Quiltcon 2016

I have been watching the Instagram feed and feeling so happy for fellow PMQG members leaving Portland and arriving in Pasadena for Quiltcon.  The Best of Show is Melissa Averinos’ “My Brother’s Jeans” and I love what she wrote on her feed here about those left behind to watch all the wonder of the show on IG and feeling left out.  She talks about how she is going to enjoy being there, but that it may not be as fabulous as it appears with people preoccupied with their phones and looking around for the coolest person.

Very early Saturday, I fly down and am looking forward to spending two whole days at the show.  Two of my quilts were accepted and it is quite an honor.

The first one is “Bursting Blues” which is 41″ x 55″ and for sale at Quiltcon.  I duplicated my Pantone Radiant Orchid quilt in blues with a mustard background.  The blues were centered around Violet’s Highland collection.

Quilt Con 2015

I used my “seersucker” quilting:  three matchstick lines then a space, repeat, repeat and repeat for what seems like an eternity.

Center Close Up

And the second is “Nestled Together”.  This is in response to the EZ Triangle Challenge.  It is Plan C after having a zillion triangles in various configurations on the dining room table.  I figured that something Joyce did a while ago would work nice and tidy.  I swtiched up the edges and added borders.  It finishes at 24″ x 35″ and uses entirely Kona Cotton solids.

Triangle Quilt

8 Responses to “Quiltcon 2016”

  1. Christine Sherman Says:

    Congrats, they are both wonderful 🙂

  2. donaleen Says:

    Congratulations. Good on ya.

  3. Karen Says:

    Congratulations and have fun! This reminds me I want to try that seersucker quilting one of these days.

  4. Joanne Says:

    I’m so excited for you. You are going to have so much fun. Be careful running down there – it definitely isn’t Paradise – pun intended. Your two quilts are beautiful. The “Bursting Blue” is awesome. Love Joanne

  5. quiltcharette Says:

    Congratulations on having your quilts in Quiltcon 2016! And on being there! From IG and blogs I’ve seen, it looks like a fabulous show!

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