“Jingle Dress”

Westside Modern Quilt Club hosts a yearly challenge and tonight’s the big reveal.  I’m working on a customer quilt, so I couldn’t go.  OK, I’ve never gone to the reveal.  Janet has always brought my quilt.

This year, the challenge is “Tribal Winds” and will debut at the Northwest Quilting Expo Sept 22 – 24.

My inspiration was the Jingle Dress Dance which is used for healing ceremonies and in competitions.  Jingles are typically made from the lids of snuff cans rolled into bell shapes and hundreds are sewn close with colorful ribbons in zig zags or straight lines.  The closeness of the jingles creates a tinkling sound as the dancer is in time with the drum.

1ecd3a0e31957a3daa46da4c23696e99.jpg Jingle Dress Dancer Candace McCabe (Navajo)

Here is my quilt, pretty close to the 32″ x 44″ requirement.  In reality, it’s 31.5″ x 42″, but I’m not the only one off on the measurement.

Jingle Dress Quilt

For the back, my friend Elizabeth gave me fabric which matched perfect.

Jingle Dress back_edited-1

Close up of the quilting.

Jingle Dress close_edited-1


3 Responses to ““Jingle Dress””

  1. dawn at firstlightdesigns Says:

    It is fabulous, AnnMarie! I got to see it in person at the Pine Needle’s reveal potluck this evening!

  2. fivewebsters Says:

    WowD!!! I love it!! Gonna be in town for Christmas and my new grand baby’s birth. Would love to come by and see all your ‘stuff’ and visit! Maybe even visit PMQG meeting while I’m there.

  3. Annie Says:

    You really captured the feeling of the dress! I love your quilting as well, although it did surprise me that it was circular instead of linear!

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