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Recent Quilt Shows

March 10, 2023

March 8 was our 37th anniversary and I used an old tee shirt to make a pillow for Kevin. We met in Diablo Road Runners and were married in Yosemite nine months later.

Quiltcon and Mid Atlantic Quilt Festival fell on the same weekend this year. I made a second tv quilt, “Color TV” for Mid Atlantic and it took Best Interpretation of Mid Century Theme.

I had a second quilt there titled,
“Fulcrum in Fabric” (51″ square).  I love the art by @cholderart.  He gave me permission to interpret his painting into a quilt, so I matched the colors to the backing fabric.  Thank goodness for graph paper.  The piece is quilted with my signature seer-sucker in a grid.

For Quiltcon, we made stickers of Tang Martini to share.

The snowstorm we had caused delays and flight changes so, instead of being at Quiltcon, I was shoveling snow.

I finally made it to Atlanta and had the best day and a half with my sister.

I made two backpacks for friends.

Make a Mini Make a Friend Swap with Kate.

“Eclectic minimalist” was in the mix of Kate’s likes.  Googling it, a living room showed up, so I zeroed in on the window.  Using both the yellow from her clothing on IG and a #charleyharper fabric given away at Quiltcon in 2020, I was set.

I absolutely adore the mini Kate made for me. She made 72 tiny 1.5″ curves.

“Paperdrop” is 72″ square
Pattern by @geometriquilt and template by @latifahsaafirstudios Fabric was a kit from Boersmas in McMinnville. Back is pieced and quilting is my signature seer sucker.

January 2023

February 3, 2023

2023 started with a family backpack.

I made Greenhouse by Elizabeth Hartman for my son’s girlfriend who has a home filled with plants.

We missed a few weeks on the mountain because of bad weather, but went up mid month. I made a new zipper pouch to put my clothes in and love the bright colors.

Kevin wanted to get a photo of the comet, but it was cloudy until 4am when he was able to get one.

I finished binding a quilt in the car. It was a mystery quilt through our guild by designer, Joyce Gieszler.

I received a quilt back from a few shows.

Back to December, I made a quilt with fabric a friend gave me. The pattern is “Patchwork Christmas Tree” by Diary of a Quilter. The photo is taken downtown by our city tree. Kona Poppy and Candy Pink were the primary solids. 53″ x 63″. The back is scrapped with selvage and spare blocks.

I was able to make a 36″ memory quilt and pillow cover from a Vietnam vet’s clothes for his widow.

Christmas 2022

December 28, 2022

We didn’t get to backpack on Christmas as planned because of the weather. We did go the week prior.

I won the best table decoration at our guild Christmas party.

I finished a high school graduation quilt for a grandnephew.

Pattern is “Peace Quilt” by @renecreates and fabric is from Boersmas Sewing Center in McMinnville. His favorite colors are lime & purple.

Oh, Hanukkah!

December 8, 2022

“Oh, Hanukkah” is finished. 72″ square and designed by fellow PMQG guild mate, I used fabric I had on hand and pieced the back with what was in my tubs. The pattern can be purchased online here. Here’s to a hope filled time for my Jewish friends.

Late September and I really should be…

September 19, 2022
Visiting with my sisters and dad in PA.  One brother was here and two were not.
My sister was wearing a quilted jacket I made for another sister back in the early 90’s.
Visited with an online acquaintance, Betsy.
Pennsylvania National Quilt Extravaganza  with two sisters and a friend.  I had two quilts there.
Stopped at my sister’s friend’s home to pick up a chair.  The home deed is dated 1715 and there was a tiki bar.
Had friends visiting in early September and it happened after avoiding it for SO long.
Charity quilt started by a friend and completed by me.
Quick night out post Covid.

In my quest to backpack with women, three of us backpacked the Timberline Trail late August. It was my sixth time and first time without family members.

The Starlink Sattelites overwhelmed the sky.

70 mile backpack in Yosemite with Kevin. We each had to carry a bear canister and encountered a lot of rain.

Tequila and Gatorade for the win. It is much lighter than beer.

When The Cotton Cure closed I was able to amass quantities of Sunburst by Art Gallery Fabrics. Then the perfect pattern was at Boersmas in McMinnville titled, “Crown & Ancor” by Doug Leko. The quilt finishes at 72″ square.

