Fall Festival 2o16 Raffle Quilt

This weekend is our church’s Fall Festival.  I am in charge of the quilt booth which includes a raffle quilt.  We had one in started but as I was putting it together it was just too simple.  There was one Carole had started in 2012 at a Boersma’s quilt camp that we had considered last year.  After looking at it, I decided that it would work.  It finishes at 67″ x 83″.


We took it over to Dawson Creek for a photo shoot where a kind stranger helped me hold it against the wind.  Thank you, kind sir!


Thank you to Carole for starting this quilt and to Diane for hand stitching the binding on this as well as miles and miles of binding on other quilts.

2 Responses to “Fall Festival 2o16 Raffle Quilt”

  1. louise hornor Says:

    Such a pretty quilt! Good luck with your raffle…I hope it brings in a lot of money.

  2. Patti Peregrina Says:

    It is beautiful! How do I go about buying a raffle ticket from here?

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