Wonderland Trail

Anne and her daughter at the start with me.
Since day one was so short, we hiked to the Buroughs for dinner and returned to camp at sunset.
Anne’s birthday banner.
Heading to Spray Park.
Typical potty.
Typical bridge.   Water is generally unfilterable on glacial streams.
Bear poles at every camp.
One of two suspension bridges.
Ran into a guy with great pants.  He had us guess the fabric name.  Turns out it’s “Wonderland”.
Mowich Lake. Anne’s son brought us fresh food and took Claire to the airport.
Frozen oat milk in the morning.
Queen Anne’s Lace with Anne & Ann.
We ate dinner on an empty pond bed at Kilpatche Park.
Lunch spot.
Ranger cabin.
Second suspension bridge.
Typical campsite. There are 18 backcountry sites around the Wonderland with about 4 sites each and a group site.
Fun on a hill.
There was a better bridge upstream, but we didn’t see it so went across this.
…and then did this until we got back on track.
…but, looking back we got this view.
Anne’s friend surprised us with a feast and hiked with us by Longmire.

Another potty.
Kevin met us at Reflection Lake, hiked with us and spent the night at Nickle Creek.
We were lucky to have a ranger hike with us through the washout.
Plumbs Kevin picked from my neighbor’s tree.
Sandwich Andrew sent with Kevin.
Fruit saved for the next few days.
Indian Bar was gorgeous.
The water was torrential through this canyon and I sure didn’t like walking above it up the trail.
To not have a surprise visit while on the potty, we put a signal on the trail.
Just a little fun.
Gathering water to filter.
We ran onto Tom and Anna several times.  Three Ann’s swam here.
Sunset at Summerland.
Eating chips with a spoon.
97+ miles with 23,000′ elevation.

4 Responses to “Wonderland Trail”

  1. Kinship Quilts Says:

    What an amazing trip, looks like it was a blast, congratulations!

  2. Merilee Newman Says:

    What an amazing jaunt! I would never make it across the first bridge.

  3. Annie Says:

    I hope you have kept a journal or at least a log of all the wonderful places you have hiked over the years! Loved walking around with you vicariously.

  4. Sally Young Says:

    wow! Looks like a trip of a lifetime!

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