Quilt from a Beer Can

May 28, 2016

When Hopworks Urban Brewery first started giving glimpses of their new IPA, Gear Up, the can screamed, “Make a quilt out of me!”.  Kudos to Jolby and Friends for the fabulous art work on the can.

Yesterday, I caved in and began assembling pieces.  Here some are sewn together, but there is still some strategizing before I finish piecing the top.

Gear Up Quilt Pieces

Our daughter moved from Pittsburgh to Philadelphia yesterday.  This weekend, she and our son are hiking a section of the Appalachian Trail .  My dad dropped them off at Harper’s Ferry and they are hiking back to his home.  I can’t even begin to tell you how much this warms my heart.  Here she is this afternoon!


Spring 2016 Riley Blake Fabric Challenge

May 17, 2016

The Modern Quilt Guild Spring Challenge required us to use Sashing Stash fabric.  I went with the HST’s and used fabric I scammed off my friend, Barbara ~~ which wasn’t much.  Maybe that’s why my quilt finishes at 17.5″ square.  Thanks, Barb!

MQG Riley Blake Challenge 2016

Yesterday, I whipped up a fabric shopping bag using this tutorial.  It’s a gift for a friend who saved me from a bug incident.

Quick Carrier Grocery Tote

Kevin, Charles and I hiked six miles to University Falls in the coast range yesterday.  It was a great day for photos.

DSC00891 swag

DSC00942 University Falls

Cooper Spur in EXTREME, Sustained Wind

May 10, 2016

8.3 miles and 2950′ in elevation gain.  At the Cooper Spur Shelter on the Timberline Loop, the wind was EXTREME ~~ the kind that will knock you off balance.  We actually watched water freeze while cooking dinner.

DSC00828 snow trail

DSC00701 Climb into sun

Mother’s Day cake and beer.  It was so windy, this is the best we could do for a photo.

DSC00717 Mothers Day Cake

It seemed like a good spot until Charles’ tent continually was bowled over by wind.  We moved it closer to the shelter.

IMG_5743 Charles and Kevin Setting up Charles tent

We were in a wind tunnel down here with sand pelting against the tent.

DSC00746 Tent

Kevin couldn’t keep anything still so this is our only night shot.

DSC00745 Windy Night

A little photo shoot inside the snow filled Cooper Spur shelter.

DSC00762 Kevin Ann inside Cooper Spur Shelter

DSC00785 Cooper Spur Pano

Heading out in bitter cold wind.

IMG_5757 Kevin Charles Carin near Cooper Spur

DSC00798 Ann in snow

DSC00840 long winding trail


Heart Quilt ~~~ Finally

April 27, 2016

This quilt has been to Mt. Hood three times and finally it’s finished.  It measures 60″ x 76″ and is for my friend, Elizabeth, who is moving this summer.  Her birthday is so close to Valentine’s Day and I usually make her something “heart” related.

Elizabeth 2016 Heart front

The back uses some left over blocks and fabric that Elizabeth found at Goodwill and gave me.

Elizabeth 2016 Heart back

Here’s a close up of the back and binding.

Elizabeth 2016 Heart outside

A closer view.  I love the “shimmer” fabric to the left of the “lips”.

Elizabeth 2016 Heart close

Below is a photo we took after I finished piecing it at PMQG’s Sew Day in March in the White River area of Mt. Hood.

IMG_4948 Heart Quilt

Here’s one I took at Trillium Lake while still binding it in the car.  It was super windy.


White River Backpack

April 18, 2016

Our yard is in shambles, but we wanted to get out since the weather on the mountain was good.  We compromised and did a night hike after work on Saturday, spent the night, returned yesterday, hit two parties and are doing yard work today.

All the lights heading up to the summit are climbers.

IMG_5262 Cimbers 513 am

Morning light.  The grey areas are dirty snow, but it looks like a charcol drawing to me.

IMG_5318 Morning Light


… just a little fun at our high point of 5,900′.

IMG_5406 picture frame play

And while we were on the mountain, my dad was in Penna. rock climbing.

SCS climbing 4 17 16

Paradise Park

April 12, 2016

Well, that was tough!  6.5 hours up and 4.5 hours down.  Snow shoes and micto spikes were both helpful at different times.  15.5 miles and 3500′ elevation gain.

Since I’m always hand stitching in the car, we took this photo of Elizabeth’s quilt that I’m hand binding at the trail head.

IMG_5222 Ann Heart Quilt

Paradise Park Trail.

IMG_5211 trees

I’m not a fan of strapping four pounds of snow shoes to my back.

IMG_4995 crossing bridge

It was way easier and much more fun to get down this hill in this manner.

