Auction Quilt

Our parish school auction is this weekend at Nike.  Diane asked if I wanted to make a quilt for the event, so here it is finishing at 65″ x 90″.  It uses Film in the Fridge’s idea of the Marcelle Medallion‘s outer round of crosses.

Kevin and I went over to the nearby school for a photo shoot.  The ironwork is by local artist, Tim Gabriel.

IMG_4273 Quilt hangin

IMG_4267 Quilt

IMG_4277 behind fence

The back.

IMG_4280 Quilt back

IMG_4283 Quilt on fence

IMG_4288 close up

Dafodills in our neighbor’s yard.

IMG_4286 daffodil



3 Responses to “Auction Quilt”

  1. Amber Says:

    Great quilting, and love the scrappy background!

  2. Karen Says:

    Love this! I hope it does well for the school.

  3. Diane Reding Says:

    AnnMarie the quilt did great

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