Silver Falls, New Job and Weiner Dog Quilt

Every year, Kevin begs me to go to Silver Falls for a photo session.  This year, he suggested we car camp.  It’s not my favorite as I’d rather backpack.  We brought two items hiking.  One was the weiner dog quilt from this book.  The other was a sheep from Hillsboro’s Public Art Program.  We checked it out and filled my Instagram with photos of our adventures at #sheeponthego 

Dog Quilt

Pets Prohibited

Sheep looking at color square

Upper North Falls

Parking Lot

Spooky Treat… and then this happened …

sheep red crossOur friend, Mike, suggested we go to the Emergency Room since the hospital is two blocks from our home.  We found two very compliant EMTworkers.  Aren’t they great?!!??Sheep Ambulance

My friend, Jean, put in a good word for me at The Artfull Garden and I started a part time job today.  There is SO much to learn and I am looking forward to the future when I have a better grasp on the duties.  They have fresh coffee (what seems like 7,000 choices to me now), lots of candy and items from both local and around the globe artists.  The shop is in downtown Hillsboro and just a few blocks from my home.

Artfull Garden

Our church’s Fall Festival has come and gone.  We raffled off this quilt that Carole and I made and Diane bound.  It was in the 75″ x 90″ range.2015 Fall Festival Raffle Quilt 5 by 7

5 Responses to “Silver Falls, New Job and Weiner Dog Quilt”

  1. Merilee Newman Says:

    Love the raffle quilt! Hope Lamby is back on it’s feet soon. Congratulations on the job!

  2. Kinship Quilts Says:

    Good luck with your new endeavour! Love the sheep adventures.

  3. onceawingnut Says:

    The sheep cracks me up. It’s so funny you can check them out from the library. Congrats on the job! And, thanks for sharing Kevin’s photography. Stunning!

  4. Patti Peregrina Says:

    AnnMarie, your quilts are beautiful, as usual. I really got a kick out of the dachshund quilt! I’ve got to admit I’m a little confused with the sheep with no discernible face. The fall colors are gorgeous, sorry you ran into rainy weather!

  5. Karen Walker Says:

    I almost stopped in at Artful Garden today! But, the car just took me home instead. :/ I pop in there now and then! Hope i see you 🙂

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