Oregon Trail with Sarah

Our daughter moved to Pennsylvania for a new start.  I travelled with her from Oregon to St. Louis and caught a flight back to Portland.  We had lots and lots of time together over the six days.  First we headed to Idaho and stayed at Three Island Crossing State Park.  Not exactly how we usually camp, but it worked ok being the only tent among RV’s.  Then we headed to Yellowstone ~~ a first for both of us.


Geiser in Yellowstone from viewpoint.

We were going to hike until there was a grizzly sighting within a mile of us.  We just hung around and enjoyed sunset at one of the viewpoints.

bear warning

Yellowstone walk sunset

Yellowstone viewpoint at sunset

The following day, we headed to Theodore Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota.  It marked my last continential US state.

Bison crossing Yellowstone

Bison clogged the road in a lot of areas early in the morning.

North Dakota

Final continential US state for me.

The next day, we headed south to Mt. Rushmore and then onto the Badlands.


Mt. Rushmore

Big Horn Sheep Bandlands National Park 4 by 6

Bighorn Sheep on side of road. We were in our car.

badlands camp

Tent site in the Badlands. It was super windy.

The following morning, we hiked the Notch Trail.

Notch Trail Danger

Notch Trail Climb

Notch trail overview

Notch Trail View

Leaving the Badlands, we headed to Artesian SD.  This is where my great-grandparents settled in 1910. While on the phone with my dad, we drove dirt roads until we could go no further, squeezed under barbed wire, trespassed, tripped over stuff and got prickly hitchhiker things all over us in immense winds.


Then onto Stone State Park where I hiked alone and got all mixed up.  Sarah came to my rescue.

Stone State park sign

Just when we were feeling safe from bison, grizzlies and cows…. this…

Stone State park bridge

Bridge from campsite to restroom. We were the only ones in this park.

stone state park

View over river on my hike.

Our last night was at Mark Twain State Park.

Mark Twain

Our last day was spent in St. Louis finishing off at the Morgan Street Brewery.

Morgan Street BrewSarah is now in Pennsylvania where she will stay with my dad, get a job and move on.  XO

8 Responses to “Oregon Trail with Sarah”

  1. catpatches Says:

    I have hiked the Notch Trail. I remember that ladder well. The national parks are so amazing. You are doing the kind of traveling I love right now.

  2. kathyh Says:

    Looks like a great trip. It’s always bittersweet leaving a daughter who is far away. Trip was very likely a prescious memory for both of you.

    • runandsewquilts Says:

      It’s funny that when I moved out west, my mom drove me to Chicago. This must have been how it was for her; Thanks for the comment.

  3. Karen @runsewfun Says:

    Great time with your daughter. That ladder photo still takes my breath away.

  4. Annie Says:

    what a wonderful trip with Sarah! My heart did beat a bit faster reading some of those signs and seeing some of your sights!

  5. Joanne Says:

    I am so happy for Sarah – just what she needed although you are going to miss her. Did you think of me while you were in No. Dakota? You were still a ways from where I am from but, still, it’s an amazing state where ever you are. You guys certainly had an adventure – brave girls you both are. Love, Joanne

  6. dawn at firstlightdesigns Says:

    What a trip! You are certainly an intrepid traveler. Congrats on getting to every state on the continent!

  7. quiltcharette Says:

    What a lovely trip! I’d love to make a similar trip – but that ladder is not in my future. 🙂 Also, those bison were huge! Glad to hear your daughter is doing well.

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