More Quilting & Backpacking

May 15, 2022

We just returned from a wedding in Phoenix. After family time, we drove to Flagstaff hoping for a hike in Sedona. We hiked Boynton Canyon.

Instead of hitting Sedona again, we headed for the Grand Canyon and revisited Bright Angel. We hiked it 25 years ago with out three young kids.

This was the quilt I made my nephew and his bride last summer when they eloped during the Pandemic.
Pre-Pandemic, Ellen from Portland Modern gave me a pile of blocks. I made a few more and sashed them with Kona Curry for this 56″ square quilt.
My girlfriend, Joanne, drove up and we tag teamed to finish this Peace Quilt for her friend and former boss.
Our eighth starry night of 2022.
International Quilt Museum had a challenge benefitting Ukraine. I made a 16″ piece based on a quilt in their collection. They will be auctioned off in June.
Kings Mountain in snow.

Eighth Piece & Love quilt for a family friend to celebrate his wedding.  Fun fact, he was one of my daycare kids and I took him for his first haircut. The fabric is a mix of charm squares that I purchased from Elsa at a PMQG sale and left over True Kisses by Heather Bailey.  Quilting is Quiltachusetts style that I absolutely adore.

Another backpack and pods I made to hold stuff in our packs.
A customer gave me a vintage quilt she didn’t want so I finished it.
Westside Quilters 12″ Paintchip challenge.
2500′ climb up 2.5 miles to snow on Kings Mountain.
Portland Modern Quilt Guild’s  2021 Block of the Month.  Pattern by taraleequilter. The back is scrapped in an effort to use what I already have.  70″ x 74″ Pantograph is Timewarp by urban.elementz
Each teardrop represents a current crisis experienced by our planet & its inhabitants.
Health, plant life, ocean pollution, crimes against humanity,  air pollution,  polar ice caps, animal life, bees, hunger, land cultivation, housing and increase.
I made blocks and have been printing sunflowers and making potholders to benefit Ukraine.
“Ration” is my entry into Curated Quilts’ latest mini challenge, Utility.  The first thought when the word, utilitarian, was read was my maternal grandmother and how “dear” (precious) so many things were to her after living through the Depression in NY City.  I used one of their unused gas ration stamps as inspiration and muslin fabric from my grandfather’s telephone lineman days.  The last photo is of them in front of their garage in Queens.  The piece is 15.5″ square.
I made a quilt for a small business owner who had a baby. Pattern is Sunshowers by Meg Collins.
Another anniversary.

Mid Atlantic Quilt Festival

February 25, 2022

Well this morning was exciting. The list of winners was published and my name is on it. I was screaming and running around like a lunatic, but had to simmer down for fear if someone calling 911.

“Tang Martini” is hanging in the Mid-Century Modern category at Mid Atlantic Quilt Festival in Hampton, VA. Using free clip art and the Michael Miller backing fabric for color inspiration, I created a giant paper template.  It measures 56″ x 66″ and is quilted with my signature seer-sucker quilting.

Quiltcon 2022

February 19, 2022

The Modern Quilt Guild held Quiltcon in Phoenix this week. After much back and forth, I decided to attend and stay at my friend’s (and boss) home.

“Gaming” is hanging at Quiltcon in Phoenix with a 2nd place ribbon in the Hexagon Challenge sponsored by American Patchwork & Quilting.  Wow!

My adult son suggested the idea based on an on-line game.  Using graph paper, I drafted it out, then enlarged it on paper creating foundation paper pieces. jaybirdquilts Hex N More ruler with another ruler placed next to it was handy to create the gigantic size needed.

It’s quilted with my signature seer-sucker in a grid.  The fabric is Kona Raisin, Pomegranate and Black and finishes at 58″ x 62″.

“Bold Seasons” is hanging at Quiltcon in Phoenix.  I made it in response to the Make-a-Difference challenge last summer through The Modern Quilt Guild.  I purchased clipart from Daily Art Hub, switched it up to four seasons and used a technique learned from a class with Spontaneous Threads.

When purchasing the fabric at Modern Domestic Michelle commented that my background was a “bold” choice.  I finishes at 54″ x 80″ and is quilted with my signature seer-suckered quilting.

Morning walks from my friend’s home.

Backpacking & Quilting into 2022

February 10, 2022

Two Hearts quilt by Tied with a Ribbon finishes at 62″ square.  I used fabric I won last summer in The Modern Quilt Guild’s Make a Difference Challenge.  It was by Anna Maria for Free Spirit Fabrics with the yellow Kona added.

Spent our 5th night on Mt. Hood with our son & his girlfriend.

Another Piece & Love quilt for a former daycare kid who got married.

“Patchwork Hearts” quilt. Pattern by Emily Dennis.
Potholders. Pattern by Amy sinibaldi.
Work is starting on the building acrossvthe street from our shop.
Our daughter and her dog backpacked with us.
Used leftover blocks for this little quilt.
Looking to our shop from the fire side when the sidewalks were closed.
Another gorgeous night on Hood.
The dog coat I made Clemantine. The pattern is by Closet Core.

