Las Vegas, it was Fun!

My sister turned 50 in May and has always maintained that we’d all be going to Las
Vegas for her 50th.  She’s the third sister of five to reach 50.  My weekend is documented here and the next sister’s here.

Arrival into Las Vegas from Pennsylvania, New York, Virginia and Oregon.

IMG_20170610_101210971 Airport Group Picture

I made 14 zipper pouches using this pattern and Alison Glass & Kona cotton.


Once we were all in the hotel rooms, we gathered and added items to the pouches.

Purses filled

Our first adventure was a tour to the Hoover Dam.  Three of us booked it across the bridge to the Arizona end.

Irene and Ann in AZ

Heather is at the NV/AZ state line.

Heather at Hoover Dam

Hoover Dam tour.


Using science to make the water spit up.  Pretty fun.

Donna at Hoover Dam

Dolling up for “Love” by Cirque du Soleil.

Frannie and Lauren

After the show, we headed up to Old Las Vegas.  This is our niece with two dancers.

Heather in Old Town

While the other sisters were at a show, my niece and I walked over to the Bellagio and saw two of the water shows.


My niece paid for her trip with a few wins.  Every time she put money in the slots she won something.

Lauren wins

Our dad, brothers, her husband and in-laws all wrote notes about how lucky they were to have Christine in their lives.  I made a ditty bag with a USPS logo since she’s a postmaster to hold them.


I made a quilt for our St. Nicholas raffle a few years ago and my sister mentioned that she loved it.  So I made another for her birthday.  It’s from Boo Davis‘ book.

Deer Quilt

Five sisters on our last day together.


Four of us walked the strip to the Las Vegas sign.


On my return home, I found out that my son’s friend passed away from an illness. It is such a loss, but I am so grateful to have watched him grow from a young child who got locked in the freezer with Andrew in second grade to a college graduate, married man gracing our community with his kindness.  Chris will be missed by so many.

Chris Andrew


One Response to “Las Vegas, it was Fun!”

  1. annie Says:

    thanks for sharing your sister’s birthday trip. How lucky you are to have such a large loving family.

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