Riley Blake Challenge: “Quarter Dome”

Predictible as it is, my little 28″ square quilt is entered in The Modern Quilt Guild Challenge. We were given a pack of fat eighth’s and could use only Riley Blake Designs fabrics for the entire quilt. I love the feel of the solids and chose the red soley on the name they gave it, “Yosemite”. After a lot of back and forth with several siblings, one of which kept suggesting hunting titles, my own hubby came up with, “Quarter Dome”.

I’m a disgrace to the quilting community. On my way out the door to a funeral, I grabbed this ancient washrag I must have made years ago. Yes, I did need to use it. I only felt better when a friend handed me half a paper towel. She must have grabbed a few on her way out of her door too.

3 Responses to “Riley Blake Challenge: “Quarter Dome””

  1. Merilee Newman Says:

    That you made it to the funeral meant more than what you used to wipe your eyes and nose. Oh! And your “own” hubby did a good job too.

  2. dawn at firstlightdesigns Says:

    Another charming challenge quilt! Love the fabrics in this one.

  3. My Sewful Retirement Says:

    I love your quilt!

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