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Yay for our Downtown

April 22, 2021
The pharmacy across the street from the shop where I work made getting my first shot easy the day after becoming eligible. I think that is my perk for having to wait till the very last group ~~ 16 year olds and up.

1002 Masks

April 15, 2021

Mid- March my daughter was donating blood again and it reminded me that my grandmother used to make bandages for the Red Cross. The honor for birthday, I finished the last several I needed to get to 1,000.

The Great Easter Move

April 9, 2021

Our daughter purchased a home so we spent Easter weekend helping her move. It went like this.

She got her keys.
Third floor fun with an elevator.
Game changer. We could load this up instead of taking multiple trips.
Oops. Returned to the apartment to find we forgot some items.
Caught the Easter Vigil as we traveled back and forth. And Sunday Mass, also.
Mission Accomplished!
Easter dinner was take out on the floor. There wasn’t silverware included, so remembering the dirty dishes in Sarah’s car, we scraped together these. Her boyfriend took the knife.
And in other news, our son became a fourth generation blood donor.

A Ribbon in the Mail and Stars at Night

March 16, 2021
My ribbon from Quiltcon arrived in the mail.
I was hand piecing this at least ten years ago if not more. I started the quilting but was so unimpressed with how it was going, I unpicked it over the past two years and re-quilted it with a simple grid.
We backpacked at Mt. Hood Saturday night expecting clouds and got a nice surprise. Stars.

Bookend Hikes and a Finished Nightengale Quilt.

March 10, 2021
Nightengale for a dear nurse friend using Kismit fabric offset by Kona solids.
Rejected blocks on the back.
Last weekend, we backpacked to Trillium Lake.
It turned out gorgeous in the morning.
This weekend, we hiked 8 miles in the coast range to University Falls.

Skiing in the Pandemic

February 24, 2021
Sarah scored me a bargain 1/2 day ticket and rental ~~ as in $55 total. Sunday afternoon was our reservation and it was great to be out for the first time this year. That’s a layer of frozen was on us.
It was our first time on the blue chair lift. Instead of a gradual departure from the chair at the top, it was a straight downhill. I managed to not fall.

We have hiked under this lift many times on the Timberline Trail.

Quiltcon Together

February 18, 2021

Instead of being in Atlanta this weekend, we are all virtual, but The MQG is doing a fantastic job so far.

“Seasons” took a 3rd Place in The MQG Fabric Challenge at Quiltcon Together which is virtual instead of in Atlanta. 37″ square. Creating circles inside of circles took some figuring out, but ended up bland until I added the crosses. The center medallion solidified the piece. It’s quilted with a plaid crosshatch. The award ceremony was exciting. @fire4hairlady clearly put a lot of work into it. Thank you!
The fabric that was required.
Close up.
“Today’s Direction” is hanging virtually at Quiltcon Together. 67″ square. The inspiration was an antique quilt (last photo) and my color palate was based on the fabric chosen for the back by Melody Miller. The quilting is my signature seer sucker style.
The back fabric was the inspiration for the front colors.
“Jawbreakers” is hanging virtually at Quiltcon Together in the MQG Modern Classics Exhibit. 58″ x 68″. The exhibit features a previous Quilt of the Month, but in a specific color palette. I chose @quiltachusetts “Jawbreakers” because I admire her work and thought the colors would work. The quilting is my signature seer sucker.
Close up
Our carpool group created this charity quilt that is also hanging. We were required to use a certain pallet of color. It had to finish it a certain size and it needs to be donated to charity.

Just Making it through a Pandemic…

February 5, 2021
A lemon pouch I made. It’s over at The Cotton Cure.
Third try is a charm. This was gifted to a friend for her birthday. Pattern by Modern Handcraft.
Got out for an overnight after work.
I finally finished this quilt. I hand pieced most of the top years ago.
This is Starry Hearts. It’s a quilt along at The Cotton Cure starting soon.
Pods I made for my daughter’s backpack out of rip stop nylon.

Turning 61

January 18, 2021
Dinner outside with masks most of the time last week.
Who would have thought I’d need to make another beer mask. I gave the one from the spring to Hopworks Urban Brewery, but here we are, months later with another release of Abominable Winter Ale and it needed a mask.

Kevin and I headed to Mt. Hood this past weekend expecting an ok night, but wind and showers towards the morning. It really was pretty ok except the wind in the morning. The slushy snow hit during the night.

Before the stars came back out.
The Milky Way.
The wind in the morning.
This is my all time favorite area on the mountain.

Published Again and More

January 14, 2021
It’s always exciting when Curated Quilts chooses my mini out of the challenge entries to publish.
It’s not all glory because there were other mini quilts chosen over my entry.

“ANTIBODIES” is my entry to Curated Quilts’ latest  challenge.  Covid is the theme with the design interpretation focusing on honor.  I pieced two images of antibodies on my mini.
My daughter tested positive in June after relocating back to Oregon.  She and I donated blood in November and The American Red Cross tests for antibodies.  After six months she still has them.  Late this month, she’ll be donating plasma to help Covid patients.
My sister sent a Nothing Bundt Cake to me at work for my birthday. It was a pretty fun surprise. This is the delivery gal.
My co-worker’s and I had coffee outside at picnic tables under the local pub’s canopies. These are the beautiful gifts I received for turning 61.
My long time friend’s birthday is right after mine. I commissioned my co-worker to make a piece for her. Isn’t this lovely?
I never tire of seeing Mt. Hood and this was on a ride last week.
A slew of zipper pouches I made.
Amy at The Cotton Cure featured one of the pouches with the new fabric collection. Photo by Any. The fabric is called Squeeze and is going fast so if you want any, get there NOW.