“Gear Up” Quilt at Lamberson Butte

I finished my little 10 ounce quilt (24″ x 27″) on the drive to Mt. Hood.  Lucky for me, the graphic design company, Jolby and Friends seems happy that I made this using their art on HUB’s can as inspiration.


Here it is at the shelter at Elk Meadow in the Mt. Hood Wilderness.

Gear Up quilt at Elk Meadow Shelter

… the back.


Newton Creek was ok to cross with the smaller log to walk across while holding onto the large log.

IMG_5900 kevin crossing newton

Kevin’s good route finding skills were put to use once again.

Kevin among the trees.

Lots of decisions on which way looked better and lots of snow mounds to get up and down.

IMG_5935 kevin climb

Yup!  This is what we had to cross for quite a long time.  The return trip took 20 minutes because the snow was harder in the morning and our steps were already planted in the snow.

DSC00293 steep trail

DSC00294 steep trail

DSC00399 Lamberson Butte 2500 iso

Memorial Day began with our flag.


Even Swag got into a patriotic mood.

Swag the American

Good bye Mt. Hood until next weekend.

DSC00500 steep snow crossing

7 Responses to ““Gear Up” Quilt at Lamberson Butte”

  1. Annie Says:

    It came out beautifully! I just looked at my can the other day and you have nailed it!

  2. Christine Sherman Says:

    Love it!!

  3. onceawingnut Says:

    You are so speedy! Your quilt is fantastic.

  4. dawn at firstlightdesigns Says:

    Great backdrop for your cool quilt, AnnMarie!

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