Portland: The Pearl

Another challenge was issued via Northwest Quilt Expo. This year, the Pearl District was chosen as our inspiration.  As an avid outdoors gal, I chose the REI building in Portland.  I focused on two of the front vertical window panels of the building.

It was important to me to include the GPS coordinates.  Using the plastic directions that were sewn onto two of our REI tent bags, I paper pieced the coordinates below the building.   An upclose inspection shows lots of REI text.  My oritinal intent was for the coordinates to blend in and they sort of do.

“7733” is the title of my quilt because it’s my dad’s REI membership number.  On a trip after college to Seattle in 1958, he got his membership.

We swung by the Portland REI to do a photo shoot after a hike last week.  Lucky for us, the store manager came out to see what we were up to and I got a great photo with her.  (OK, she was told someone was taking photographs and holding a banner, so she had to investigate ~~ you can ride bikes in Portland naked, but taking a photograph of a quilt initiates concern.)

REI 7733 Busted Pearl District

REI Portland Manager

REI 7733 REI Building Pearl District

Inspirational panels that I used for my quilt

REI Square

In front of REI in Portland

REI bldg

From the REI website, this was my inspiration photo

REI Close Up

Close up of GPS coordinates of the Portland REI storefront

REI 7733 Cairn Eagle Creek

Quilt by cairn at Punchbowl Falls in the Columbia River Gorge

REI 7733 Quilt Punchbowl Falls

Quilt with Punchbowl Falls in background

This photo cracks me up.  The girl just had to see first hand what was going on outside the door.

REI quilt Girl at door


7 Responses to “Portland: The Pearl”

  1. bessielouwells Says:

    Another amazing quilt! I saw it last night at WSM and Janet did an excellent job explaining it and your process. Love love love!

  2. Karen @runsewfun Says:

    Love everything about this. Great description of what you’ve done and why and great photos to show it. Have you shared this with anyone other than the store manager at REI? You should. That final photo is priceless.

  3. Merilee Newman Says:

    I love the new challenge!

  4. dawn at firstlightdesigns Says:

    Such a clever concept, AnnMarie! I love what you did with it. Kudos all around!

  5. onceawingnut Says:

    Busted! You always have great location shots for your quilts but this post takes the cake. Thank you for sharing the back story and capturing the interactions at the store.

  6. Joanne Says:

    Wow Ann, Great job. What an amazing concept you came up – not surprising though. And I love all the pictures and interaction.

  7. Erin Says:

    Amazing job!

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