Bountiful Mini Challenge

July 31, 2017

I finished binding this mini on the drive to the mountain after work on Saturday, backpacked it up 2500′ and five miles and forgot to take a photo when the light was good.  More information is here about the Bountiful Mini Challenge using Sharon Holland’s fabric for Art Gallery Fabrics.

DSC00199 ann quilt

Since we started hiking at 6:10pm and the spot we wanted was taken, we went in search for a good spot and found one on a ridge in a canyon that was safe from rock fall.

IMG_0030 anns camera night shot desktop

Breakfast from The Great British Bakery at the Hillsboro Farmer’s Market.

IMG_0041 Breakfast

This shows our little perch.

DSC00118 tent morning light

and our view the other way.


IMG_0035 Ann Hillside

We love a good display of mopheads.

DSC00164 moptops


When we got home, I showered and headed over to a friend’s home.  She fell on her walk to work requiring a plate and many pins in her wrist.  They have a large garden with fantastic cabbage.  She wanted to put up sauerkraut, so another friend and I worked up 13 batches for her.











Another Night Under the Stars

July 24, 2017

Our thirteenth night out in 2017 was moonless, but star filled.  Here’s a shot Kevin took with a 24 minute exposure.


We headed out from Timberline Lodge at 8pm due to work.


Our camping spot was nestled near a large rock on a flat spot.  Here’s the Milky Way.


Yesterday, we hiked up to 8200′ along the climbers’ trail.  Glaciers are so amazing.


This is as far as I cared to go.  There was exposure right past us, then snow.


Looking back down at Timberline Lodge, Trillium Lake and Mt. Jefferson.


Palmer was a scene of business.  So many people out enjoying a glorious day.


Groomer ~~ lights from these are seen in so many of Kevin’s night photos.



My Dogs are Barking on Mt. Hood

July 17, 2017

I finished binding this Row by Row from Modern Domestics on the way to Cooper Spur on Saturday.  It made the 3,000′ climb in my backpack to the Timberline Trail at 6,800′.  The pattern is designed by Michelle from our guild and the border is one of Atkinson Designs that I frequently use.

DSC09871 Quilt

I filled out our permit way away from this and tried to drop it in as fast as I could.


There was a ton of lupine on the trail.


The Milky Way.


Hood River with Mt. Adams at night.


We hiked over to check out the newly built Elliot crossing on the Timberline Loop.  It was finished last year, but looks well worn.


You can see where the crossing is to the bottom right of the photo and the trail leading back up out of the ravine.


This is the inside of the Tilly Jane A-Frame.









More Outdoor Time

July 12, 2017

Two Sundays ago, we hiked Saddle Mountain with friends and Kevin caught this on the way up.

DSC09474 trail sun

… and I found this on the way down.


We were on a trash pick up and our little Swag got quite a bunch.

IMG_20170702_120311187 swag garbage saddle mountain sign

Saturday, we hit the trail at 8pm so chose Plan B which is up White River Canyon to the ridge we stay on in the snow.  Sunday, we hiked up to Timberline Lodge and then back to our car.

DSC09649 full moon light

My sister, a niece and nephew are at Group Work Camp in West Virginia repairing homes. There are 22 youth and I typically make a stuff sack for the adult leaders and my relatives.  This year I made ten and filled them with candy and gum.  Tomorrow, they should receive them.  Several of the adults have quite an assortment of colored stuff sacks from me by now.



Modern Patchwork Magazine, July/August 2017

June 22, 2017

This quilt started as my submission for the Sisters Outdoor Show but I only finished it in time to submit for Quiltcon.  Since it is was original design, I debated and submitted it to Modern Patchwork Magazine for consideration instead.  Lucky for me, they accepted it and here it is.

I worked on it last summer at a PMQG Sew Day at Fabric Depot.  It worked out nice because there was room to lay it out and I could run over to the store side and pick out fabric when I was stuck.  I used the “Columns” from Garden Secrets for my color palate.  All the solids are Kona Cottons and there are various prints from Garden Secrets to add interest.  I actually used the 6.5″ templates from fellow PMQG member, Jen.  They are great and she has more sizes now.

Here is the back.  I used my signature “seer sucker” quilting.

Circles and Crosses quilt

Circles and crosses on rack

Last night was our second night out at a local migrant camp this season and it marks my 21st year out there.  Others led BINGO while I took photos of families.  We’ll distribute the photos in two weeks.