Happy New Year 2022

January 3, 2022
We met up with our oldest son & his girlfriend for a backpack in 9°. We caught Timberline Lodge’s fireworks.
Got a fire going.
Enjoyed hot drinks.
Tried to stay warm over night.
Took a fun photo.
Got coffee & tamales at Mt. Hood Roasters and ate outside.
Woke up yesterday morning to the historic building across the street from the shop where I work on fire.
Such a sad day for our downtown.
Bob, the owner of the Pharmacy next door to the Pharmacy watches.
City workers spreading de-icer.
Not my photo, but our Mayor helping the bridal shop young owner sort stuff pulled from her shop and left under our shop awning while fighting the fire.
Not my photo.
Not my photo, but so much was saved from her shop that just opened in August. Rumor has it that most is damaged.
Not my photo.. There is Lucia in plaid. You can help her at

How I Make Potholders

January 3, 2022

I put this together for the students of Ms. S. at Strath Haven High School.

Cut two pieces of cotton batting 8.5″ square.
Place them on newsprint or something that doesn’t matter because there will be overspray. Spray both pieces of batting.
Place back piece of 8.5″ fabric on one piece.
Place 8.5″ front on the other piece of sprayed batting.
Pin both pieces together with front & back facing each other and batting on the back.
Stitch 1/4″ around leaving 3″ unsewn for turning. Remember to sew backwards at the start and finish for strength.
Clip corners off.
Turn so front & back are on the outside. Gently poke corners.
Press with iron and pin.
Quilt using longest stitch. Bury starting & finishing threads.
Stack of potholders ready to quilt.
Two finished potholders.

Well, that was a Long Time

December 12, 2021
What a nice surprise at Thursdays meeting.
Thanksgiving Day, we cleared out gear we haven’t used for backpacking or camping. I thought it would be nice to capture the down from my much repaired sleeping bag.
Well, we’ll have feathers for the rest of our time here.
Had a fantastic 34th night out this year.
Made Sarah two cakes and purchased one for her birthday.
Made her a banner with pom poms.
Used left overs for a topper.
Entered this into the Quiltcon Fabric Challenge. They had many way better, so mine is destined to be a baby quilt.
Got to my 50th state, Hawaii in September.
And did a lot of muddy hikes with Kevin.
Resumed riding with my sightless biking partner.
Made a climate change quilt called, “Melt”.
Sarah adopted Clemantine. Now I’m making a dog coat.
Visited my dad and several siblings in Pa.
My niece went hiking with us.
Reliving our honeymoon.
My nephew made me some spoons.
My niece made me a really warm hat.
Kevin and my dad laughing.
The Oakridge meter was a ridiculous 10 cents.

Wonderland Trail

September 15, 2021
Anne and her daughter at the start with me.
Since day one was so short, we hiked to the Buroughs for dinner and returned to camp at sunset.
Anne’s birthday banner.
Heading to Spray Park.
Typical potty.
Typical bridge.   Water is generally unfilterable on glacial streams.
Bear poles at every camp.
One of two suspension bridges.
Ran into a guy with great pants.  He had us guess the fabric name.  Turns out it’s “Wonderland”.
Mowich Lake. Anne’s son brought us fresh food and took Claire to the airport.
Frozen oat milk in the morning.
Queen Anne’s Lace with Anne & Ann.
We ate dinner on an empty pond bed at Kilpatche Park.
Lunch spot.
Ranger cabin.
Second suspension bridge.
Typical campsite. There are 18 backcountry sites around the Wonderland with about 4 sites each and a group site.
Fun on a hill.
There was a better bridge upstream, but we didn’t see it so went across this.
…and then did this until we got back on track.
…but, looking back we got this view.
Anne’s friend surprised us with a feast and hiked with us by Longmire.

Another potty.
Kevin met us at Reflection Lake, hiked with us and spent the night at Nickle Creek.
We were lucky to have a ranger hike with us through the washout.
Plumbs Kevin picked from my neighbor’s tree.
Sandwich Andrew sent with Kevin.
Fruit saved for the next few days.
Indian Bar was gorgeous.
The water was torrential through this canyon and I sure didn’t like walking above it up the trail.
To not have a surprise visit while on the potty, we put a signal on the trail.
Just a little fun.
Gathering water to filter.
We ran onto Tom and Anna several times.  Three Ann’s swam here.
Sunset at Summerland.
Eating chips with a spoon.
97+ miles with 23,000′ elevation.

Long Time Away

August 28, 2021
Visited The Cotton Cure on opening day.
My friend from Paradise visited. We hit a huge sale where we found ready made blocks and finished this quilt while she was here.
The color is off on my sixth Piece & Love quilt. It’s really eggplant.
Another selvage skirt.
“BOLD Seasons” took a third in an online challenge through The Modern Quilt Guild.
Backpackerd with a friend. It’s been a goal of mine to get out with women.
Various trips with Kevin to catch the Milky Way.
Got a mini challenge quilt in Curated Quilts.
Used True Kisses by Heather Bailey for a Nightengale quilt.
Patched up my backpack.

Giving Platelets

July 4, 2021

Sarah signed me up to give platelets with her in Portland. It’s a two arm, few hour long situation. Plus, I drove there and I rarely drive anywhere.