YES, I WON !!!

Art Gallery Fabrics hosted a give away and I won a fat quarter pack of Forest Floor by Bonnie Christine.  I have a definite project in mind.

AG fabric

This winning fabric is especially appropriate since I spend a lot of time looking at the forest floor as I hike miles and miles most weekends.  We’ve been in a wet pattern, so last weekend, we did somehing close to home in Forest Park.  Love this bench.


I spotted a tutorial for these bags by Tied with a Ribbon and made a few.  More are cut out on my table this morning.


And, I finished making a skirt that I’ll wear tomorrow for the St. Patrick’s Day parade in downtown Hillsboro as I work at The Artfull Garden.  We have some great coffee choices for tomorrow, so if you are in downtown, stop by!

DSC00326 Skirt

Funny, that just before winning my Art Gallery fabric, I was looking at their other fabric choices for more skirts.

5 Responses to “YES, I WON !!!”

  1. annie Says:

    you must live under a lucky star! Or maybe its just because you are a WINNER!

  2. quiltcharette Says:

    Pretty fabrics! And pretty skirt!

  3. dawn at firstlightdesigns Says:

    Whee! Your twirly skirt is quite wonderful. And congrats on winning the fat quarter pack!

  4. Patti Peregrina Says:

    Sorry this is late, but congratulations on your win! The skirt is very pretty, you amaze me with all that you do!

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