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Double Mountain Quilt

December 11, 2017

This quilt was designed by Meghan of Then Came June.  She’s a member of PMQG. It was my gift exchange for my family celebration of St. Nicholas Day.

That’s my dad peeking out telling me that it’s blowing with the wind.

My daughter, Sarah, and I got out for a run together.

My Sherwin Williams guy in PA hooked me up with an accurate Pantone Color for 2018:  Ultra Violet.

My childhood family home.

My brother’s truck from Kentucky was already thawing a lot at the this point.

PMQG Block of the Month Qiilt

December 8, 2017

I finished the 75″ square 2017 Block of the Month quilt that was designed by Anne, a PMQG member.  Pretty much I stayed on track unlike last year where I got sidelined.  The two rows that I managed to finish from last year’s row by row are on the back.

We hiked King’s Mountain last weekend and just like the weather man said, snow was at 2500′.

Here’s a gnome potholder in our very own backyard.  This free pattern is Gnomeling by Artisania.

And a gnome pillow.  Pattern by Abbey Lane Quilts called A Tale of 2 Gnomes.

Sewing and Quilting Like Crazy

November 20, 2017

I downloaded Violet’s Atomic Starburst and went to town making four zipper pouches.  It was good practice for her quilt which I’m planning to do in Christmas fabric.

Lucky for me, I used the same linen blend backing so I was able to quilt several purses on my longarm at once.

Here is a pillow I made from a hand-quilted and hand embroidered piece my mom did years ago using a Jack Dempsey Needleart pattern

Plus, I got the PMQG Quiltcon charity quilt all sewn together and handed off to the quilter.

This past weekend was the Portland Alpine Fest and Kevin had two photos that were finalists (out of 350 entries).  He didn’t win, but I think he’s a winner because his two photos are hanging at Base Camp Brewery and there is a legend on the menu.  We heard four incredible climbers speak including, as my dad claims, the High Priest of Rock Climbing, John Long.  Not only did I get a photo with him, I scored an autographed poster for my dad.  This pretty much seals me as his favorite.




Notice that I have my new zipper pouch.  It’s a little bigger than I normally carry, but thank goodness because I had a ton of swag shoved in it by the end of the evening.


Last week, Andrew and I hiked seven miles in Forest Park.

Joshua Tree a Week Late

November 14, 2017

Kevin and I met our daughter, Sarah, in Joshua Tree for her 30th birthday.  She was running a half marathon in the moonlight and I brought a sign to hold for all the runners.  She also arranged a tour of the Lost Horse Ranger Station with the Park Superintendent.  Kevin lived in there as a child.


The back yard.


We duplicated the photo of Kevin with his grandmother on the front steps.



Before the race started, Kevin and I started walking on the sandy course.  We watched the sun go down, then could see the runners coming our way with their headlights.


Then we watched the moon come up and I shouted encouragement for 40 minutes as all the runners passed.  We were at the 3.5 mile mark and had to haul it back to the start.


Some photos of Joshua Tree






We hiked up to a mining operation.



We got up Monday morning before sunrise and hiked over to Skull Rock.  I left Kevin there taking photos and hiked back to camp catching this gorgeous scene.

We visited the schools Kevin attended in that area.


With a little time to spare, we checked out the Urban Lights at the LA Museum of Art.


… and the Tar Pits23511128_10208224937259547_3592113348557722972_o

And, of course, hit two breweries on the way to LAX.



Happy Birthday with a Skull Quilt

November 2, 2017

30 Years of Birthdays and many, many with skull stuff since your birthday falls on Dia de los Muertos, Sarah!  This was made as a quilt along with Stacey and a pattern from “Quilts with Tula and Angela“.  It finishes at 50″ x 60”.

I found the skull patch at Bolt in Portland.  The front of the quilt was matched to the back fabric.  It is designed by Erin McMorris for Free Spirit and titled, Noe Jacks.

Here are some extra skulls in a smaller version.

There were enough extra pieces for a few pillows and table toppers (some not shown) along with the strings of pumpkin lights that Aunt Patti gave the kids probably 15+ years ago.  These are the plastic pumpkins we stage yearly with Swag.



