Two Quilts Finished and Ready to Mail

This quilt is for a college student on the east coast.  It finishes at 64″ x 97″.


Maxwell back

The inside back of the tee shirts had rather great labels, so my intent was to put them on the back of the quilt.  In my haste, they are not directional, but still a pretty cool idea!

Maxwell back close

The second quilt is for my friend, Joanne, near Sacramento.  I purchased a jelly roll of “Bliss” fabric back in 2010 when Craft Warehouse closed along with a book as a Christmas gift for her.  We visit yearly and have worked on this most every time.  Last January, we got most of the top together and I brought it back to Oregon.  Well, here it is finishing at 64″ x 97″.  Off to Paradise it goes!  (Thanks, Cathie, for the great pantograph!)

Joanne Summer

Joanne Summer back

Joanne loves pieced backs, so I hope this fits the bill.

Joanne Summer close

4 Responses to “Two Quilts Finished and Ready to Mail”

  1. Christine Sherman Says:

    Both quilts are outstanding, love them!

  2. dawn at firstlightdesigns Says:

    Wow, both quilts turned out great, and the backs are sensational!

  3. quiltcharette Says:

    Both are wonderful, and the recipients are going to be so happy!

  4. Joanne Says:

    I love, love my new quilt. I had forgotten about it and was so surprised and happy to receive it. The back is marvelous – I do love those pieced backs that you do so well. Thank you my dear friend and hope to visit soon. Joanne

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