Quiltcon Together

Instead of being in Atlanta this weekend, we are all virtual, but The MQG is doing a fantastic job so far.

“Seasons” took a 3rd Place in The MQG Fabric Challenge at Quiltcon Together which is virtual instead of in Atlanta. 37″ square. Creating circles inside of circles took some figuring out, but ended up bland until I added the crosses. The center medallion solidified the piece. It’s quilted with a plaid crosshatch. The award ceremony was exciting. @fire4hairlady clearly put a lot of work into it. Thank you!
The fabric that was required.
Close up.
“Today’s Direction” is hanging virtually at Quiltcon Together. 67″ square. The inspiration was an antique quilt (last photo) and my color palate was based on the fabric chosen for the back by Melody Miller. The quilting is my signature seer sucker style.
The back fabric was the inspiration for the front colors.
“Jawbreakers” is hanging virtually at Quiltcon Together in the MQG Modern Classics Exhibit. 58″ x 68″. The exhibit features a previous Quilt of the Month, but in a specific color palette. I chose @quiltachusetts “Jawbreakers” because I admire her work and thought the colors would work. The quilting is my signature seer sucker.
Close up
Our carpool group created this charity quilt that is also hanging. We were required to use a certain pallet of color. It had to finish it a certain size and it needs to be donated to charity.

One Response to “Quiltcon Together”

  1. Patti Says:

    Those quilts are so beautiful!! I love them!

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