Mt. Hood, Elevated Abstraction

I finished binding this quilt by Violet in time for Charles to bring his quilt to Alaska where it will hang it in his first place that is not a dorm or barracks.


Last Thursday, Charles and I headed back to Timberline for another day of skiing.  It was glorious, except for the top of Magic Mile.  I only went up twice because the ice and wind were pretty severe.


This is from the parking lot heading in.


Charles wanted one more backpack before he heads home, so we chose New Year’s Eve.  It was possibly the least desirable night we’ve spent out of White River. At 10, Timberline had fireworks, but it was pretty miserable, so no one ventured out to see.  Here is the scene in the morning.  ~~ a pretty drastic start to 2017.



Packing up is a snowy affair.



Here’s to more adventures in 2017!

2 Responses to “Mt. Hood, Elevated Abstraction”

  1. Kinship Quilts Says:

    You are so courageous, amazing stamina.And that quilt looks so great! Happy New Year!

  2. kathyh Says:

    I may have to get that pattern for my boy. I am, however, not backpacking it into Mt. Hood for a photoshoot.
    Did you use a line of fabric for this or did you just use stash?

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