Pantone Ultra Violet Quilt Challenge: “U V Rays”

Bryan House Quilts and No Hats in the House have a quilt challenge with the Pantone Color of the Year as inspiration.

Once again, my son with the biology degree came to the rescue. He suggested Ultra Violet Ray’s as inspiration. His initial preference for the quilt was what ended up as the back. It finishes at 25.5″ square.

I struggle with math. So much so that my sister pulled off the road on her commute in Washington DC, 3000 miles away to look at my text and help.

The pieces were not going together. She took one look and directed me to cut each block square on two sides.

That did the trick.

2 Responses to “Pantone Ultra Violet Quilt Challenge: “U V Rays””

  1. Louise Hornor Says:

    Your sister is a smart cookie! This is such a neat piece and I’m glad you figured it all out for a super finish 🙂

  2. aquilterstable Says:

    Wow. Yikes about squaring them up, eh? Glad it worked out! I really really like it!

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