Leading up to 2021

Happy New Year! We backpacked with our daughter and her boyfriend up near the PCT for Timberline’s fireworks.

Our warm and inviting space on the mountain.
Due to extreme avalanche danger, we hightailed it down the ravine. We should have not even gone up.
There were so many people at White River Snow Park when we returned to our cars.

We met up with our kids at Trillium Lake Christmas Eve for a backpack. It was the best and the only way we could do it safe. Plus it’s a little bit of a tradition of ours anyway.

Charles at 6’4″ just carried the firewood a few miles. Maybe it’s the USMC training…
I had made a mask for Hopworks Ferotious beer early pandemic and gave it to the brewery. Who would have thought I’d need to make a second one this late in the game.
Family fun.
It was delightful to hear the kids chattering back and forth as Kevin and I spent time down by the dock taking photos.
Trillium Lake, the dock and Mt. Hood.

Here are a few Christmas quilts I gave.

My sister-in-law sent me the navy solid that she wore to her husband’s funeral 30+ years ago for me to make a quilt for her.
I used parts from Charles’ Plaid-ish quilt for another sister-in-law.
Someone gave me a lot of flannel. I showed my kids a photo and asked if anyone wanted a quilt. My tall son said, “I’ll never refuse a flannel quilt.”

One Response to “Leading up to 2021”

  1. Patti Says:

    Beautiful pics!

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