Yocum Ridge Backpack

Kevin and I backpacked to Yocum Ridge for Saturday night.  The trip covered 18+ miles and 4,000’+ elevation gain.  Our son, Charles, calls it an “arduous” hike.

Ann Crossing Sandy

The Sandy River crossing. Last year, the river took out the bridge during a flash flood killing a man.

Swag Yocum Ridge Trail

Swag just looking as sweet as usual

No Camping Meadow

This looks to have been here for a very long time.

Sandy Glacier

Sandy Glacier

Yocum Ridge Night Sky

Star lit sky

Yocum Ridge Tent Night

For Eleanor! “Yes, I’ll take 5 million stars”

Milkyway looking up

Looking up at Milky Way

Ramona Falls Bridge

Ramona Falls behind bridge

Ramona Falls trail Green

Beautiful lush green of forest

3 Responses to “Yocum Ridge Backpack”

  1. annie Says:

    keep these pics coming! The one of the milky way is my favorite! I just love looking at the stars!!

  2. Eleanor Says:

    I appreciate the “shout out”, so that picture is my favorite, but the Milky Way picture is amazing!

  3. Jeri Says:

    I love those star pics. What a beautiful night!

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