Labor Day Weekend

Saturday started with a minimal crew of applesauce makers who managed to squeek out 39 gallons of sauce for our annual St. Matthew Fall Festival mid October.




We filled 13 Tillamook buckets with sauce this year.  In years past, we’ve filled close to 24.


Sunday, we backpacked up the Kiwanas Trail to Paradise Park.  It was a cold and windy night.

Once at camp, Kevin and I divide and conquer.  I start dinner and he sets up the tent.  Being windy, he used his fast 1/2 mile running skills to retrieve the tent that unstaked and started flying right to the Zig Zag canyon. As it lifted from the ground, he started after it and it seemed to be going faster and faster as he went faster and faster. They both disappeared over the far hill and after a while, I saw him coming back with the tent still billowing out with air.



One of his night shots.


Notice the rocks holding down the tent in this morning shot.


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