Another dia de los Muertos birthday for Sarah

Back on my birthday in January, Tula Pink announced her new line of fabric and my daughter shot me a message saying, “Mom, I know it’s your birthday, but can we start talking about mine?”

Tula spoke and showed quilts at Fabric Depot back in May and Sarah liked Flame Seeker by Lillyella Stitchery. Tula used the faces from her fabric instead of the skulls in the pattern. Brilliant!

I purchased the pattern two Mondays ago and worked on it every spare moment and had it in the mail a week later.

I also used only fabrics here at the house except for the Tula face fabric.

IMG_6866 sarah day of the dead quilt


The green/blue pieces on each side of the navy have sugar skulls.

The back is a great piece of Alexander Henry I picked up on impulse at Fabric Depot last year and I used my signature “seer-sucker” straight line quilting.

I think she is sleeping under it tonight

One Response to “Another dia de los Muertos birthday for Sarah”

  1. dawn at firstlightdesigns Says:

    Wow — that’s a stunning quilt! I’ll bet your daughter is loving it!!

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