Timberline Trail for the Fifth Time

September 1, 2019

Kevin didn’t get vacation this year, so we took a quick trek around Mt. Hood on the Timberline Trail. 46 miles and about 9 major, terrifying river crossings and 11,500′ of elevation gain. It was my fifth time and his third time all the way around in one swoop.

Night one near Paradise Park.


Morning view with wispy clouds.


Day two from Paradise Park to McNeil cutoff.



Crossing the Sandy.




Crossing the Muddy Fork.




Crossing the Ladd.



Crossing the Coe. This was the second scariest river.


Kevin wanted this photo so bad.



THE SINGLE MOST SCARY CROSSING: The Elliott. We crossed on that log above the waterfall. It was difficult getting down to the water and then getting back out of the ravine.




I loved this evening hike with the colors in the sunset.




The fastest changing river: The White. Once you spotted a way across, you had to move fast because the riverbed was changing within seconds.


Ta Da!


Black & White Mini and a Lot of Elevation

August 20, 2019

Blur is my submission to Curated Quilts’ Black & White mini challenge. It’s 15.5″ square.

This weekend, we backpacked to a spot on the Pacific Crest Trail, then hiked 3,200′ the following day to above the Palmer Ski Lift on Mt. Hood.

Here’s Kevin on top of Palmer.

Quilt for Paradise and Local Migrant Camp

August 5, 2019

My friend from Paradise, Ca., was given blocks that were received from all over the world.  She put them together, I quilted them, attached the binding and mailed it to her to hand stitch.


And, I found one of the block makers who seemed happy to know where her block went.

Last Wednesday, we visited a local migrant camp for fellowship and Mass.



Yesterday, several of them received sacraments at our church.  Here are some photos of the party that followed.  I believe everyone from camp was there and, man, is the music FAST!  Fast as in you can only shuffle because it’s impossible to lift your feet much.



Kevin refinished our porch this weekend.


I got all the blocks of  my Meadowland put together.


Close to 5,000′ in elevation gain this weekend.

July 30, 2019

At mid point in 2019, I have 11 nights under the stars, 20 trips, 36,000′ climbed and 110 miles hiked.

This past weekend, Kevin and I went with a change in plans and hiked from Timberline Lodge up to 7,500′ for the night.

A meteor.

There were lots of wildflowers.

In the morning we headed down and continued along the PCT to the Zig Zag Canyon.

Yesterday, my son and I hiked Saddle Mountain in the clouds.

I had finished binding my challenge quilt so we got a photo at the summit.  It’s a Portland Modern Quilt Guild challenge with Paintbrush Studios’ Painter’s Palette Solids.  It’s 20″ square and I used my seer-sucker quilting in a grid.


Elevated Abstractions: Mt. Hood

July 27, 2019

Last weekend we did a short hike to catch some stars and photograph a quilt.  The quilt pattern is by Violet Craft.

I brought the quilt to finish when we got to camp.













The Milky Way



Heading back to the car.


The end of the road for skiers on Palmer.

Here is my quilt in pieces with mistakes that were corrected.


Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show

July 16, 2019

My friend drove to Sisters and pulled over for this shot.

IMG_20190712_204228537_HDR Three Sisters

Janet’s quilt in PMQG’s Bountiful Rainbow exhibit.

IMG_20190713_094135055 Janet

My quilt.

IMG_20190713_094408169 Ann and Quilt

IMG_20190713_141652891 My Quilt

Two gals made this quilt with a zillion pieces.

IMG_20190713_110241961 Pineapple Quilt


IMG_20190713_115758765 Lunch

IMG_20190713_143602863_HDR Janie

On the way home, we swung by Sahalie Falls.

IMG_20190713_162818489 Falls

And, while Janie drove, I was able to bind this quilt.  The pattern is Patio by Happy Zombie. The fabric is Amy Butler’s.  It’s 90″ x 98″.


A Few Quilted Things and Saddle Mountain

July 2, 2019

A Firefly pillow.  Pattern here.

Microwave bowl holder.  Pattern here.

Baby quilt.  Pattern is supersize, but here.


And a quick hike up Saddle Mountain last weekend.


Pantone Quilt Challenge 2019 and More

June 22, 2019

“Hoodoos” was my entry into this year’s Pantone Quilt Challenge. It measures 30″ x 28″ and was my interpretation of the red rocks of Bryce Canyon.

“Starline” is my entry to the latest Curated Quilt Challenge.  It is 14.5″ square.

Kevin had another photo chosen in a flower contest at Base Camp Brewing and it’s hanging on the wall.  Whoot!

We stopped by after a jaunt up to Cooper Spur a week ago.


Devil’s Kitchen

June 4, 2019

I have wanted to get up high on Mt. Hood and yesterday was the day.  We hiked outside the boundaries of Timberline and set up camp Saturday night.  Yesterday, we took off up the Climbers Trail and kept setting new goals until we found ourselves at 10,150′ at Devil’s Kitchen.

Here is a star trail Kevin took.


The Milky Way was over Hood and amazing.


The chair lifts on the left are Palmer and we have been to the top of them several times.



Illumination Rock.









Devil’s Kitchen.  Crevasse on left and fumarole in center.


That is Devil’s Kitchen.


6.7 miles and 4200′ elevation gain.

Family Wedding and More

May 30, 2019

My son and I took off for the East Coast to attend one niece’s graduation and another’s wedding.  My proud brother and his wife at their daughter’s high school graduation.

Tradition is when a niece graduates, friends and family send a block and I compile a Wisdom Quilt.

Saturday, I celebrated 37 years of running with a slog around the trails behind my dad’s place. My daughter caught up with me when I snuck in a break at my sister’s home.

Then the wedding prep began.

Sunday was the wedding in Leesburg, VA. Here are my sisters.

Below is one niece on the left, my dad’s friend from his childhood years, my dad and daughter on the right.

The bride has been a caregiver for a non-verbal man for years. Here she breaks in for a dance.

My niece and sister-in-law throw down some moves.

Monday, we headed back to my dad’s where a niece got in the chicken coop.

Once everyone left, Andrew and I hiked on the Appalachian Trail to Chimney Rocks.

I finished my niece’s wedding quilt. It measures 62″ x 78″ and uses Vera Bradley fabric and a pattern I had in Modern Patchwork.

My dad, son and I went to Dam #5 on the C&O Canal for a hike.