The Funnest Thing Ever and a Skinny Mini

The past two weekends have been amazing so we hit the trail at 9pm both Saturdays.

It was May 4th, so Kevin had me pose for this shot.

The next morning is where it got fun.  After climbing up to the top of Palmer at 8500′, I glissaded down 1000′.  At first, I was just hoping not to make a spectacle of myself because I had a full backpack and snowshoes, but after slowing down for the guy in front of me, I pulled out my phone and shot a little video.


That’s the path I went down.

Here is the previous weekend over at White River.

This is the skinny mini Michelle made me.  She used the yellow to capture all the adventures I have in my yellow tent.



I’m making Alison Glass’ Trinket quilt.  Yesterday I pulled the paper off all 125 pieces.  It’s ready to lay out now.



2 Responses to “The Funnest Thing Ever and a Skinny Mini”

  1. Annie tinnesand Says:

    i loved your video! Glisadding is the best!! The night was so clear and beautiful. Way to do the May 4th shot!

  2. Patti Peregrina Says:

    Beautiful quilts but you can keep the snow camping. BRRR

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