Long Time Away

Visited The Cotton Cure on opening day.
My friend from Paradise visited. We hit a huge sale where we found ready made blocks and finished this quilt while she was here.
The color is off on my sixth Piece & Love quilt. It’s really eggplant.
Another selvage skirt.
“BOLD Seasons” took a third in an online challenge through The Modern Quilt Guild.
Backpackerd with a friend. It’s been a goal of mine to get out with women.
Various trips with Kevin to catch the Milky Way.
Got a mini challenge quilt in Curated Quilts.
Used True Kisses by Heather Bailey for a Nightengale quilt.
Patched up my backpack.

One Response to “Long Time Away”

  1. Becky Leitl Says:

    You continue to be a hero to me. I admire how active you remain. When in my late teens some friends of my parents tried to get me to join Mezomas (sp?) with them. I couldn’t. I new I couldn’t hike up mountains without needing a lot of help physically. I didn’t know at that time that I had a defective aortic valve that slowed me down. I just knew I was limited in my abilities. My birth defect of my heart was not diagnosed until my early 60’s! Dr. & I felt it was miracle I’d done as much as I did with that limitation slowing me down. Also, your prolific and lovely quilts are wonderful. I read and enjoy every post. Thank you for continuing to share your adventures with us.

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