Timberline Trail 2015 (7/8 – 7/11)

Charles and I hiked the TimberlineTrail around Mt. Hood in 4 days and 3 nights.  We totaled 49 miles.

01 Charles crossing White River

First river crossing “White River” ~~ easy.

02 Pasque Flowers

Pasque Flowers at Mt. Hood Meadows

03 Mt Hood Meadows

Crossing Mt. Hood Meadows

10 Newton

Newton River where Charles carried my pack across.

04 Why would they put this here

Charles said, “What jerk left this chairlift here?”

10a Phlox on Gnarl Ridge

Phlox on Gnarl Ridge

11 Charles as Carin

Charles posing as a cairn.

13 Perspective on Snow Field

Perspective. Charles is 6’4″

19 Pigwar at Cooper Spur

Evening beer at Cooper Spur shelter.

21 Heading to Cloud Cap

Day two: Heading over to Cloud Cap

23a Ropes

Found the ropes to head down.

26 Charles ropes

Charles on rope down to Eliot.

30 Jennifer and Charles at Eliot

We crossed with a gal from our hiking forum. This entire crossing was very difficult.

29 Jennifer crossing Eliot again

This shows the force of the water we were crossing.

33 Ann on ropes at Eliot

Over to the other side and a scramble up to the rope heading back up. This is me.

34 Charles on ropes

Charles climbing the rope. Once you got to the rock, it was another scramble to the top.

37 sideward trees

Love these trees.

39 Trees around Dollar Lake Fire

Hiking through the Dollar Lake Fire area from a few years ago.

40a SWAG at Dollar Lake

Swag at Dollar Lake.

41 Vista Ride Sign

Interesting sign.

42 Ann in tree

Timberline Trail fun.

49 Ann on Ladd

Ladd Creek. Again, Charles carried my pack across.

50 nest


44 White Trees

More burn area to hike through.

52 Dirt on Ann


53 Cairn Basin Camp

Cairn Basin Shelter. Good night day two.

58 Ladd Creek Crossing

Day Three. Heading the wrong way, we hit Ladd Creek again. Oops.

61 Ann Ladd Creek

Absolutely no pride here. There is no way I could cross the log.

60 white trees

Love this section of the trail.

63 Charles McGee Creek

McGee Creek

64 Deer

A deer in our way. We also saw the hugest rabbit ever later in the day.

65 Bald Mt View

Bald Mountain

66 Repaired Trail

Repaired trail to Muddy Fork

67 Muddy Fork

Muddy Fork crossing.

68 Muddy Fork

Muddy Fork.

69 Rock Muddy Fork

Trail finding between Muddy Forks.

71 Washout repair

More repaired trail.

72 Mushrooms


73 Ramona Falls

Ramona Falls.

74 Sandy River

Sandy River.

75 Ann Sandy River Wet Pants

Wet above my knees and ready to tackle a 4 mile uphill climb.

75a  Lost Sole

Not ours.

76 Paradise Park

Paradise Park. Mt. Hood from our campsite.

78 sunset Paradise Park

Good night 19 mile day. See you in the morning.

79 Charles

Day Four. Timberline Lodge, here we come.

81 Zig Zag Canyon Mossy Fence

Love this mossy section up to the lodge.

82 Finish Timberline Loop


84 SWAG finishes

Swag may be the first troll to complete the Timberline Trail.

6 Responses to “Timberline Trail 2015 (7/8 – 7/11)”

  1. carrielaine Says:

    Looks like a great trip. Your photos are amazing!


    Sent from my iPhone


  2. Kinship Quilts Says:

    Wow, what a great trip, fantastic pics. Love the Hops hat!

    • runandsewquilts Says:

      Thanks! I totally enjoyed being with Charles and am happy not to be seeing any rivers in front or me.

  3. onceawingnut Says:

    I am constantly amazed by your hiking. Thanks for taking us along with you. Congratulations

  4. Karen @runsewfun Says:

    Oh my goodness. What an amazing adventure! I couldn’t possible pick a favorite photo here. I can’t even believe some of those river crossings and now I understand how uncomfortable you are with them. I would be, too. Definitely! So glad you has such a great time with your son and that everyone is home safe!

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