Leading up to 2021

January 3, 2021

Happy New Year! We backpacked with our daughter and her boyfriend up near the PCT for Timberline’s fireworks.

Our warm and inviting space on the mountain.
Due to extreme avalanche danger, we hightailed it down the ravine. We should have not even gone up.
There were so many people at White River Snow Park when we returned to our cars.

We met up with our kids at Trillium Lake Christmas Eve for a backpack. It was the best and the only way we could do it safe. Plus it’s a little bit of a tradition of ours anyway.

Charles at 6’4″ just carried the firewood a few miles. Maybe it’s the USMC training…
I had made a mask for Hopworks Ferotious beer early pandemic and gave it to the brewery. Who would have thought I’d need to make a second one this late in the game.
Family fun.
It was delightful to hear the kids chattering back and forth as Kevin and I spent time down by the dock taking photos.
Trillium Lake, the dock and Mt. Hood.

Here are a few Christmas quilts I gave.

My sister-in-law sent me the navy solid that she wore to her husband’s funeral 30+ years ago for me to make a quilt for her.
I used parts from Charles’ Plaid-ish quilt for another sister-in-law.
Someone gave me a lot of flannel. I showed my kids a photo and asked if anyone wanted a quilt. My tall son said, “I’ll never refuse a flannel quilt.”

Quiltcon Entries with Makeshift Backdrop

December 10, 2020
Thanksgiving weekend was a no wind perfect photography weekend. It took several days to get my entries photographed to enter, but we finally succeeded. This is the set up and it’s the Portland Modern Charity Outreach Quilt.
I took a class with Audrey of Cotton and Bourbon and this is the finished quilt. It’s her design.

Sarah wanted to know if she still has antibodies from here June 7th Covid 19 positive result. I met her in Portland and we donated together. She still has antibodies and I never have. I gave her a pin that my mother received when she was a Red Cross donor.

My friend, Jeri, gave me a kit a friend of hers gave her. All I needed was the templates in the back of a magazine, so for $11, I ordered it off eBay and here is a nice quilt for my living room.

We got out for a snow backpack on a gorgeous weekend.

Face Masks for Santa, Mrs. Clause and the Mayor

November 25, 2020
What a lucky gal I am to be asked to make face masks for the Clauses.
Photo creds to Aaron Anderson at the Hillsboro Tree Lighting.
Photo Creds to Aaron Anderson of Mayor Callaway at the Hillsboro Tree Lighting.
A Rubbermaid tub and quilt delivery on a misty morning.

We met our daughter at White River for a backpack this past weekend.

Groomers at Timberline

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Who doesn’t need a HUG? Free pattern by Quietplay.

Before the latest Covid restrictions, a few of us met for coffee at separate picnic tables and celebrated Melissa’s birthday.

Mushroom themed bag painted by Heather.
Mushroom brooch created by Coleen.
Zipper pouch by me.
A “Celebrate” banner and face mask by me.
Photo by Aaron Anderson.
Cupcakes with personally painted mushroom toppers by Heather.

Sarah’s birthday was November 2nd. We drove over to her place in the morning before work and dropped off three cakes and her gifts.

Day of the Dead pillow and face mask.
Two of the three cakes. One was vegan.
We snuck in a hike in Forest Park.

Now, I’ve Sewn with Waxed Canvas

October 30, 2020
Grabbed a can of beer from the local pub.
My nephew’s graduation gift. He created the pattern.
Another hike up Kings Mountain.
I found the flimsy in the scrap bin at The Cotton Cure and finished it into a pillow.
#848 mask.
I see these gals yearly and this year was as fun as the first. The witch on the far left taught all three of our kids.

Now, I’ve Made a Dog Bed.

October 16, 2020

On the Other Side of Smoke

September 24, 2020

On Labor Day weekend, we backpacked in Badger Creek with a sweeping view of Mt. Hood and eight other volcanoes. Near Mt. Jefferson, we could see the Lionheart Fire,

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Here the Milky Way and the fire are in the photo.

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At 6am the next morning, we called in a fire over near Mt. Hood Meadows.

I started making this quilt.

Our daughter and boyfriend brought over this set up when the smoke got bad here. It may look DIY, but it has bluetooth. The filter was clean when it arrived. Most everyone here was inside for a week because the air quality was so high. On a scale of 0 to 500, we were from 250 to 326 and Sarah was at 450 a lot of the time. As a point of reference, we are typically under 20. We are all thankful for our homes and the firemen out there.

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This isn’t fog, it’s smoke.

Sarah took these photos from her place in Portland where it was much worse than here.

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The day it cleared up, we met them downtown for dinner. The city was gorgeous!

My husband and I went for a bike ride and I forgot to bring a backpack so had to enlist Plan B to get the pastries from the bakery home.

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Our daughter wanted a quilt for the entrance of her home. We met and went to Modern Domestic, then out for cocktails.

A few of us carpool gals got together outside at one member’s home and brainstormed toning down her quilt.

This is it before the quilting.

Quiltcon Community Outreach Quilt

August 21, 2020

Members of PMQG making the Quiltcon Community Outreach Quilt, this is the way I sewed the double inset curve block. If you cut out two of each piece, it works because the blocks are opposite one another.

NOTE: THIS IS BACKWARDS. THE GOAL is for the blocks to match the tiny colored drawings you received with the kit..

Sew D to E.

Sew G to F

Press ever so gently toward the dark side.

Sew C to D and A to G.

Sew B to (E-D-C).

Sew (F-G-A) to B.

This is the top I pieced while testing the pattern. To be honest, my pieces are not totally square. Just do your best.

This is the quilt we are making.

Quilt designed by Erin Case

Pattern by Joyce Gieszler

Thank you for being a part of our quilt for Quiltcon showcasing online next February.

More Stars and More Quilts

August 20, 2020

This is my entry into Curated Quilts Plus Mini Challenge. It’s titleld, “Oh Positive”

This was the first shot at my design, but the quilting went array and I ended picking it out and starting over.

The Milky Way on Boy Scout Ridge.

I’ve made a few galettes recently.

I finally picked out all the quilting on an old mini challenge entry, re-quilted it and made it into a pillow.

The Milky Way again from a short backpack up by Timberline Lodge.

My sister asked me to make a baby quilt for a niece in Germany. She wanted it puffy. Poly batt sure did make it puffy.

Thanks to a friend for her scraps. It sure came out cute.

This past weekend, we headed to McNeil on the northwest side of Mt. Hood.

Some Quilts and a Lot of Sand

July 28, 2020
Homecoming quilt for a 2020 graduate.
One Big Star quilt for another 2020 graduate.  He enjoys woodworking so I used fabric with wood furniture and tools.
A friend and I collaborated and submitted a mini quilt to Curated Quilts.  It was rejected, but I’m happy to have worked with Annie on this.
Kevin wanted me to make a mini mask for a beer can.
This is the Hole Punch Ribbon Quilt from a Zoom class with a gal from London through Portland Modern.
This past weekend under threat of high winds, we backpacked on Mt. Hood.  Here is a shot of Jefferson that I love.
International Space Station


Sand on the way back to our car


More sand.


Comet Neowise and Backpacking x 3

July 20, 2020

Last night we drove out on our biking route to see the comet.


Saturday night, Sarah joined Kevin and I on a backpack to see the comet.





On the PCT, this always gives me pause.  We thought the rock had slid.


It sure did because this photo was from June 2016.


This is interesting. Sarah and her dad are storing them in their masks. At least that’s what I think I’m understanding with the windows down.


Last weekend, we went up above Timberline to catch the Milky Way




The weekend before, we went up to Lookout Mountain in the Badger Creek Wilderness.