“Stella Imprecise” hung at Pennsylvania National Quilt Extravaganza.  We were asked to draw inspiration from mid-century artists and I chose Frank Stella.  When plotting, I sketched out an idea, enlarged it and made big paper templates.  It’s quilted with my signature seer-sucker quilting.  30″ x 33″

I had an idea for the MQG Make-a-Difference challenge, but saw a @takeme503 post that I fell in love with.  After asking permission to translate it into a quilt, I headed to Craft Warehouse because they have a great selection of the required Moda solids.  I get home, pull some Kona’s and make two quilts.  As I am quilting them, I’m messaging with a guildmate and remember the rules say ALL Moda.  So, I make a third quilt. The circle was a full on use of @cottonandbourbon paper template. Haystack Rock was @oregonrainrunner photo and replaced the rock in the painted piece.

We had a photo shoot at the artist’s home and I gave him one of the two initial quilts which was my intention from the start.

It’s Already July

July 17, 2022
The eighth “Wisdom Quilt” out of 9 was presented today to my niece at an event in Pennsylvania.  It’s family tradition for the women of the graduate to contribute blocks and a letter.  I assemble the quilt and my sister coordinates the scrapbook which is fabulous. There were lots of tears today as letters were read.  Several of us joined via Zoom.
Last weekend we backpacked out of Timberline and caught the Milky Way at 3am. On the hike in dusk was magnificent. Sunday, we sat on a rock and watched a ski race.
Another mini was accepted into Curated Quilts.

“Ration” is the quilt that was accepted into Curated Quilts’ latest mini challenge, Utility.  The first thought when the word, utilitarian, was read was my maternal grandmother and how “dear” (precious) so many things were to her after living through the Depression in NY City.  I used one of their unused gas ration stamps as inspiration and muslin fabric from my grandfather’s telephone lineman days.  The last photo is of them in front of their garage in Queens.  The piece is 15.5″ square.
“Promiseland” hung with Portland Modern’s special exhibit, “Let Our Quilts Sing” at the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show last weekend.  I used skin colored fabric in the words.  You can see the changes it went through by scrolling and how some rejected words ended up on the back. “Living in the Promiseland” was written by David Lynn Jones and sang by Willie Nelson at Farm Aid.
Letters by @huntersds book #quilttalk
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We backpacked to Cooper Spur with a friend we met last year on Palmer and our son. We got up at 11:45 for a Milky Way shot, but saw white lights flickering over Hood River. Needless to say, we woke everyone up.
I collaborated with local artist Helvi Smith, and made a pillow.
A new backpack and the Milky Way again.
Passed out candy on Father’s Day at King’s Mountain.
“Gap Analysis” was my entry into Curated Quilts negative space challenge with an emphasis on “gap”. Gap analysis looks at where you are, where you wish you were and how to close the gap. It’s staying at home.
Gifted to a friend who is a fairly new grandma. 60″ square. Pattern by @quiltsandnicestuff
Years ago we gave her a broken Buick. Then our daughter’s car was stolen and they sold us back the fixed car for parts only. Kindness matters.
Portland Modern’s Rainbow Challenge hung at Powell’s. My niece was able to see it on her trip from PA.

Back in March of ’21, @cornerstonecollages posted her daily collage.  I must have had a bit of extra time because I whipped up a pillow and sent Sarah a photo not knowing she was writing a book.  Fast forward to Quiltcon when she was featured everywhere… I jokingly asked if my pillow was needed for her presentations.  Ha!  Now I have Sarah’s book.  Her collage that I blatenly copied is below the pillow.

40 Years of Running

May 25, 2022

Milestone 40 years of running today. … a few clubs, several running partners who are still good friends, interesting sights, jogger strollers, races and so many memories.  The best is I got a pretty good husband out of Diablo Road Runners.

Hanover Classic in PA with my dad.
First race. I’m wearing the shirt to work today.
Two of my clubs.
Mt. Diablo New Years Run to the top from the school.
Shamrock Run 2022
The fast guys finished and came back to help the pregnant lady. Kevin is on the right.
Our set up for most morning runs.
Sarah and friends running for her birthday party.
San Francisco Marathon.
Very pregnant and pushing a baby.

