State Fair, Base Camp Photos and Another Backpack

I put two quilts in The Oregon State Fair and they both were awarded a ribbon.

And one I quilted for a friend and fellow guild member took a division award.

A week ago, our son was free so he joined us on what turned out to be a very windy backpack.

The stars were out in full force, so we took photos around 10:30.

Base Camp Brewing had a contest and there were not a lot of entries.  Kevin has two photos on the wall and I have two also.  Ours are in the middle row.  From left, 1 & 3 are mine, 4 & 7 are Kevins.

4 Responses to “State Fair, Base Camp Photos and Another Backpack”

  1. Patti Says:

    I’m glad Andrew was able to go with you on your hike. This time I remembered that you had photos on the wall. And again, beautiful quilts

  2. My Sewful Retirement Says:


  3. Beth Wells Says:

    Spectacular quilting on your friend’s quilt and as always, beautiful photos.

  4. Melissa Says:

    The quilts are beautiful. How did you make the letters? Did you use a stencil to cut them?

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