Published Again and More

It’s always exciting when Curated Quilts chooses my mini out of the challenge entries to publish.
It’s not all glory because there were other mini quilts chosen over my entry.

“ANTIBODIES” is my entry to Curated Quilts’ latest  challenge.  Covid is the theme with the design interpretation focusing on honor.  I pieced two images of antibodies on my mini.
My daughter tested positive in June after relocating back to Oregon.  She and I donated blood in November and The American Red Cross tests for antibodies.  After six months she still has them.  Late this month, she’ll be donating plasma to help Covid patients.
My sister sent a Nothing Bundt Cake to me at work for my birthday. It was a pretty fun surprise. This is the delivery gal.
My co-worker’s and I had coffee outside at picnic tables under the local pub’s canopies. These are the beautiful gifts I received for turning 61.
My long time friend’s birthday is right after mine. I commissioned my co-worker to make a piece for her. Isn’t this lovely?
I never tire of seeing Mt. Hood and this was on a ride last week.
A slew of zipper pouches I made.
Amy at The Cotton Cure featured one of the pouches with the new fabric collection. Photo by Any. The fabric is called Squeeze and is going fast so if you want any, get there NOW.

One Response to “Published Again and More”

  1. Judy Welle Says:

    Congratulations and birthday blessings!

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