Memorial Day, 33 Years of Running, A Mini Quilt and 7,000′ Hike in May

May 25, 2015

Today marks my 33rd year of consecutive running.  Kevin did a photo shoot with HUB’s Hef Hop with the runner on the can.Fade in Running Running HubThese are my Nike Waffle Racers that I used for running some of my fastest times in the 80’s.

Running Red White and BlueKevin and I hiked up to Gnarl Ridge (7,000′) Saturday/Sunday.  We had drizzle all the way past Government Camp, and thought we may have glimpses of the mountain, but it totally cleared up turning onto Hwy 35 and we had a blue bird time! Yay!

We hit snow that made following the trail tricky.  Kevin has a great sense of direction and with the GPS, we were fine. (This is actually on the return, but it’s the same hill side.)Ann Crossing Snow field Mt. Jefferson was above the clouds.

Jefferson above cloudsI love how Kevin captures the Milky Way.

Night Sky Gnarl RidgeThis is the crossing over Newton and I detest river crossings.  Kevin actually has my pack here because it is all I can do to get myself across let alone haul my pack too.

Kevin Newton CreekMorning light on Hood and our campsite.

Morning Light Gnarl RidgePhloxPhlox Gnarl Ridge I carried this mini up to the mountain for a photo shoot.

QuiltHere it is at home.

AG Mini

18.5 Miles with a Rainbow Quilt

May 18, 2015

This month, PMQG has us making rainbow mini quilts.  I’m not a fan of rainbow quilts at all, but participated with this 19″ x 25″ doll quilt.  The back uses Sam’s paper piecing letters.  Yesterday, Kevin and I hiked from Multnomah Lodge up to Larch Mountain and back via the Franklin Ridge Trail with the mini quilt.  Our total mileage was 18.5.

Rainbow Mini

Rainbow Mini back close

Rainbow Mini back

Rainbow Wahkeena Falls

Rainbow back Wahkeena Falls

Multnomah Falls

Multnomah Falls

I totally love these trees close to Larch Mountain.

trees that Ann loves

This log fell right in line with the trail and the easiest way to navigate it was on top.

Kevin LogHere is a view looking over Multnomah Falls close to the end of our hike.  The parking lot was packed and there were tons of people.  When we got to the lot in the morning, there were two other vehicles.

Multnomah Falls Top Viewpoint

“Gin Flag” Quilt

May 10, 2015

I saw this quilt on SOTAK‘s blog and was instantly smitten.  The pattern can be purchased here.  The quilt name is a nod to the designer, I’m a Ginger Monkey’s love of gin. My husband found that in the Royal Canadian Navy, a “Gin flag” was meant as an invitation to other ships crews to join the ship flying the flag to come aboard when in dock for “gin”.  My quilt is 76″ x 96″.

Quilt Saturday Market 02

Quilt Saturday Market 03

Quilt Saturday Market 04   The Farmer’s Market covers several streets and since we live in downtown, we can easily walk.Saturday Farmers MarketOur daughter and son-in-law coaxed us into beer and some cards.

Sarah Michael KevinAndrew, who turns 23 on Monday, joined us today.

Andrew Kevin drove to California for work and snapped this shot of Mt. Shasta from the truck stop near Weed, Cal.Mt Shasta

Cooper Spur Backpack

May 5, 2015

Kevin and I backpacked on the northeast side of Mt. Hood, Cooper Spur.  On the way up, we passed through an area hit by fire a few years ago.

Ann Polallie Ridge

Kevin took this panto from our campsite.

Cooper Spur Morning Pano smaller

There really was snow all around us.  We were close to the ravine and lucky to find a flat dry spot.Cooper Spur Night PanoThe lights in the distance are climbers who were headed to the summit.  With a bright and nearly full moon, the stars were not so bright.Early Morning ClimbersThis is a shelter along the Timberline Trail that circles Mt. Hood.Kevin Ann Cooper Spur ShelterWe stopped in Hood River for a photo of my quilt.  I’ll post more when I finish hand stitching the binding.Gin Flag

Pantone Quilt Challenge Viewer’s Choice and HUB Thanks

April 27, 2015

If you have time, consider voting for Viewer’s Choice in the 2015 Pantone Quilt Challenge here or here  by 11pm Pacific time Tuesday, April 28th.  There are many great quilts in three categories, so be careful when you click on the heart because that is your vote.

Pantone april

Hopworks Urban Brewery has an Instagram challenge.  #anywhereable   While hiking in Forest Park in March, I suggested putting a can of Rise Up Red near Kevin’s muddy boots.  Well, it won for the month of March and last night we picked up our prize:  a shirt and socks.  Thanks, Hopworks!  We plan on bringing the socks on a snow backpack this weekend.


Here is the photo that won.  We were asked if it could be used on their Facebook page and love that it’s there!Rise Up Mud

I’m ready for the mid-May reveal for the guild’s mystery quilt put on by Joyce.

