Heart Quilt ~~~ Finally

This quilt has been to Mt. Hood three times and finally it’s finished.  It measures 60″ x 76″ and is for my friend, Elizabeth, who is moving this summer.  Her birthday is so close to Valentine’s Day and I usually make her something “heart” related.

Elizabeth 2016 Heart front

The back uses some left over blocks and fabric that Elizabeth found at Goodwill and gave me.

Elizabeth 2016 Heart back

Here’s a close up of the back and binding.

Elizabeth 2016 Heart outside

A closer view.  I love the “shimmer” fabric to the left of the “lips”.

Elizabeth 2016 Heart close

Below is a photo we took after I finished piecing it at PMQG’s Sew Day in March in the White River area of Mt. Hood.

IMG_4948 Heart Quilt

Here’s one I took at Trillium Lake while still binding it in the car.  It was super windy.


7 Responses to “Heart Quilt ~~~ Finally”

  1. kathyh Says:

    This is delightful. Using your friends fabric gift makes it even better. Did you quilt it yourself or send it out – loving the heart motif.

  2. quiltcharette Says:

    I love your use of the low volume prints. And the stylized hearts are fun. I admire your use of every moment!

  3. infopubs Says:

    I love your FMQ quilting motif! Swirly heart, just perfect for this gift quilt. Great work!


  4. Patti Peregrina Says:

    AnnMarie, another gorgeous quilt. I love the colors, and the way you have it repeated on the back. I’m still trying to figure out how you get your fingers working in that cold!! I’m sure your friend Elizabeth will love it.

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