Quilt Show this Weekend

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Today we took in the last of the quilts and this stack is only a tiny part of what will hang.Quilt Intake with Big Wigs

Quilts at intake

Last weekend, three families got together and made apple cider.  We’ve done this in the past and it was a nice afternoon.

Cider 03

Cider 04

Cider 18

Sunday, Kevin and I skipped church again and hiked from Multnomah Falls to the Basin.  There is a lovely lodge there owned by Trail Keepers of America and the infamous “Christmas Ornament Trail” which always has something creepy.Chicken hanging ornament trail

Columbia Gorge View

Multnomah Basin Road

Nesika Lodge view

Kevin thought it would be funny to post a photo of Swag as if he was a tourist and looking at the falls.Swag Multnomah Falls

We also peeked inside Multnomah Lodge.  Supposedly, the food is pretty good and not terribly expensive.

Multnomah Lodge

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