Modern Patchwork Magazine, July/August 2017

This quilt started as my submission for the Sisters Outdoor Show but I only finished it in time to submit for Quiltcon.  Since it is was original design, I debated and submitted it to Modern Patchwork Magazine for consideration instead.  Lucky for me, they accepted it and here it is.

I worked on it last summer at a PMQG Sew Day at Fabric Depot.  It worked out nice because there was room to lay it out and I could run over to the store side and pick out fabric when I was stuck.  I used the “Columns” from Garden Secrets for my color palate.  All the solids are Kona Cottons and there are various prints from Garden Secrets to add interest.  I actually used the 6.5″ templates from fellow PMQG member, Jen.  They are great and she has more sizes now.

Here is the back.  I used my signature “seer sucker” quilting.

Circles and Crosses quilt

Circles and crosses on rack

Last night was our second night out at a local migrant camp this season and it marks my 21st year out there.  Others led BINGO while I took photos of families.  We’ll distribute the photos in two weeks.



Berry Bucket

2 Responses to “Modern Patchwork Magazine, July/August 2017”

  1. Donaleen Kohn Says:


  2. Annie Says:

    You are such a star! I am honored to be in your presence! Congratulations!!

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