More Quilting & Backpacking

May 15, 2022

We just returned from a wedding in Phoenix. After family time, we drove to Flagstaff hoping for a hike in Sedona. We hiked Boynton Canyon.

Instead of hitting Sedona again, we headed for the Grand Canyon and revisited Bright Angel. We hiked it 25 years ago with out three young kids.

This was the quilt I made my nephew and his bride last summer when they eloped during the Pandemic.
Pre-Pandemic, Ellen from Portland Modern gave me a pile of blocks. I made a few more and sashed them with Kona Curry for this 56″ square quilt.
My girlfriend, Joanne, drove up and we tag teamed to finish this Peace Quilt for her friend and former boss.
Our eighth starry night of 2022.
International Quilt Museum had a challenge benefitting Ukraine. I made a 16″ piece based on a quilt in their collection. They will be auctioned off in June.
Kings Mountain in snow.

Eighth Piece & Love quilt for a family friend to celebrate his wedding.  Fun fact, he was one of my daycare kids and I took him for his first haircut. The fabric is a mix of charm squares that I purchased from Elsa at a PMQG sale and left over True Kisses by Heather Bailey.  Quilting is Quiltachusetts style that I absolutely adore.

Another backpack and pods I made to hold stuff in our packs.
A customer gave me a vintage quilt she didn’t want so I finished it.
Westside Quilters 12″ Paintchip challenge.
2500′ climb up 2.5 miles to snow on Kings Mountain.
Portland Modern Quilt Guild’s  2021 Block of the Month.  Pattern by taraleequilter. The back is scrapped in an effort to use what I already have.  70″ x 74″ Pantograph is Timewarp by urban.elementz
Each teardrop represents a current crisis experienced by our planet & its inhabitants.
Health, plant life, ocean pollution, crimes against humanity,  air pollution,  polar ice caps, animal life, bees, hunger, land cultivation, housing and increase.
I made blocks and have been printing sunflowers and making potholders to benefit Ukraine.
“Ration” is my entry into Curated Quilts’ latest mini challenge, Utility.  The first thought when the word, utilitarian, was read was my maternal grandmother and how “dear” (precious) so many things were to her after living through the Depression in NY City.  I used one of their unused gas ration stamps as inspiration and muslin fabric from my grandfather’s telephone lineman days.  The last photo is of them in front of their garage in Queens.  The piece is 15.5″ square.
I made a quilt for a small business owner who had a baby. Pattern is Sunshowers by Meg Collins.
Another anniversary.

Mid Atlantic Quilt Festival

February 25, 2022

Well this morning was exciting. The list of winners was published and my name is on it. I was screaming and running around like a lunatic, but had to simmer down for fear if someone calling 911.

“Tang Martini” is hanging in the Mid-Century Modern category at Mid Atlantic Quilt Festival in Hampton, VA. Using free clip art and the Michael Miller backing fabric for color inspiration, I created a giant paper template.  It measures 56″ x 66″ and is quilted with my signature seer-sucker quilting.

Quiltcon 2022

February 19, 2022

The Modern Quilt Guild held Quiltcon in Phoenix this week. After much back and forth, I decided to attend and stay at my friend’s (and boss) home.

“Gaming” is hanging at Quiltcon in Phoenix with a 2nd place ribbon in the Hexagon Challenge sponsored by American Patchwork & Quilting.  Wow!

My adult son suggested the idea based on an on-line game.  Using graph paper, I drafted it out, then enlarged it on paper creating foundation paper pieces. jaybirdquilts Hex N More ruler with another ruler placed next to it was handy to create the gigantic size needed.

It’s quilted with my signature seer-sucker in a grid.  The fabric is Kona Raisin, Pomegranate and Black and finishes at 58″ x 62″.

“Bold Seasons” is hanging at Quiltcon in Phoenix.  I made it in response to the Make-a-Difference challenge last summer through The Modern Quilt Guild.  I purchased clipart from Daily Art Hub, switched it up to four seasons and used a technique learned from a class with Spontaneous Threads.

When purchasing the fabric at Modern Domestic Michelle commented that my background was a “bold” choice.  I finishes at 54″ x 80″ and is quilted with my signature seer-suckered quilting.

Morning walks from my friend’s home.