Mt. Hood Again

Kevin and I backpacked to Yocum Ridge on the west side of Mt. Hood.  We saw two bucks Sunday night.  Monday morning, a helicopter came up the canyon flying extremely low ~~ enough that it was blowing the trees with its rotor wash. We were thinking that it was doing a search and rescue when we saw a white movement on the ground. It was a mountain goat. We watched it for quite a while as it moved along the scree.  Turns out the ODFW had the copter tracking goats on Hood.  The goat is in top left corner and it’s pretty big deal that we got to see it.


Our view of Hood.


The Milky Way (photo creds to Kevin).


The Upper Sandy Guard Station.

Sandy Guard Station

This is what we have to cross on the Sandy.  Since I am pretty much terrified of heights, Kevin took my backpack across and I slowly crept along.

Sandy River

4 Responses to “Mt. Hood Again”

  1. Kinship Quilts Says:

    Great picture of the Milky Way!

  2. Patti Peregrina Says:

    It is beautiful on the Sandy. Mama told us that Grandpa Sievers used to watch them bring the wagons down Laurel Hill until a road was finally built around it. This article only mentions Great Grandpa Sievers once, but I think Kevin has all the books and papers about the Sievers/Mulkey family.

  3. quiltcharette Says:

    If you’re afraid of heights – and you still crept across that log – I think you’re very brave!

  4. annie Says:

    With sights like those in your photos-I can see why you go camping on the mountain every chance you get!

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