45+ Years of Celebrating St. Nicholas

My dad and I were trying to figure out exactly when our family began celebrating St. Nicholas Day.  We don’t remember it in Vermont, so that puts it after I was in second grade and we moved to Pennsylvania ~~ so after 1967.  In the early days, Dad would dress as St. Nicholas; my mom as Black Pete and we’d each receive one gift and a stocking filled with nuts and fruit.  It’s continued every year without fail to last Saturday.  My brother Bill and his wife hosted a ton of us.  I loved the day!!

Family Photo

This is a tributary of the Chesapeake Bay.

Family photo by water

My brother Bill in his backyard snuggling with our baby sister, Frances.

Frances and Bill

The adult gift exchange was to be homemade or purchased locally this year.  Ivy opened canned goods and a lot of deer meat.

Gift opening

Each child received one game as a gift.  They played games all afternoon.

Kids Gifts

Three of the oldest nieces.

Sarah Lauren Nicole

Two of my sisters organized a serivce project for the children and each of us chipped in items (5 toothbrushes, or 5 washcloths, ziplock bags etc.)

Service project

Service work

Sunday, my dad and I went on a hike to his favorite rock climbing area, Shaffer Rocks and then did a little more on the Appalachian Trail.

Pop Pop by the rocks

Last night was our PMQG Christmas Party and we had a “mini” exchange.  Here I am with what I received along with the maker.

PMQG Mini.jpg


One Response to “45+ Years of Celebrating St. Nicholas”

  1. Patti Peregrina Says:

    Looks like you had a great time AnnMarie!

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