IMG_5014 Ann Sliding


IMG_5039 sunset

Another of Kevin’s great star shots!

IMG_5104 Paradise Park Night Sky

Good Morning!

IMG_5151 sunburst

IMG_5113 Kevin and Ann

Instead of sledding down, we used micro spikes to get up the hill.

IMG_5167 climbing out of lost creek

No comment.

IMG_5666 Time to put on snowshoes


Hip 2B Square

April 7, 2016

The Sequoia Gallery has a 12 x 12 exibit that anyone can enter and, wanting to be a part of it, I entered a little quilt.  My friend, Annie, also entered a waxed piece and both of us competed against a sculptured 3D chicken made from maps.  There were 71 entries.

There is my quilt on the top right.  Another quilt is middle row, second from left.2





Here is a close up of my quilt.


Below is Annie’s piece.  She is a fellow quilter and we carpool together to guild meetings.


Here is the chicken made from maps.



Boy Scout Ridge Once Again

April 4, 2016

After a day of sewing at Fabric Depot with PMQG, Kevin and I headed up to White River and started our backpack at 11pm.  ~~Another gorgeous night!

On Facebook, a gal named Colette wrote:  Do you just say to yourselves “Hey, let’s run down to the neighborhood mountain and take in a star show after work tonight” ?

Kevin replied, “Yea, pretty much it’s like that! 

IMG_4745 Night Sky

There is a mix of climbers and groomers in the following photos.

IMG_4757 More Climbers 550am

IMG_4748 Early Morning Climbers

Close up of the climbers on the mountain.

IMG_4872 close up

IMG_4872 Climbers

Mt. Jefferson behind us.

IMG_4864 Tent Mt Jefferson

I’ve had this idea to use the Hopworks socks in a photo and finally, it worked!

IMG_4837 Hopworks socks

IMG_4880 Kevin and Ann

Kevin starting down the ravine.

IMG_5628 Kevin

We wore microspikes down the ravine because getting up was so difficult last night.  There was a lot of post holing.

IMG_4887 Ann Post Hole

IMG_4927 snowshoe trail

When you forget barrettes and headbands, a head lamp works just fine.

IMG_4941 hair piece

Since my flimsy from yesterday’s Sew Day was in the car, we did a little photo shoot.

IMG_4948 Heart Quilt

Westside Quilters Brown Bag Extravaganza

March 22, 2016

Last night was our annual “Brown Bag Extravaganza” hosted by the amazing Sandi with an “I” and her top line crew.  There are three parts to the  night:  The Silent Auction, Brown Bag and Ticket and Take it.  Tickets are a bargaom at about 20 cents each!

Tick it and Take it

The gals who put together the fabric bundles did a spectacular job!

Brown Bag row

These are only some of the brown bag tables.  There was so much more on the other side of the room.

Brown Bag right

Two ticket sellers and silent auction in back.


This is my haul.  Some of it is Ticket and Take it items and others are the brown bag items I won.  Funny that the fabric in the top right is from Jeri.

Brown Bag Haul

We’re getting a new sanitary sewer line.  Kevin got thse shots of our driveway yesterday.

IMG_4619 Cutting Concrete

IMG_4612 concrete cut

IMG_4610 300 look

Yes, right out the front window.

IMG_4623 House with view


Selvage Quilt Tutorial

March 19, 2016


I posted an image of my newly painted rooms with my selvage quilt on Instagram and received several requests for a tutorial.  Here it is.  This time, I’ll make the quilt in greens.

(Note:  All my selvage quilts, and there have been eight so far, were inspired by Karen.  She has a great book, blog and patterns.)

1 Fabric choice

Cut a 13″ square then cut diagonally.

2 fabric cut

Here is the salvage template.  Mine is cut out of a cereal box.  Mark the center lines.

3 mark

Put the selvage over the line a little bit.  The points will not match perfect, but it’s not noticeable on the final quilt.  Overlap the edges a bit.

4 pin

Sew close to the edge and keep adding pieces all the way to the end.  Towards the tip, be careful that not all the selvages are the same distance from the tip.  I leave many of the final piece longer otherwise, it’s way too bulky.

5 sew

This is the back of a completed block.  Notice the pointy ends and how much fabric I used.

6 flip

I trim with a large triangle.

7 Trim

Here are the four pieces to one block.  Notice the tips.

8 block

Cartwheels Directions

This will be my fourth quilt with this design.  Here are the others.

This was made for my friend, Joanne, who I visit each January in Sacramento.  It’s lighter turquoise than mine.

Cartwheels Two

This quilt is in blues and was for a friend’s mom in Italy.

Antonia Selvage 8


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