Long Time No See

December 8, 2018

Whew, it’s been over a month since I posted.  One of our carpool members suffered a tragedy so several of us made this quilt for her using Susan’s Modern Crosses quilt.


Kevin and I hiked Kings Mountain and it’s still the best bang for your buck.


I made a few banners to sell in the shop I work at.


And I made a miniature project from a tin for a co-worker.  Another friend made the mouse.


On a windy night, Kevin and I hunkered down in a secluded spot on Hood.


The next morning, we hiked up to the top of Palmer.


Two weeks ago, we had a window of weather that turned out to be some of the best we’ve encountered on the mountain.




I entered two quilts into QuiltCon.  We’ll see if they are accepted.


Last weekend, we hiked the newly re-opened trail from the Multnomah Lodge.


Today, I took a class from Denyse Schmitt.  It was nice to sit and sew with other guild members and not worry about anything else.


December 8, 2018

Another dia de los Muertos birthday for Sarah

November 3, 2018

Back on my birthday in January, Tula Pink announced her new line of fabric and my daughter shot me a message saying, “Mom, I know it’s your birthday, but can we start talking about mine?”

Tula spoke and showed quilts at Fabric Depot back in May and Sarah liked Flame Seeker by Lillyella Stitchery. Tula used the faces from her fabric instead of the skulls in the pattern. Brilliant!

I purchased the pattern two Mondays ago and worked on it every spare moment and had it in the mail a week later.

I also used only fabrics here at the house except for the Tula face fabric.

IMG_6866 sarah day of the dead quilt


The green/blue pieces on each side of the navy have sugar skulls.

The back is a great piece of Alexander Henry I picked up on impulse at Fabric Depot last year and I used my signature “seer-sucker” straight line quilting.

I think she is sleeping under it tonight

Ghosts, Grapes and Sand

October 17, 2018

When I saw that Meghan used her ghost pattern for a pillow, I knew just what to do with all the 14″ forms a fellow guild member has been giving me. The Trick or Treat bag is for a grand-niece.

Our Concord grapes were plentiful this year, so we picked a bunch and borrowed a juice extractor from a friend. Voila! Lots of juice and two batches of jelly.


This weekend, we headed up to Mt. Hood and night hiked up to a somewhat flatish spot. It wasn’t too windy until it was. Then it was sustained 50mph winds with gusts to 60mph. We were filled with sand. Kevin’s camera is at the shop for a major dust reduction.


It’s always interesting to see where we are in the morning.


Here is a nice photo of our daughter.

Trail Angel

October 12, 2018

“Trail Angels” are anyone who offers “trail magic” to a hiker. It can be a ride, water or help of any kind.

A man from Hillsboro and his identical twin brother are hiking the Pacific Crest Trail and Kevin and I had planned on meeting them over the weekend, but weather slowed them down. By coordinating with his wife, I was able to drive to Timberline Lodge and hike south along the PCT. I ran into them two miles down and boy were they surprised!  We hiked back to the lodge together where they met a brother-in-law.




The not so good part was the search going on at the junction of the PCT and Timberline Trail for a missing hiker. Apparently he stopped a mile from the finish to rest an injury and never made it to the Lodge and his hiking partner.

You can see photos of the command station and the National Guard helicopter. This isn’t the first time I’ve seen this set-up. 😢




Unfortunately, the young man died.  It is sobering how making a wrong turn can have such a tragic outcome.

Here is a news link about someone who made the same mistaken turn a few days earlier, but was able to get back to the lodge safely.

Fall Festival Quilt

October 7, 2018

My friend, Carole cut out the entire quilt from three packs of fat eighths ~~ no small feat and made 120 flying geese using her Bloc Lock ruler.  I did the rest.

The quilt pattern is Meadowland by Megan of Then Came June and measures 80″ x 90″.  We used Kate Spain’s fabric collection titled, Canyon, along with an Essex linen and a Moda grunge.

This will be raffled off at St. Matthew Catholic Church’s annual Fall Festival on Sunday, October 21st in Hillsboro (3rd and Oak).

_DSC2240 raffle quilt highlight only adjust.jpg

Northwest Quilt Expo

September 28, 2018

Whoot! I never thought my quilt would earn a prize, but the judges thought otherwise. My Pickle Dish Variation (pattern by Red Pepper Quilts) using all Alison Glass fabrics received Honorable Mention in the modern category.

Above, those are the tallented fingers of Violet Craft holding the badge given to winners.

Illumination Rock

September 25, 2018

Our hope was to backpack Saturday night, but rain and wind didn’t sound pleasant.  Sunday, was sunny and windy, so Kevin hatched a plan to hike up to Illumination Rock on the south side of Hood.  8 miles and 3737′ of elevation gain.  Our high point was 9050′.


Heading up beside the ski lifts.


Palmer was closed so we hiked right up it.



Snow started about 7200′.


Cables with ice.  Not sure why they were up here.


Our site is in view, but we had to get over and around all this.


The ice build up was absolutely magnificent.


My excellent guide and husband.  He had 35 stitches in his neck.


Illumination Rock with a sea of clouds.


Sheer happiness.


A butt scoot.  It was way steeper than it looks.


Looking south towards Mt. Jefferson.


This is as close as we got to Illumination Rock.  9050′ and the highest we’ve been on Hood.


Heading down the Zig Zag glacier.

_DSC2144 Ann


_DSC2144 Ann

We ended up scrambling up out of a ravine to get to this point.  I not only employed my knees but my elbows ~~ yes, it was ugly.


Back on the Pacific Crest Trail (Timberline Trail) headed to the Lodge and our car.


Modern Patchwork Home

September 23, 2018

Whoot! My quilt that was in Modern Patchwork got upgraded to being in a book.

Another Yosemite Backpack: Hetch Hetchy

September 19, 2018

Here’s a link to the photos of our 62 mile backpack. https://oregonrainrunner.smugmug.com/Hetch-Hetchy-Loop-Sept-4-8-2018/