Quilts and Backpacking and More

This past Saturday, Joyce taught her annual mystery quilt workshop to our guild members.  A little fun took place.

Right after the class, we headed to Mt. Hood for some stars.

But before leaving, my issue of Curated Quilts arrived with my little mini in it.

Last weekend, we made our annual church dinner applesauce.  We made 52 gallons this year.

I upped my game by getting new colored clips for my ditty bags.

And I started riding with a blind man.  I can’t even begin to tell you how much of a responsibility it is.

Last week on the way home from work, I took a few photos as a storm approached.

And Jen sent me a replacement set of templates in blue when I asked for one part to the 2.5 template that I lost.  What a great treat!

And we went backpacking two weekends ago and Kevin caught the Milky Way.

And I caught a beautiful early morning photo.

I finally finished my Meadowland quilt using fabric I was given at QuiltCon two years ago with a 3rd place win.

And I made a pillow for a friend with a new home and new librarian job.


3 Responses to “Quilts and Backpacking and More”

  1. fivewebsters Says:

    So enjoyed this little bit of your life. It was great seeing you when I was in town. Will let you know when I return. Tell Kevin I LOVED the Milky Way shot. Used to see it every night when I lived on Guam.

  2. Suzanne Hertel Says:

    Beautiful Quilts, beautiful photos, and I love that you are riding with a man without sight. What a gift you are providing.

  3. Annie Says:

    Your life is so FULL! And yet, you find time to make applesauce, ride with a blind man, create beautiful award winning quilts, and hike up to see the night sky on the mountain! Oh, and make new bags and a pillow!! You are amazing!! And best of all, you do it all with such grace and seemingly ease. I am so glad you are in my life!!

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