Fall Festival

For 23 years I’ve held a chair position at our Church’s Fall Festival. For more than half of that time it’s been the quilt booth.

Thus is the stack of items I brought to sell.

We ended up using my Meadowland for the raffle quilt and it was won by a fan, Becky. Becky and her family send me photos from the State Fair in front of my quilts.

Potato peeling went well. Our crew peeled 600+ pounds.

Andrew, our son worked in the kitchen.

It turned out to be another successful year all around.

A while back, Maywood Studio asked me to make a PDX carpet quilt for Market in Houston.

Yesterday really was a great day. For the first time while running, I spotted two witches.

The good witch on the right taught my children.

Since it was Friday, I stopped at Insomnia because it’s Pie Day Friday. Well, the witches picked up another and were causing a stir at the coffee shop.

Happy Weekend!

One Response to “Fall Festival”

  1. Patti Says:

    Witchs before Halloween? Scary!! LOL. Wonderful quilts as usual

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