Emergency Table Runner and White River Again…

April 4, 2017

I forgot my sister-in-law had asked me to make something for her friend who is being Baptized this Saturday in the Orthodox Church.  Via Hangouts (which she had to install on her phone), we chose the fabric and I got it sewn that evening and quilted it in the morning between packing.  I bound it on the trip to the mountain and it’s in the mail now.  Phewww…

With the weekend looking good, Kevin and I headed to White River and followed the Yellow Jacket trail up to the PCT.  We camped in the trees because of the wind.





Enjoying a spring blue bird day on the mountain!  Martha said we looked like an asterisk and our response was that we wanted to do a hashtag, but are not nimble enough, so had to stick with the asterisk.


My Alison Glass / Pickle Dish Variation Quilt is Finished

March 23, 2017

The pattern is from Rita’s blog and I fell in love instantly.  The only fabric I used was by Alison Glass.  All the background neutral is from her Abacus line and the colored parts are from various lines.  I won a nice bundle from Modern Sewciety a few years back and that helped my collection.  The layout was a happy chance and I didn’t have to make many more pieces to make the colored circles work.  It finishes at 72″ square and I quilted it pretty dense.  Now for a name.


The top photo was taken Monday near the Cooper Spur Ski Area on Mt. Hood.  Kevin and I hiked 8 miles in snow shoes with an elevation gain of 3,000′.  Here is the final push to our destination:  The Cooper Spur shelter on the Timberline Trail at 6800′.


We knew it would be filled with snow and planned to tent camp.


Kevin’s night shot.


The snow and wind blew throughout the night and this was our tent in the morning.  It’s been a long time since we’ve had snow in our boots.


This was the visibility in the morning.


This is probably close to the most challenging part of the trail.  It’s pretty  narrow and the area after this is pretty steep with the trees much further down the slope.



Happy Valentine’s Day

February 14, 2017

Here’s a little ditty I made for a friend whose birthday I forgot earlier this month.  The pattern can be found here.


Saturday, we met up with a fellow PMQG member and her hubby at 9pm and night hiked up to our “winter homestead” in the Mt. Hood Wilderness.  In the morning, we carved out a little spot for our feet and just sat and chatted.


After packing up, we left our packs and hiked up as far as we could go safely.  It may look like Amy is pulling me out, but that’s the top of the PCT sign post under my hand.


Well, this is as far as we got.  There was quite a drop off all around us  and he cornice was interesting, but dangerous.


Happy Valentine’s Day!

More Finishes and More Hearts

February 9, 2017

At the December PMQG meeting, I purchased the center (grey and heart) from Heather (to the right).  I added a fabric purchased from Joyce and then the Heather Ross mermaids given to me by Elizabeth.  The binding was from the Mt. Hood quilt and the back was fabric I got at an estate sale and from my mom.  So, for $5, I finished a little quilt and gave it back to Heather.  XOXO


With the 4″ zippers I purchased a while back, I used this tutorial and made some pouches.


I got into the Modern Quilt Guild Mini Swap and have sent this off to my partner.


the back…


Valentine”ing” it up

February 7, 2017

No telling why I love sewing for Valentine’s Day, but I sure do.

I got a late start on the “snail paced slow-along sew-along” and then didn’t follow the rules.  Since my mom was a MAJOR snail collector, I made potholders to send to my dad for Valentine’s Day.


Two weekends ago, we headed back to Trillium Lake.  This time, the potties were open and stocked with tp.  It was a major luxury!



I’m mailing off purses to a niece and sister today.


Quiltcon Charity Quilt 2017 – Made to Scale

January 31, 2017

Quiltcon will be held in Savannah, GA late February.  This year’s charity challenge required participants to work collaboratively to create completed quilts using predetermined colors while playing with scale.

We found the 10-point divider that is used to measure space and proportion and figured it would work just fine if we mirrored it.


Here is the original draft of our plan.


Twenty members signed up to help and we passed out packets with a variety of colors asking that each member make as many diamonds as they wanted.  Once they were returned, two specific fabrics chosen by two members stood out.  A blue Cotton and Steel and a gold Carolyn Friedlander.  We focused on choosing a diamond from each member with both the blues, gold and grey.


We auditioned fabrics for all the positions.


… and used colored pencils to brainstorm.


After sewing the main blocks together, we met again to brainstorm the larger layout.


Another surprise was finding that a dark blue worked on the border much better than our original thought of grey.


Here’s a close up of the quilting.


Thanks to Juline for binding, sewing and applying the sleeve and label and mailing our quilt.  When it returns from Quiltcon, the guild will figure out which charity will get our quilt.

This quilt would have been impossible without the help of this vintage template.  I probably shaved off a bunch of it while trimming with my rotary cutter.

Snow, Snow, Snow

January 17, 2017

There was already snow accumulation on my birthday, last Wednesday.  After losing power, we headed out for a run, then later snowshoed over to the local bar for drinks.



After many,  many days of snow filled stuff, we headed up to Mt. Hood for an overnight.  I finished my “Elevated Abstractions” on the way.  Violet’s pattern is great.


It may not look like much, but we have to get up beyond the top of this.  If avalanche conditions are low, we hike up the ravine to the left which had me on my knees at times.


Here you can see my green hat in the center making the final crawl up.


We missed the golden hour because we were in the ravine, but Jefferson was looking beauriful as we hiked to our camp spot.


Ta Da!  There we are!



Mt. Hood, Elevated Abstraction

January 3, 2017

I finished binding this quilt by Violet in time for Charles to bring his quilt to Alaska where it will hang it in his first place that is not a dorm or barracks.


Last Thursday, Charles and I headed back to Timberline for another day of skiing.  It was glorious, except for the top of Magic Mile.  I only went up twice because the ice and wind were pretty severe.


This is from the parking lot heading in.


Charles wanted one more backpack before he heads home, so we chose New Year’s Eve.  It was possibly the least desirable night we’ve spent out of White River. At 10, Timberline had fireworks, but it was pretty miserable, so no one ventured out to see.  Here is the scene in the morning.  ~~ a pretty drastic start to 2017.



Packing up is a snowy affair.



Here’s to more adventures in 2017!

Untraditional Christmas

December 27, 2016

Friday, we drove up to Timberline to ski/snowboard.  Andrew went along, but stayed in the lodge with our gear.  It was a fairly cold and sometimes low visibility day.


With all three of our adult children home, the only time we could backpack together was Christmas Eve into Christmas Day, so we did.  Trillium Lake was our destination with each of us carrying firewood on our packs.  While the guys put up the tents, Sarah and I dug out the fire pit ~~ a pretty daunting idea given the amount of snow it was covered under.  We also dug an area to sit around the pit.


Here is a daytime view.


There is a nice pavilion near the lake so it’s the perfect destination if it’s snowing.


On the way out, we ran into a friend from our Portland Modern Quilt Guild and her hubby.  At Sew Days, we often chat about backpacking.


Kevin and Sarah hiking together.


Patio Meets Art Gallery Fabrics

December 15, 2016

Back in May I won a lovely fat quarter bundle from Art Gallery Fabrics by Bonnie Christine. Finally, I decided to use Happy Zombie’s “Patio” pattern to make a quilt for my niece in Georgia who was recently married.  When I asked her what she liked, her response was, “Jonathan now is a quilt man after staying at Mommy and John’s house.  I literally love everything you’ve ever done.”  It was at that moment that her quilt got larger.  It turned out 80″ square and is backed with a very soft flannel.


Thank you, Art Gallery Fabrics!  I love this collection and it has gone to a rabbit lover.


This was from my 5pm walk home.  There is a lot more snow now.