Turning 61

Dinner outside with masks most of the time last week.
Who would have thought I’d need to make another beer mask. I gave the one from the spring to Hopworks Urban Brewery, but here we are, months later with another release of Abominable Winter Ale and it needed a mask.

Kevin and I headed to Mt. Hood this past weekend expecting an ok night, but wind and showers towards the morning. It really was pretty ok except the wind in the morning. The slushy snow hit during the night.

Before the stars came back out.
The Milky Way.
The wind in the morning.
This is my all time favorite area on the mountain.

3 Responses to “Turning 61”

  1. Merilee Newman Says:

    Happy Birthday AnnMarie!

  2. Annie tinnesand Says:

    wow! that milky way photo was amazing! You must have such peace and quiet up there all alone.

  3. Patti Peregrina Says:

    So happy to see you all masks! I’ve been hearing alot of chatter about personal rights and all. The pictures are beautiful even if the weather was a little crappy. Happy Birthday AnnMarie!!

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