Selvage Skirt

A few months back Deborah from my guild sent me an email with a selvage outfit and a note, “How about whipping one up for the quilt show?” It got me thinking that a skirt would be fun.  That’s when I found Linda’s and got to work with the selvage skills learned from Karen.

The front and back before trimming.  I drafted an A-line pattern from a combination of several skirt patterns I had on hand.  The selvages are on a 60 degree angle.

Sewn and ready for the elastic waistband.

For Father’s Day, Kevin and I left the Gumjuwac trailhead at 6pm and headed up to Lookout Mountain in the Badger Creek Wildernesses, east of Mt. Hood.
This time of year, trails are still snow covered in places.

And some are sketchy.  Look at the steepness.


From the time we got to camp until we were leaving the next morning, we were in a cloud with limited visibility.

On the way down, it was clearing up a bit.

Love the moss behind Swag.

2 Responses to “Selvage Skirt”

  1. Donaleen Kohn Says:

    Skirt looks good. Snow looks uninviting.

  2. Annie Says:

    Glad you had some warm pants to wear! that fog looks chilly!

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