56th Birthday

I flew to Sacramento for a sewing weekend with my friend, Joanne.  My birthday was yesterday and hers is tomorrow, so this time of year is a great time to visit.  Alaska serves free microbrew on short flights.

Alaska beer

At the airport.

Ann Joanne 2016

Andrew made me a from-scratch chocolate cake.  I’m impressed he found the recipe I always use.  Regular sugar instead of confectioners created a little problem with the icing, but even making it corect, it’s difficult to ice.  Thanks, son!

Birthday 2016 Ann

5 Responses to “56th Birthday”

  1. Kinship Quilts Says:

    Happy Birthday AnnMarie!

  2. Shawn Priggel Says:

    Hope you had wonderful birthday!

  3. Donaleen Kohn Says:

    Happy Birthday!

  4. Christine Sherman Says:

    I hope you had a great birthday!

  5. fivewebsters Says:

    Great way to spend your birthday!…My uncle lived in Paradise, Ca…. Is that where you went? He passed away but was quite the ladies man…Al Faria. I wonder if your friend knew him?

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