Berry Bucket

Selvage Skirt

June 20, 2017

A few months back Deborah from my guild sent me an email with a selvage outfit and a note, “How about whipping one up for the quilt show?” It got me thinking that a skirt would be fun.  That’s when I found Linda’s and got to work with the selvage skills learned from Karen.

The front and back before trimming.  I drafted an A-line pattern from a combination of several skirt patterns I had on hand.  The selvages are on a 60 degree angle.

Sewn and ready for the elastic waistband.

For Father’s Day, Kevin and I left the Gumjuwac trailhead at 6pm and headed up to Lookout Mountain in the Badger Creek Wildernesses, east of Mt. Hood.
This time of year, trails are still snow covered in places.

And some are sketchy.  Look at the steepness.


From the time we got to camp until we were leaving the next morning, we were in a cloud with limited visibility.

On the way down, it was clearing up a bit.

Love the moss behind Swag.

Las Vegas, it was Fun!

June 16, 2017

My sister turned 50 in May and has always maintained that we’d all be going to Las
Vegas for her 50th.  She’s the third sister of five to reach 50.  My weekend is documented here and the next sister’s here.

Arrival into Las Vegas from Pennsylvania, New York, Virginia and Oregon.

IMG_20170610_101210971 Airport Group Picture

I made 14 zipper pouches using this pattern and Alison Glass & Kona cotton.


Once we were all in the hotel rooms, we gathered and added items to the pouches.

Purses filled

Our first adventure was a tour to the Hoover Dam.  Three of us booked it across the bridge to the Arizona end.

Irene and Ann in AZ

Heather is at the NV/AZ state line.

Heather at Hoover Dam

Hoover Dam tour.


Using science to make the water spit up.  Pretty fun.

Donna at Hoover Dam

Dolling up for “Love” by Cirque du Soleil.

Frannie and Lauren

After the show, we headed up to Old Las Vegas.  This is our niece with two dancers.

Heather in Old Town

While the other sisters were at a show, my niece and I walked over to the Bellagio and saw two of the water shows.


My niece paid for her trip with a few wins.  Every time she put money in the slots she won something.

Lauren wins

Our dad, brothers, her husband and in-laws all wrote notes about how lucky they were to have Christine in their lives.  I made a ditty bag with a USPS logo since she’s a postmaster to hold them.


I made a quilt for our St. Nicholas raffle a few years ago and my sister mentioned that she loved it.  So I made another for her birthday.  It’s from Boo Davis‘ book.

Deer Quilt

Five sisters on our last day together.


Four of us walked the strip to the Las Vegas sign.


On my return home, I found out that my son’s friend passed away from an illness. It is such a loss, but I am so grateful to have watched him grow from a young child who got locked in the freezer with Andrew in second grade to a college graduate, married man gracing our community with his kindness.  Chris will be missed by so many.

Chris Andrew


Yet Another Hedgehog Quilt

May 31, 2017

I think I can make these hedgehogs in my sleep.  The pattern is by fellow PMQG member, Elizabeth.  A brand new baby boy is the recipient of this 50″ x 60″ quilt.  It uses only Kona cotton and I quilted it with straight lines and absolutely LOVE the green binding ~~ can’t remember the color.


Pantone Challenge Quilt Voting Begins

May 30, 2017

There are 105 entries in the Pantone Quilt Challenge 2017.  You can vote for your favorite in all three categories here.  It’s going to be hard for me to choose.  Thank you to sponsors and hosts for another great challenge.


This weekend, we hiked up to Paradise Park for our eighth night camping in snow for the year.  It was over 16 miles total with 3200′ elevation gain.  At 4200′ we hit solid snow and used a mix of snow shoes and micro spikes to get to our destination.

Our GPS was indispensable on this trip because this is what we were hiking through for a lot of the time.


In Split Rock, Kevin found these flowers.




Kevin’s night photography.




Until next time.


Boy Scout Ridge Again ~~ no joke

May 25, 2017

Due to work schedules changing, we shortened our hike and went up White River again last weekend.  Here are a few photos.  I had wanted to use some of these for my Pantone Challenge, but with the snow, it wasn’t a possibility.


Shortly after this, we put on our snowshoes.


The mountain was so incredible in person at this time of the evening.


10:15pm at night.  There were climbers up on the mountain?


3:50am in the morning there were a zillion of climbers making their way to the summit


Some first signs of spring.