Emergency Table Runner and White River Again…

I forgot my sister-in-law had asked me to make something for her friend who is being Baptized this Saturday in the Orthodox Church.  Via Hangouts (which she had to install on her phone), we chose the fabric and I got it sewn that evening and quilted it in the morning between packing.  I bound it on the trip to the mountain and it’s in the mail now.  Phewww…

With the weekend looking good, Kevin and I headed to White River and followed the Yellow Jacket trail up to the PCT.  We camped in the trees because of the wind.





Enjoying a spring blue bird day on the mountain!  Martha said we looked like an asterisk and our response was that we wanted to do a hashtag, but are not nimble enough, so had to stick with the asterisk.


2 Responses to “Emergency Table Runner and White River Again…”

  1. Kathyh Says:

    Gorgeous Mt. Hood views.

  2. dawn at firstlightdesigns Says:

    Great outdoor pictures, as usual. Love the one of the tent lit up and all the stars in the sky. Congrats on the quick finish on the runner — it is really lovely!

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