wall hanging they made for thier grandparent’s 50th wedding anniversary in Italy.  All three worked together under the direction of the oldest.  Irena has been quilting in my basement since she was in second grade and needed a stool to reach the machine.

Italy quilt Irena

Italy quilting

Italy quilt Rebekka

Italy quilt Veronica

Italy quilt

Italy Quilt close

Today, we did a hike up Saddle Mountain in the coast range.  This was our fourth time and it was by far the best.  The views were outstanding.


Trail heading up to the summit.


View from the top.


More Selvage Bags

June 28, 2016

I made more selvage bags.  Some are at the store where I work and three are in my ETSY shop.


This past weekend, we headed up to Cooper Spur for the third time this year.  Only patches of snow remain.  Here are a few of Kevin’s night shots.

Looking over Hood River and Mt. Adams in the sunset.


The Milky Way.


Mt. Hood with stars and our tent.


And, Swag between winter and summer.


The sign is finally peeping out of the snow.


Yosemite Valley Quilt

June 22, 2016

Westside Quilters Guild held their annual challenge on Monday.  This year, the theme was “Page 9″ since our guild is nine years old.  I used my Yosemite Backpacking guide’s page nine which discusses Yosemite Valley.  The other part of the challenge was to use a nine patch block.  I used nine of them.  Several of the lighter ones contained my wedding dress fabric.  The heart is because I love that we were married in Yosemite Valley.  All of our quilts are 36” square.

Yosemite Valley

The detail of the Half Dome logo.

Yosemite Valley Half Dome

Since our daughter was home this past weekend, our family backpacked from Timberline Lodge to the White River Canyon for a very windy and sandy night.

DSC01200 Ann Sarah Hiking

DSC01325 sunset mt hood gradiant

DSC01398 family portrait


McNeil Backpack

June 14, 2016

Our son, Andrew, graduated Sunday morning from Portland State University with a B.S. in Biology and a minor in Chemistry.


After graduation, Kevin, Charles and I headed to the west side of Mt. Hood for a backpack beyond the McNeil Shelter.

Kevin’s night shot.

The Milky Way

Our morning portrait with the front coming in.  Sleet was soon to follow.

Hiking out across snow fields.

The two of them spent a lot of time talking photography.


Paradise Park Backpack

June 7, 2016

Charles, Kevin and I backpacked to Paradise Park.  While Portland was sweltering near 100 degrees, we were hiking over snow and enjoyed the cool breezes at 5,800′.  Bugs were rather annoying.

Charles on Split Rock

Got in a little glissading over Lost Creek.


Kevin’s birthday was Sunday, so I carried up four cupcakes.


The Milky Way.

DSC00722 Milky Way

Kevin is pretty happy with his night shot.

DSC00754 Paradise Park iso 10000


“Gear Up” Quilt at Lamberson Butte

June 1, 2016

I finished my little 10 ounce quilt (24″ x 27″) on the drive to Mt. Hood.  Lucky for me, the graphic design company, Jolby and Friends seems happy that I made this using their art on HUB’s can as inspiration.


Here it is at the shelter at Elk Meadow in the Mt. Hood Wilderness.

Gear Up quilt at Elk Meadow Shelter

… the back.


Newton Creek was ok to cross with the smaller log to walk across while holding onto the large log.

IMG_5900 kevin crossing newton

Kevin’s good route finding skills were put to use once again.

Kevin among the trees.

Lots of decisions on which way looked better and lots of snow mounds to get up and down.

IMG_5935 kevin climb

Yup!  This is what we had to cross for quite a long time.  The return trip took 20 minutes because the snow was harder in the morning and our steps were already planted in the snow.

DSC00293 steep trail

DSC00294 steep trail

DSC00399 Lamberson Butte 2500 iso

Memorial Day began with our flag.


Even Swag got into a patriotic mood.

Swag the American

Good bye Mt. Hood until next weekend.

DSC00500 steep snow crossing

Quilt from a Beer Can

May 28, 2016

When Hopworks Urban Brewery first started giving glimpses of their new IPA, Gear Up, the can screamed, “Make a quilt out of me!”.  Kudos to Jolby and Friends for the fabulous art work on the can.

Yesterday, I caved in and began assembling pieces.  Here some are sewn together, but there is still some strategizing before I finish piecing the top.

Gear Up Quilt Pieces

Our daughter moved from Pittsburgh to Philadelphia yesterday.  This weekend, she and our son are hiking a section of the Appalachian Trail .  My dad dropped them off at Harper’s Ferry and they are hiking back to his home.  I can’t even begin to tell you how much this warms my heart.  Here she is this afternoon!



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