Snow, Snow, Snow

There was already snow accumulation on my birthday, last Wednesday.  After losing power, we headed out for a run, then later snowshoed over to the local bar for drinks.



After many,  many days of snow filled stuff, we headed up to Mt. Hood for an overnight.  I finished my “Elevated Abstractions” on the way.  Violet’s pattern is great.


It may not look like much, but we have to get up beyond the top of this.  If avalanche conditions are low, we hike up the ravine to the left which had me on my knees at times.


Here you can see my green hat in the center making the final crawl up.


We missed the golden hour because we were in the ravine, but Jefferson was looking beauriful as we hiked to our camp spot.


Ta Da!  There we are!



2 Responses to “Snow, Snow, Snow”

  1. Donaleen Kohn Says:

    And here I am, still in my house.

  2. kathyh Says:

    I had to drive to Portland yesterday for lunch with nephew trapped on Division St. Good lord – it was five lanes of ice on Washington St – the one you head up on to go to Fabric Depot!
    The road lanes up the mountain must have been somewhat bare.
    In any case, Canbyland finally got the promised rain this afternoon. Portland is so much worse.
    I sent your photo of tent and mountain (from IG) to my son. He was impressed.

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