Happy 4th of July

Tutorial here although used my own dimentions.  It whipped up super fast!  I also used Theresa’s tutorial on the corners found here.


On Instagram, I participated in an Alison Glass mini swap.  Yesterday, I received the most fabulous quilt.  She was inspired by the sunset photos on my blog from backpacking trips and translated it into this mini.  Love it and all the goodies!


Yesterday, I finished a 24″ pillow for my sister’s birthday as well as 18 ditty bags.  My ditty bag tutorial can be found here.  The pillow is one block from “round&round” by Thimbleblossoms.

Donna Pillows 2015

Nine ditty bags were filled with goodies for Group Workcamp family members and adults from my sister’s church in Virginia who will be spending a week repairing homes.

2 Responses to “Happy 4th of July”

  1. Merilee Newman Says:

    Happy 4th! I love the sunset mini!

  2. Karen @runsewfun Says:

    The swap mini you received is perfect and it looks like you can make another pillow with the extras!

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