Timberline Trail… Take Two

In July, I hiked the Timberline Trail around Mt. Hood with our oldest son, Charles.  This long Labor Day weekend, Kevin hiked it with me.  We started with snow flurries at Timberline Lodge.  Day one and two were cold, but beautiful.  Day three rained all day and the last day was another cold, but clear day.  The rivers were much lower than in July except for the Sandy which was unnerving.  We finished with 45 miles and about 13,000′ of elevation gain.  We also chatted with 68 others that were doing the Timberline Loop.

Ann Crossing Clark

Crossing Clark Creek

Ann Snow On Trail

Snow on the trail

Ski Lift

Hiking under chair lifts at Mt. Hood Meadows

Spring near Newton Creek

Spring near Newton Creek.

Ann Kevin Labor Day 2015

Gnarl Ridge

Ann Eliott Moraine

Climbers Trail heading from Cooper Spur to Eliot (note that I detest hights)

Kevin almost down

Ropes down into Eliot moraine

Eliot Creek

At the Eliot River crossing

Ann Climbing up ropes

Coming back up ropes out of the Eliot Moraine

White Trees On Trail

… love these trees

Leaning Trees


Dollar Lake Night Sky

Views over Dollar Lake

Trees Lower Muddy Fork Trail

Trail around Muddy Fork

Fall Fog

Hiking through rain and fog

Ann Crossing Muddy Fork

Muddy Fork crossing

Ann Crossing Sandy

Sandy River crossing

Paradise Park Loop Trail Sign

Paradise Park trail

Paradise Park Moon Halo

Moon rise at Paradise Park

Morning Paradise Park

Sunrise at Paradise Park

Mt Jefferson Morning

Looking over towards Mt. Jefferson

Airplane Parts

Mooney plane crash parts near Mississippi Head


Heading up over the Zig Zag canyon


Icecycle at about 8,000′

Kevin Ann Labor Day 2015

8,000′ getting over the Zig Zag canyon

Trail Angel

Our daughter, Sarah, surprised us at the end of the trip with a fabulous lunch on the trail!

Timberline Loop Finish

Ta Da! We are finished!

Timberline Lodge Folk Music Festival

Timberline Lodge Folk Music Festival

6 Responses to “Timberline Trail… Take Two”

  1. Kinship Quilts Says:

    Great pictures, what a trek!

  2. Cathie Says:

    Beautiful photos! I was at the music fest all day! Wish I’d known you were there!

  3. annie Says:

    how cool! I read each blog you post, ohh and ahh over all the spectacular pictures, and think how wonderful that you get out and do what you love so often!

  4. Patchworkalley Says:

    What lovely photos … we have only gazed at Mt Hood from Timberline Lodge!

  5. elizabeth Says:

    uh-mazing! i am so impressed. the pictures are gorgeous.

  6. dawn at firstlightdesigns Says:

    What intrepid hikers you two are! The moonrise and sunrise photos at Paradise Park are breathtaking. I don’t envy you that Sandy River crossing. Glad you came home to write all about it!

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