Westside Quilters Brown Bag Extravaganza

Last night was our annual “Brown Bag Extravaganza” hosted by the amazing Sandi with an “I” and her top line crew.  There are three parts to the  night:  The Silent Auction, Brown Bag and Ticket and Take it.  Tickets are a bargaom at about 20 cents each!

Tick it and Take it

The gals who put together the fabric bundles did a spectacular job!

Brown Bag row

These are only some of the brown bag tables.  There was so much more on the other side of the room.

Brown Bag right

Two ticket sellers and silent auction in back.


This is my haul.  Some of it is Ticket and Take it items and others are the brown bag items I won.  Funny that the fabric in the top right is from Jeri.

Brown Bag Haul

We’re getting a new sanitary sewer line.  Kevin got thse shots of our driveway yesterday.

IMG_4619 Cutting Concrete

IMG_4612 concrete cut

IMG_4610 300 look

Yes, right out the front window.

IMG_4623 House with view


4 Responses to “Westside Quilters Brown Bag Extravaganza”

  1. Sandi Carner Says:

    AnnMarie ~ Your photos of the Brown Bag Bargain Bonanza Extravaganza give a realistic idea of what it really did look like! I loved looking at your blog, and saw the post from last year’s sale and the great fiasco in the traffic jam! I love the Little Red Riding Hood quilt! I also like the view out the front window! What a hoot! I guess it could be worse, I’m not sure how, well…maybe a puddle of raw sewage in the front yard and the smell to accompany it! Yikes!

  2. QuiltnMama Says:

    Nothing like a Porta-Potty for a view!

  3. Patti Says:

    I’m sorry AnnMarie, but I had to laugh out loud at the porta potty right out your front window!! You’d think they would find a spot a little more private. Looks like you really made out at the Brown Bag Extravaganza!

  4. quiltcharette Says:

    I’m wondering who the porta potty is for? You’uns or the workers? 🙂

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