Westside Quilters Guild 2017 Show

I think our quilt guild had a lovely show this weekend.

IMG_6455 upper deck view

IMG_6381 Quilt Display

IMG_6371 quilt display

Stephanie won Best Machine Quilting.  Her mother, who is looking at my quilt, won for best hand quilting.

IMG_6358 Stephanie

DSC02503 quilt display

Gifts for each person who came to our show.

IMG_0448 small bags

I was humbled to be a featured quilter, and as one, was able to choose a quilt for an award.  I have loved the quilting on Chase’s quilt since I saw it a few months ago.  She quilts with her domestic.

IMG_6397 Chase

Here is an closer view.

DSC02428 featured quilter award anns

Jeri, in our PMQG carpool group, took the People’s Choice award.


Nancy, in our PMQG carpool group, took third place in People’s Choice.

DSC02510 Nancy

Set up.

IMG_0430 set up

Violet was at the show the entire weekend with her quilts, patterns and just her fantastic self.

DSC02491 Violet Ann

I talked about my challenge quilts both days.

DSC02458 Anns Talk

On a side note, my daughter will be representing the brewery she works for in an arm wrestling competition.  Here she is decked out as Schuylkill Puncher.  If you are in Philadelphia on Oct. 22nd, you can see her in person at Liberty Vintage Motorcycles.

Sarah Arm Wrestling Champ


2 Responses to “Westside Quilters Guild 2017 Show”

  1. donaleen Says:

    Very fun.

  2. Jeri Bonser Says:

    Such a nice write up of our fabulous Quilt show.

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