Boy Scout Ridge Once Again

After a day of sewing at Fabric Depot with PMQG, Kevin and I headed up to White River and started our backpack at 11pm.  ~~Another gorgeous night!

On Facebook, a gal named Colette wrote:  Do you just say to yourselves “Hey, let’s run down to the neighborhood mountain and take in a star show after work tonight” ?

Kevin replied, “Yea, pretty much it’s like that! 

IMG_4745 Night Sky

There is a mix of climbers and groomers in the following photos.

IMG_4757 More Climbers 550am

IMG_4748 Early Morning Climbers

Close up of the climbers on the mountain.

IMG_4872 close up

IMG_4872 Climbers

Mt. Jefferson behind us.

IMG_4864 Tent Mt Jefferson

I’ve had this idea to use the Hopworks socks in a photo and finally, it worked!

IMG_4837 Hopworks socks

IMG_4880 Kevin and Ann

Kevin starting down the ravine.

IMG_5628 Kevin

We wore microspikes down the ravine because getting up was so difficult last night.  There was a lot of post holing.

IMG_4887 Ann Post Hole

IMG_4927 snowshoe trail

When you forget barrettes and headbands, a head lamp works just fine.

IMG_4941 hair piece

Since my flimsy from yesterday’s Sew Day was in the car, we did a little photo shoot.

IMG_4948 Heart Quilt

5 Responses to “Boy Scout Ridge Once Again”

  1. kathyh Says:

    Love your camping at Mt Hood photos. My son does the same. He has even made one quilt. lol

  2. Kinship Quilts Says:

    Lordy, Girl! you are amazing! Great shots and intense sky! I love your pictures and accomplishments.

  3. Patti Says:

    Kevin and AnnMarie … I can’t believe you started your hike at 11:00p, but even more that there were people out there in the first place with all that snow!! You both really impress me, even when I did my hiking and camping with Tony, we never got that late of a start! Kevin, your photo’s are beautiful as usual and AnnMarie, I absolutely love your quilt. In fact, I love all your quilts!! Love you both!

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