2014 Mystery pieces

My “Tales of Cloth” Copycat Quilt

April 23, 2015

From the moment I saw Jodi’s quilt, I adored the colors and wanted to make a duplicate.  Here is my copycat before the binding was hand stitched down.  This is Trillium Lake with Mt. Hood in the background.  We have snow camped here many times, but this is our first snow-free time.Tales of Cloth Copycat at Trillium Lake watermarkToday, I finished the binding.  The quilt measures 62″ x 78″ and is quilted with straight lines 3/4″ apart.  I used mainly fabric I had in the 320 HST’s, and tried to use larger scale prints which is difficult in my stash. The back is fabric from my mom.

Tales of Cloth Copycat side

Tales of Cloth Copycat back
Tales of Cloth Copycat close

Tales of Cloth Copycat close w tagLast weekend, Kevin and I backpacked to a ridge near Timberline Lodge and spent the night.

Kevin Ann Morning PlayAnd on the way home, we swung by Alberta St. to check out the Decemberist’s album cover on a building.  Pretty cool?

The Decemberists

12 Zippers and Fabric

April 21, 2015

Last night was the Westside Quilters Guild Brown Bag Extravaganza.  Sandi does an amazing job making one person’s “trash” into another’s “treasure”.  I was to be a greeter, but a block from the meeting, on a super busy Main Street, three cars from the light at 5:55pm, my full size van ran out of gas.  Two police officers, lots of honks and a tow truck delivery of gas later, I was on my way, but late.  I did put $60 of gas in it today.

So, this is what I came home with and I’m pleased.  12 zippers from the “ticket and take-it” and 3.25 yards of fabric from the brown bag part of the evening ~~ all for $10.

WQG Brown Bag 2015

Yesterday, I cut lilacs for my dining room table.Lilacs

Pantone Quilt Challenge: “Walter’s Wiggles”

April 17, 2015

I have to admit that this year’s color, marsala, is probably my least favorite of all colors.  My goal was to participate in the challenge and use fabric close to the paint swatch suggestions.  Looing at my quilt, I’m happy that I paired it with Kona’s Sky Blue.  The design straight from Terry Atkinson’s book, Graphic Mix.  It finishes at 58″ x 73″ and is quilted with my “seer sucker” quilting (three tight straight lines, space, three tight straight lines, etc.) using a dusty rose thread.

Pantone Quilt 2015 Horsethief Butte

Horsethief Butte, Columbia Hills State Park, Washington

The poka dot on the top left and the text on the bottom right are the two fabrics I purchased to match and everything else is from my stash.  I used an Anna Maria Horner fabric for the back and the binding is a Tula Pink cut on the bias.  Sorry gals, who would have known your newer lines of fabric match so perfect!!??

Pantone 2015 close

Pantone Quilt 2015 Columbia Hills State Park Washington

Columbia Hills State Park, Washington

Pantone Quilt 2015 Gorge Viewpoint

Columbia River Gorge looking east

Late last month, we headed to the Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival for a photo shoot.  There was a mass of humanity there.

Pantone quilt wooden shoe tulip festival 2015My daughter notices things matching, and spotted the wooden shoe in the exact Pantone Marsala color.  No idea who the people are in the background, but since kids were waiting to get on the shoe, we had to snap a photo quick.

Pantone 2015 Tulip Festival

Pantone Quilt 2015I’m naming the quilt, “Walter’s Wiggles” after a trail in Zion National Park on the way up to Angel’s Landing.

wigglesHere is our son, Andrew hiking it when he had just turned seven years old.  No idea where the other two kids are.

Walter's Wiggles hikeThank you Play Crafts and On the Windy Side for this challenge, all the vendors supplying prizes and each quiltmaker who accepted the challenge!

And Yet Another Pillow

April 16, 2015

This pillow is for the Westside Quilter’s Guild Brown Bag Extravaganza on Monday.  The pattern is from Sarah Fielke’s book, “Little Quilts“.

Little Things Pillow

Little Things Pillow unfinished

Last weekend, Kevin and I hiked in the Columbia Hills State Park in the Dalles, Wa.  First, we saw petroglyphs that had been moved when the dam was built and the area flooded.Petroglyph 01

Then we hiked seven miles around the Crawford Ranch.  The barbed wire was a great find for a photo shoot of my newest doll quilt.  Thanks to Andover Fabrics (Adam) for the charm pack and the Oregon State Fair for the peppered cotton.

Quilt Barb Wire

Farm View

Keivn has been wanting to locate this car for some photos.Old Car 01

Horsethief Butte ~~ a great rock climbing area.

Horsethief butte pano

More Pillows for the Benefit Tea

April 11, 2015

I completed two pillows from OhFransson’s Hedgehog pattern and one LOVE pillow from Sam’s book that matches last week’s black/white quilts.  Diane made the quilt, so I only quilted it.  I know the tea will be a wonderful event and hopefully raise a lot of money for newborn Molly’s health costs.Pillows for Molly


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