Sawtooth Backpack

Kevin and I backpacked in the Sawtooth Wilderness.  We hiked 74.18 miles with 13,393′ of elevation.  Here are a few photos.

Inside Sawtooth Lodge

Sawtooth Lodge

Burn area sign swag

Swag Supermodel

Swag on Green Moss

Ann by the privie

Super excited to find this.

Morning Breakfast Trail Creek Lake

When unpacking our bear bag, we found that one beer had a puncture. We had it for breakfast with oatmeal

Kevin Crossing SF Payette

Kevin Crawling Under Tree

Kevin Bridge Baron Creek

Trail Creek Lake Bear Bag

Trail Creek Lake Pano

Trail Creek Lake Tent

Kevin hiking down switchbacks

Looking back after trail creek

Ann Crossing Flat Rock

Sawtooth lake Pano

Water fill time

Upper Cramer Lake Pano

Kevin Hidden Lake

Cramer Divide Trail

Ardeth Lake

Ardeth Lake Mule Deer

Ann on Cramer Divide

Waterfalls SF Payette

Healthy Squirrel

Ann petting horse

Finished Grand Sawtooth Loop

We had an extra day to drive through Stanley and the Redfish Lodge.

Welcome to Stanley Idaho

Redfish Lodge

Redfish Lodge

Redfish Lake View

Redfish Lake

That evening, we backpacked 1.25 miles up to the Fourth of July Lake in the White Cloud area and spent the night at 9,400′.

Outlaw Fourth Of July Lake

Cold crisp Outlaw beer to quench two thirsty desperadoes.

Moonrise Fourth Of July Lake

Moon rising over the Fourth of July lake

And then the long, long drive home.

Oregon Smoke

Heading home.

11 mile fire viewed from Fourth of July road

11 Mile Fire (not thunderheads like we thought)

2 Responses to “Sawtooth Backpack”

  1. annie Says:

    Did I read the mileage right? 74+ miles! That’s a good hike! I loved the beer with oatmeal! probably pretty tasty combination.

  2. dawn at firstlightdesigns Says:

    Awesome pictures! Looks like a fabulous trip.

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