Halloween 2017

October 31, 2017

After a mystery class through our quilt guild, Kevin and I headed to Hood to catch some stars.  This was our 22nd night out in 2017.

DSC02921 Swag pumpkin

The snow is pretty much melted.  We had extra time on our hands, so we fooled around with the flashlights

DSC02791 Flashlight Play.jpg

DSC02797 Light Play.jpg

Kevin did a 45 minute exposure to get the star trails.

DSC02841 star trails

Yesterday, we hiked up to Timberline Lodge and ran into a parking log so we carried it back towards the lot.  We ran into a Silcox worker and he took the photo of us, then took the log.  Kevin says we’re all about props.  I have my troll in the pocket and plastic pumpkins in my mesh.

DSC02926 props







Fall Festival 2017

October 24, 2017

This was my 22st year as a volunteer at our church’s Fall Festival.  Ten years as Kitchen chair and 11 years as Pieces and Patches chair.

Below, Pete and I have worked together for 20 years in the Potato Peeling department.  This year, we coordinated the peeling, washing and chopping of 800 pounds.





This is the machine piece of equipment that stuffs the sausage mix into the pork loins.

Saussage stuffers

Sunday, our son, Andrew, helped in the kitchen.  He has helped in one way or another since he was just a little boy.

IMG_6599 Andrew Wim

Our friend, Mike, had better luck with his knife.  I cut my finger on Saturday.

IMG_6617 Mike in kitchen

My crew of helpers, sewers, sellers and whatever needs to be done.

Quilt Crew

This was part of our booth before we were finished setting up.

quilt booth left

The High School Mariachi band performed along with many other groups.

IMG_6639 mariachi band

This is the coffee machine we use.  Kevin got them started.



Second Snow Backpack for this Winter

October 16, 2017

No joke.  There is snow in the mountains!  Here is a sugar skull quilt from the book, “Quilt with Tula and Angela” that I finished binding on the drive up.


The roadside snow on the way up to White River.


The groomers took a break just as the moon came out for Kevin’s night shot.


The Milky Way.


… until next time.


When I got to work Saturday, I found this surprise from one of my bosses.  Isn’t she just the best?!?!  They are magnets.




Westside Quilters Guild 2017 Show

October 10, 2017

I think our quilt guild had a lovely show this weekend.

IMG_6455 upper deck view

IMG_6381 Quilt Display

IMG_6371 quilt display

Stephanie won Best Machine Quilting.  Her mother, who is looking at my quilt, won for best hand quilting.

IMG_6358 Stephanie

DSC02503 quilt display

Gifts for each person who came to our show.

IMG_0448 small bags

I was humbled to be a featured quilter, and as one, was able to choose a quilt for an award.  I have loved the quilting on Chase’s quilt since I saw it a few months ago.  She quilts with her domestic.

IMG_6397 Chase

Here is an closer view.

DSC02428 featured quilter award anns

Jeri, in our PMQG carpool group, took the People’s Choice award.


Nancy, in our PMQG carpool group, took third place in People’s Choice.

DSC02510 Nancy

Set up.

IMG_0430 set up

Violet was at the show the entire weekend with her quilts, patterns and just her fantastic self.

DSC02491 Violet Ann

I talked about my challenge quilts both days.

DSC02458 Anns Talk

On a side note, my daughter will be representing the brewery she works for in an arm wrestling competition.  Here she is decked out as Schuylkill Puncher.  If you are in Philadelphia on Oct. 22nd, you can see her in person at Liberty Vintage Motorcycles.

Sarah Arm Wrestling Champ


Quilt Finish for Annual Fall Festival

October 3, 2017

Our 2017 St. Matthew Raffle Quilt is completed.  Between Joyce Dean Giezler, who had it nearly finished and Helen Van Dyke and myself, we did it.

The pattern is by Border Creek Station Pattern Co. and it’s 80″ square.

DSC02367 quilt by tree

The giant Sequoia is across the street from our home.

DSC02386 close up

And if you’re a member of The Modern Quilt Guild, sign up for the swap.  This swap will be person to person, so you’ll each be making something for each other.