Spring 2016 Riley Blake Fabric Challenge

The Modern Quilt Guild Spring Challenge required us to use Sashing Stash fabric.  I went with the HST’s and used fabric I scammed off my friend, Barbara ~~ which wasn’t much.  Maybe that’s why my quilt finishes at 17.5″ square.  Thanks, Barb!

MQG Riley Blake Challenge 2016

Yesterday, I whipped up a fabric shopping bag using this tutorial.  It’s a gift for a friend who saved me from a bug incident.

Quick Carrier Grocery Tote

Kevin, Charles and I hiked six miles to University Falls in the coast range yesterday.  It was a great day for photos.

DSC00891 swag

DSC00942 University Falls

6 Responses to “Spring 2016 Riley Blake Fabric Challenge”

  1. aquilterstable Says:

    Love your HST quilt!

  2. aquilterstable Says:

    p.s. I was wondering if I could include your HST quilt photo in my upcoming newsletter. I’d link back to your post. Thanks for considering…. aquilterstable@gmail.com

  3. dawn at firstlightdesigns Says:

    What a great little quilt! Did you put it together improvisationally or chart it out beforehand? Love the colors!

    • runandsewquilts Says:

      Since I had small pieces, I made HST’s in a variety of combinations and then started at the center and worked out. I made a few more once I knew what I wanted. It really was dependent on what fabric I gleaned off Barbara ~~ and that wasn’t very much.

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