Oregon State Fair

Kevin and I headed to the Oregon State Fair in Salem yesterday afternoon.  Six miles from home, the car just stopped. After getting it home and switching cars with our son at work, we were on our way.

My mystery from fellow WQG’s member, Joyce’s class, took a first place.

Ann Mystery at Or State Fair

My “Hedgehog 20/20” quilt is just a fun one.  The pattern is by fellow PMQG member, Elizabeth.20 20

I entered my PDX quilt simply because it’s so timely ~~ nothing technical about it.PDX

My “Rainbow” mini quilt took a third.rainbow quilt

My “Tula Pink” purse took a first.  Her fabric is SO popular.Tula Purse with ribbon

There is a display of quilts by Tom Korn of Salem which were inspired by military medals. Military bands 1

Military bands 2

Military bands 3

Military bands

Quilt Rows

Kevin was pleased that all three photos he entered were on display.  Apparently, there is a selection process for getting your photo shown.Kevin

Here are some things we found intreesting and Kevin photographed.Stalls

Fair Rides


Clown Balloon Game

5 Responses to “Oregon State Fair”

  1. elizabeth Says:

    woot! woot! i love your last couple of posts. great pics. ❤

  2. knitnkwilt Says:

    Cheers on the firsts and third!

  3. Colette Says:

    Good job on the ribbons. I miss the Oregon State Fair.

  4. dawn at firstlightdesigns Says:

    More blue ribbons for your wall!!

  5. donaleen Says:

    Really nice shot of the carnival. Very cool. I used it in my blog and gave you credit.

    Maybe we will meet again on the trail…

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