Patio Meets Art Gallery Fabrics

December 15, 2016

Back in May I won a lovely fat quarter bundle from Art Gallery Fabrics by Bonnie Christine. Finally, I decided to use Happy Zombie’s “Patio” pattern to make a quilt for my niece in Georgia who was recently married.  When I asked her what she liked, her response was, “Jonathan now is a quilt man after staying at Mommy and John’s house.  I literally love everything you’ve ever done.”  It was at that moment that her quilt got larger.  It turned out 80″ square and is backed with a very soft flannel.


Thank you, Art Gallery Fabrics!  I love this collection and it has gone to a rabbit lover.


This was from my 5pm walk home.  There is a lot more snow now.


Annual St. Nicholas Celebration

December 13, 2016

Another family celebration continues our tradition started when we were little children. All eight of us gathered in PA and had a great time.

It was pretty cold out, so we used cell phones to get a group photo in low light.


Sunday, we woke up to snow and Sarah and I skidded along a run.


My eagle eyed sister, Donna, spotted a martini recipe on the bottle I brought, and within minutes, Larry had them sitting in front of us!  Whoot!


My dad and I spotted this Mario Bros guy in town, so we stopped for a photo.


This is the quilt I made for the gift exchange.  Carole gave me the fabrics and I used Chatterbox from Dare to be Square by Boo Davis.


This was after a very cold run on Saturday morning in front of the barn quilts.


A very favorite photo of my niece and a relative’s baby sleeping with a few of my quilted items in the background.  Love!


Yesterday, my dad and I hiked out behind his property.




Up, Up and Away

December 5, 2016

Yesterday’s hike in Forest Park put me over 100,000′ in elevation gain for the year.  Last week, our hike tipped me over the 400 mile mark.  It’s been a great year outdoors so far.  I’m anxiously awaiting my son’s visit.  Since arriving in Seward, Alaska mid August, he has only missed two weekends outdoors.  Here’s a photo of him yesterday ~~ with a frozen beard.  His childhood friend wrote on his Facebook page, “You’ve gone full Alaska!”




Michael Miller Challenge

November 30, 2016

The rules were to use one colorway of both geometric and solid fabric.  We could add one other Michael Miller solid.  I chose lime green for the background.


I just entered my quilt into the challenge at Quiltcon East.  We’ll see if it makes the cut.


Thanksgiving Weekend

November 28, 2016

Between cooking Thanksgiving dinner and other weekend events, my kitchen table looked pretty much like this.


By late afternoon, Sunday, I had completed two of Violet’s Elevated Abstraction tops.


I chose the colors by looking at a photograph we took this past summer on Yocum Ridge at the “Golden Hour”.


Black Friday, we met with fellow Portland Hikers and did a clean up on Government Cove in the Columbia River Gorge.  After 2″ of rain on Thanksgiving, we lucked out with just a few wee little sprinkles.


Kings Mountain

November 21, 2016

Friday’s hike put me past 400 miles in my hiking boots this year.  My next goal for the year is 100,000 feet elevation which is only about 1,200′ more and quite achievable.


Mt. Hood looked pretty.



Some of the rocky trail.  Behind me is Larry, a fellow we know from town.  It’s not untypical to run into people we know on the trail and this time was no exception.  It was nice hiking down together.


Lookout Mountain Again

November 10, 2016

I love this spot in the wilderness.  It’s under five miles one way, but 3,000′ in elevation gain ~~ most of that in the first two miles.


This is the 31st night I’ve spent in a tent outdoors this year.


This is my choice for last night.


Dia de los Muertos Birthday

November 2, 2016

Happy Birthday to our daughter Sarah!

Last year, a friend, Sharon, sent the Alexander Henry panel and sugar skull fabric.  I pieced it together and quilted it for Sarah’s birthday.



I also special ordered a sugar skull from a gal that does incredible jewelry art.  We sell her pieces at The Artfull Garden in Hillsboro.


and today we are eating pan de muertos while remembering those that have gone before us.


Happy Halloween

November 1, 2016

Happy Halloween from yesterday’s hike from Multnomah Falls up to the basin and back on a drizzly Oregon day.




Salmon in the water.


Part of the trail washed out and there is a bit of a fix for now.


This is the trail.  Only in the winter is the water so full.


Last weekend was our church’s annual Fall Festival.  I was in charge of the applesauce (September job), potato peeling and cutting of 700 lbs. of potatoes and the quilt booth.

14642141_10205661664219323_2809195409669651655_nDorothy, 92 years old, won the quilt raffle (350+ tickets sold).  She sold tickets in our booth and is one of the hand quilters.


Fall Festival 2o16 Raffle Quilt

October 17, 2016

This weekend is our church’s Fall Festival.  I am in charge of the quilt booth which includes a raffle quilt.  We had one in started but as I was putting it together it was just too simple.  There was one Carole had started in 2012 at a Boersma’s quilt camp that we had considered last year.  After looking at it, I decided that it would work.  It finishes at 67″ x 83″.


We took it over to Dawson Creek for a photo shoot where a kind stranger helped me hold it against the wind.  Thank you, kind sir!


Thank you to Carole for starting this quilt and to Diane for hand stitching the binding on this as well as miles and miles of binding on other quilts.