March 2, 2018

Quiltcon in Pasadena was a whirlwind of excitement. Three of my quilts were accepted and one took third place.

Yesterday, the quilts were returned. Michael Miller Fabrics was quite generous and Nicole of Modern Handcrafts made fantastic ribbons.

Through The Modern Quilt Guild, I participated in a swap. It was a person to person swap called Make a Mini Make a Friend. My swap partner, Dottie, used one of Kevin’s photos as her inspiration.

I made Dottie’s mini with Violet Craft’s latest line of fabric and my design.

A funny story. At the Cotton and Steel booth I was telling Melody Miller about using her latest line, Flutter, in my PMQG word quilt. She showed me her latest tattoo and it matches my quilt.

I was going for a 70’s vibe and used Jan Mullen’s pattern called Daizes along with some lyrics from The Youngbloods, “Get Together”.

Now my friends are visiting and we’re heading to Sew Expo in Washington. Yesterday, we drove to Boersmas in McMinnville.


February 22, 2018

It’s true. My “Our Colorful Orchard” won 3rd place in the Michael Miller Challenge at Quiltcon. I’ll be heading down in the morning to see the show in Pasadena. Winning quilts can be found here:. https://www.quiltcon.com/winners/

Quilt Challenge 2018

February 20, 2018

Westside Quilters Guild had it’s unveiling of the challenge last night. This year’s theme was, “Home is Where the Heart is”.

Back in October, Kathy posted a photo of sidewalk chalk on Instagram. I fell in love.

So I recreated it in fabric and did a photo shoot on my neighbor’s sidewalk.  My quilt is titled “Taking it to the Streets” because I firmly believe that we need to take the heart of our homes to the streets.  As Kathy wrote on her Instagram post, “It’s that simple”.


Here are all 20 quilts that were shown last night.  Each one has a great background.

Mt Hood Twice

February 13, 2018

I’ve been in zipper pouch production again.

Kevin and I night hiked to our favorite winter spot Saturday night and he did a time lapse that turned out pretty good.

I hauled up a little Valentine ditty for a photo shoot.  It was pretty windy.

On the he way home, we swing by The One Moto Show to check out a fellow PMQG member’s exhibit.

Today, two gals and I hit the slopes. We had lunch at a back country Phlox Point Cabin and it didn’t disappoint. I’ve waited a year to go there.

Several Quilt Projects on the Kitchen Table

January 31, 2018

The PMQG Speaks quilt is in process. If juried in, it will be shown in Sister’s this July.

I’m using parts from a pattern called “Stargazey Daisiez” by Jan Mullen.  I’m looking for a late 60’s vibe.

Last Tuesday, two other quilters and I spoke at Metropolitan Patchwork Society about our different processes for creating challenge quilts. Here is a photo of Linda presenting us. At the end, a woman showing a quilt said, “You girls have inspired me to make up my own pattern.”

In addition to various Valentine projects, I am making the PMQG block of the month for 2018 designed by Michelle, of our guild.

Gail created my new logo and I had pins

made with my quilt in the background. I’ll bring these to Quiltcon in a few weeks.

Forest Park Again

January 29, 2018

With the avalanche forecast so high and the weather so crappy on Hood, we stayed local and day hiked 6 miles in Forest Park today.  I ran parts of it, but with a daypack, hiked more than ran.




Since we were only a few miles from Base Camp Brewing, we headed there for a beer and lunch from the food carts.  It was good to see Kevin’s photos again (top row, far left and top row fifth from left).






January 13, 2018

Two of my friends had a lovely coffee time for me before work.  Along with delicious pastries, they created this rock for me.

Well, today I needed an empty bobbin.

Quilts headed to Quiltcon

January 10, 2018

My three quilts that were accepted to Quiltcon are boxed up and heading out tomorrow.  I’ll be going late February.

“Nick” is on my Wall

January 8, 2018

I used some of my winning $$ from Quilt Expo for this kit after seeing Jeri’s in-class photos on Instagram.  Actually, three of us marched right up to the classroom for our purchased.  Jeri helped us get started early December and … now … happiness.  Thanks, friends!  It was a fun day.  The designer, Laura, has so many more patterns on her site.

Yesterday, we did a quick hike in Forest Park.  Drizzly and green.

Merry Christmas

December 26, 2017

Plan B is in effect.  It was too icy on the roads to go backpacking so we stayed home, went for a family run, went to Midnight Mass and I finished a quilt.  It is Violet Craft’s Atomic Starburst.

Yesterday morning it was only pieces laid out on my floor.  One big error on my part caused an extra few hours and a red star placed strangely on the upper left.

I picked the paper off in the car and at the homeless shelter last week.

And, I finished a snowman quilt for my sister-in-law.  The pattern can be found here.  Kevin placed the eyes and noses.

Merry Christmas.