Ghosts, Grapes and Sand

When I saw that Meghan used her ghost pattern for a pillow, I knew just what to do with all the 14″ forms a fellow guild member has been giving me. The Trick or Treat bag is for a grand-niece.

Our Concord grapes were plentiful this year, so we picked a bunch and borrowed a juice extractor from a friend. Voila! Lots of juice and two batches of jelly.


This weekend, we headed up to Mt. Hood and night hiked up to a somewhat flatish spot. It wasn’t too windy until it was. Then it was sustained 50mph winds with gusts to 60mph. We were filled with sand. Kevin’s camera is at the shop for a major dust reduction.


It’s always interesting to see where we are in the morning.


Here is a nice photo of our daughter.

One Response to “Ghosts, Grapes and Sand”

  1. Patti Peregrina Says:

    I love grapes, and those look yummy. Sorry about the windy camp but I’ve seen pictures of you two in weather that I wouldn’t even have wanted when I was much younger. And as always, Sarah is beautiful. ❤

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